Barcelona - Spain

Barcelona, Catalonia's bustling capital, is a gorgeous seaside city that exudes beauty and a sunny lifestyle. Beautiful scenery, beautiful architecture, and excellent cultural attractions combine to make an enticing vacation. Of course, the pleasant Mediterranean climate contributes to the allure.

Barcelona features an intriguing medieval section, the Barri Gotic, with an almost mystical old-world atmosphere, although it is most known for its Modernist architecture. Antoni Gaud's avant-garde Surrealist structures made an indelible influence on Barcelona, and some are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

After all of their sightseeing, travelers will want to unwind and absorb the city's upbeat atmosphere. Visitors will love wandering along La Rambla, where residents congregate, basking on the sandy beaches near the port, and lingering over leisurely dinners on outdoor terraces.

Wandering and stumbling across quiet side alleys with little cafés or pausing to rest in tranquil town squares where street musicians strum songs on Spanish guitars is one of the greatest ways to see Barcelona.

Barcelona - Spain (photo:GettyImage)
Barcelona - Spain (photo:GettyImage)
Barcelona - Spain (photo:
Barcelona - Spain (photo:

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