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Bacardi is a renowned liquor brand that has made a significant impact on the global spirits industry. The brand's story began in 1862 when Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, a Spanish immigrant, established the Bacardi distillery in Santiago de Cuba.

Don Facundo revolutionized the rum-making process by introducing innovative techniques. He experimented with filtering the rum through charcoal, aging it in oak barrels, and employing a unique strain of yeast to enhance the flavor and quality of the spirit.

Bacardi's breakthrough came with the creation of the world's first clear, light-bodied rum, known as Bacardi Superior. This smooth and versatile rum quickly gained popularity and became the foundation of the brand's success.

In 1898, political unrest in Cuba led to the Bacardi family's exile, and they relocated to Puerto Rico. Despite this setback, the brand continued to flourish, expanding its production and distribution.

Over the years, Bacardi has diversified its product range, offering various rum expressions, including flavored rums, aged rums, and premium selections. Notably, Bacardi remains committed to using high-quality sugarcane molasses and a meticulous aging process to maintain the brand's distinct flavor profile.

Bacardi's rise to prominence can also be attributed to its marketing efforts and iconic branding. The brand's iconic bat logo, inspired by the fruit bats that resided in the rafters of the original distillery in Cuba, has become synonymous with Bacardi.

Bacardi is a globally recognized brand with a presence in over 170 countries. It continues to be a leader in the rum industry, winning numerous awards for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


  • Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Founded: 1862
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