Florence - Italy

Florence, the capital city of Italy's Tuscany province, is worldwide renowned for its concentration of Renaissance art and architecture. The city gave rise to the Italian Renaissance movement because it functioned as a wealthy and influential hub for medieval trade and commerce.

Exploring everything Florence has to offer would take weeks. Almost any of its hundreds of churches would be a great tourist destination in a smaller town. Some of its landmarks are among Italy's most well-known – Ponte Vecchio, Michelangelo's David, and Brunelleschi's Dome – and the entire city is a showcase of the Italian Renaissance, the humanist creative movement that helped Europe emerge from the Dark Ages.

Even with such an amazing assortment of palaces, cathedrals, museums, and landmarks, a few stand out. You won't want to miss the attractions that have made Florence one of Europe's most popular cities as you evaluate all the things to see and do in Florence and plan your days of touring.

Florence, which resembles a massive outdoor art gallery, attracts millions of tourists each year. The easiest approach to explore the key sights in the city center is to walk.

Florence - Italy (photo:https://www.goworldtravel.com/)
Florence - Italy (photo:https://www.goworldtravel.com/)
Florence - Italy (photo:Alamy)
Florence - Italy (photo:Alamy)

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