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BrewDog is a prominent and innovative Scottish craft beer brand that has gained international recognition for its boundary-pushing approach to brewing and its unique marketing strategies. Founded by James Watt and Martin Dickie in 2007 in Ellon, Scotland, BrewDog has become a major player in the craft beer movement.

is known for its diverse range of craft beers, including a variety of styles and experimental creations. The brand's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and embracing unconventional brewing techniques has resulted in a portfolio of beers with distinctive flavors and characteristics.

One of BrewDog's notable aspects is its dedication to transparency and community engagement. The brand has often involved its customers in the brewing process, and its "Equity for Punks" initiative allowed fans to invest in the company and have a stake in its growth.

marketing has been characterized by its bold and sometimes controversial campaigns. The brand's irreverent and rebellious attitude has garnered attention, contributing to its cult following and helping to differentiate it in a crowded market.

The company has also expanded its operations beyond beer, delving into areas like distilling spirits and opening craft beer bars around the world, known as "BrewDog Bars."

Founded: 2007

Founder: James Watt, Martin Dickie

Headquarters: Ellon, Scotland, UK




Photo by BrewDog via Instagram
Photo by BrewDog via Instagram
Photo by BrewDog via Instagram
Photo by BrewDog via Instagram

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