Top 10 Travel Destinations in Netherlands

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The Netherlands, Europe's crown jewel, is one of many fascinating holiday destinations around the world that capture the hearts of all travelers. It's a ... read more...

  1. Of course, a trip to the Netherlands would be incomplete without a few days in Amsterdam, the country's capital. In Amsterdam, there are simply too many interesting sights to see. It would be nice to pay a visit to the Van Gogh Museum to see the incredible collection of Vincent Van Gogh's works from his lifetime. It's a fantastic combination of beautiful scenery and significant history, as well as a vibrant nightlife and cosmopolitan culture.

    You should also pay a visit to Anne Frank House, which is located on the Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam's city center. Make sure to spend some time in Dam Square, the city's most important square. The Royal Palace, the War Memorial, and the Nieuwe Kerk are just a few of Amsterdam's most famous landmarks.

    • Location: North Holland
    • Places To Visit In Amsterdam : The Anne Frank House, Bloemenmarkt, Vondelpark, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and more
    • Things To Do In Amsterdam: Catch the ferry to Amsterdam North, Take the canal cruise, Discover the world famous shopping streets.

  2. Delft is a progressive town with many intriguing artworks that is working hard to restore its antiqued appearance. Delft's downtown is one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, aside from Amsterdam, with its extremely charming water canals, numerous museums, and fabulous artworks. Delft is known for its blue and white Delftware crockery and for being the birthplace of famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

    Delftware, the famous blue-and-white hand-painted pottery, is made there, so you've probably heard of it. When you arrive in Delft, make time to visit Museum Prinsenhof Delft, one of the city's most beautiful palaces. During the Middle Ages, it was a monastery. Before being murdered, it was used as a residence for William the Silent, a Protestant revolt hero. It is now one of Delft's most popular tourist attractions. You should also pay a visit to Nieuwe Church, a Protestant church that houses William the Silent's mausoleum. The church is located on Delft Market Square, where you can also see City Hall and other popular attractions.

    • Location: West Netherlands
    • Places To Visit In Delft: The Old Canal (Oude Delft), The Lambert Van Meerten Museum, The Vermeer Delft Museum, Delft City Hall, The Prince’s Court and Prinsenhof Museum and more.
    • Things To Do In Delft: Climb the bell tower in the New Church for incredible views of miles away, Learn the insights of the Delft Pottery at Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles.
  3. Considering its history and beauty, Rotterdam is the perfect escape for vacationers of all kinds: families, friends, and couples. Situated in the South of the Netherlands, Rotterdam is globally best known for being one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. It is a combination of history, culture, rich architecture, and major city attractions alluring visitors worldwide.

    Rotterdam, one of the world's largest ports and the Netherlands' second largest city, is difficult to ignore. Taking a cruise ship to see the harbors, docks, and container transshipment in close proximity is one of the best ways to see Rotterdam. After disembarking from the cruise ship, you can go to a top-rated attraction in the Netherlands, such as Rotterdam Zoo. You will be astounded by seal shows, bird shows, and other shows. Then Kralingse Wood is a great place to unwind. It is one of the city's largest parks, with a beautiful lake known as Kralingse Lake.

    • Location: South Netherlands
    • Places To Visit In Rotterdam: Rotterdam Central Station, The Euromast Tower, De Markthal, Rotterdam Zoo, Climbing Park Fun Forest and more are some prominent places to visit in Rotterdam Netherlands.
    • Things To Do In Rotterdam: Take part in workshops and tastings at Fenix Food Factory, and also witness the ports of the town with the Rotterdam Boat Tour.
  4. Despite the fact that Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, The Hague houses the Dutch government. Visitors here are totally captivated by its modern vibe yet more than that, they are entranced by its old world charm that can only be felt when you actually visit the city. The city also features of its vibrant nightlife with its grounded art and culture.

    If you're unfamiliar with The Hague, it's a city in Western Netherlands that plays an important role as the home of the Dutch royal family and the seat of the Dutch government. Other significant buildings in The Hague include the International Court of Justice of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

    • Location: South Holland
    • Places To Visit In The Hague: Madurodam, Mauritshuis, Binnenhof, Duinrell and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag are some of the most famous places to visit in Hague Netherlands.
    • Things To Do In The Hague: See the sky as a curved surface at the Celestial Vault, Witness some natural wonders at the First Natural Lanzart.
  5. This historic city, Maastricht, is the only place that you can't miss once you set foot on this wonderful land. Given the beauty of Maastricht, it is a must for everyone to contemplate the stunning package of medieval architecture and modern atmosphere that the town offers.

    This city is commonly renowned for its vibrant culture, relaxed atmosphere, and architectural gems from the medieval era. People can enjoy the unique scene of Maastricht and admire a stunning collection of religious artworks by making a visit to Romanesque Basilica of St. Servatius. You need to also make a stop at Bonnefanten museum, a fine art museum that is situated on the banks of the Maas River.

