Colourful towns

Romanians know how to design beautiful structures. Pastels appear to be the color of choice for building ornamentation here, which makes communities so lovely and pleasant!

Sighisoara, one of Europe's most beautiful and well-preserved medieval villages, has to be the most colorful. You'll find all the pastel colours you can imagine if you get lost in the cobblestoned streets of this little and enclosed village.

The medieval town of Sibiu, constructed by German settlers in the 12th century, is not far from Sighisoara. The town retains its old-fashioned grandeur, but the brightly colored buildings make it feel more comfortable than majestic.

But beware: the structures here have eyes... You never know who is looking! Join a tour of the city to discover about the secrets of the houses with eyes and many others.

one of Romania's most popular tourist destinations, displays the beauty of gothic, baroque, and Renaissance architecture. Explore the Old Town to find some of the country's most attractive streets as well as a plethora of pastel-colored structures.

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