    • Location: South Netherlands
    • Places To Visit In Maastricht: Bonnefanten Museum, Mount Saint Peter and the St. Pietersberg Caves, The Old Town Walls and Hell Gate, Natural History Museum
    • Things To Do In Maastricht: Walking in Maastricht: Wilhelminabrug and St. Servaasbrug, Visit the Red Church at Sint Janskerk
  6. The Wednesday cheese market is what makes it a hot favorite among tourists. Edam owes its fame to the fact that it’s the producer of world-famous Edam Cheese which is exported to the world. Also, Edam is an important town historically and that is why it is yet another town in the list of places to visit in the Netherlands other than Amsterdam.

    Located in the province of North Holland, Edam's cheese products have been exported to the neighborhood countries since the Golden Age. Once you've arrived in Edam, pay a visit to the Edams Museum to learn about the town's history, lifestyle, and culture. Exhibits related to paintings, objects, and maps are on display at the museum to help you learn more about Edam's local customs. Another point of interest to see is the fort near Edam. The military fortress is surrounded by a moat and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and harbor.

    • Location: North Holland
    • Places To Visit In Edam: Volendam Museum, Paard Van Marken, Edams Museum, Edam Cheese Market and more.
    • Things To Do In Edam: Cheese tasting at the Edams Cheese Market and explore this small historic town with the windmills at the countryside.
  7. When you learn that Eindhoven is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, you will be surprised because the city does not appear to be old at all. Instead, you'll find a plethora of modern structures with cutting-edge design all over the city.

    It's no surprise, given that Eindhoven is the Netherlands' design and technology capital. This is where Philips Electronics was founded. That is why you should pay a visit to the Philips Museum to learn about the evolution of Philips products over time. Another interesting museum to visit is the DAF Museum, which houses a collection of trucks and automobiles.

    Eindhoven is famous for its numerous and diverse types of museums, making it one of the top ten places to visit in the Netherlands. Eindhoven is well-known for its creativity, technology, and design. It is unquestionably a must-see on any trip to the Netherlands.

    • Location: South Netherlands
    • Places To Visit In Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum, Philips Museum, DAF Museum, PSV Museum and more.
    • Things To Do In Eindhoven: Visit Speelpark De Splinter for a wonderful day out at this famous picnic spot, You can also do a two-hour design themed tour of the city and guided cycle tours are also available to know the insights of the Eindhoven.
  8. What is Leiden's claim to fame? Probably Leiden University, which has been producing excellent graduates since 1575 and is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands. Of course, Leiden is known for more than just Leiden University. In this city, which is located in the Dutch province of South Holland, there are numerous attractions to see and enjoy.

    The RMO National Antiquities Museum houses a breathtaking collection of ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek artifacts. You can see a medieval defense mound buried right in the heart of the city center as soon as you arrive. There are several botanic gardens in the city. You can visit all of them, if you have a lot of time, but if not, Leiden Botanical Garden is among the most beautiful that can be found inside Leiden University.

    • Location: South Holland
    • Places to Visit In Leiden: Museum Boerhaave, National Museum of Antiquities, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, The Molen De Valk Windmill Museum and more.
    • Things To Do In Leiden: Walk on Leiden stones and Visit the world’s second oldest observatory at the Leiden Observatory.
  9. It is best known for housing Holland's largest university, the University of Utrecht, but it is also known for its incredible historic city architecture. This is a must-see attraction for everyone because it is an iconic site that has been associated with the medieval period for a long time and has a plethora of scenic water canals.

    Utrecht, known as the religious capital of the Netherlands, is a medieval old town with charming canals and Christian monuments and churches that attract visitors. The iconic Utrecht Domtoren, which stands opposite the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin on central Domplein Square, is impossible to miss. Domtoren is a magnificent 14th-century bell tower that offers panoramic views of the city. Another must-see attraction is the Museum Speelklok. This museum offers insight into the history of music as well as musical instruments that play themselves.

    • Location: Central Netherlands
    • Places To Visit In Utrecht: The Oude Hortus, Trajectum Lumen, DOMunder, Dom Tower and more
    • Things To Do In Utrecht: Bike tours, Boat excursions
  10. Giethoorn is a fascinating place. In any case, you should adore the place. It allows you to spend your vacation in the village's super scenic surroundings of waterways and canals. A boat or off-roading on a bicycle are the best ways to get to Giethoorn. It's also known as the 'Village Without Roads.' Giethoorn is one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands, set amidst complete natural tranquility.

    You will see a view that is unlike any other in the Netherlands as soon as you arrive in Giethoorn via boat. When you visit the town, you will notice that it is mostly car-free, and all you will see are people riding bikes and taking boat rides. The thatched-roof houses that have existed in the town for centuries will also astound you.

    • Location: Overijssel, Netherlands
    • Places To Visit In Giethoorn: Museum De Oude Aarde, Museum Gloria Maris, The Histomobile and more
    • Things To Do In Giethoorn: Chill and admire the glorious canals and their beauty and spend some quality time with your family.

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