One of the Things about Romania You Should Know, Romanian traditions may not be apparent in big cities like Bucharest and Brasov, but venture into the countryside and you'll find old villages and rituals that are still part of everyday Romanian life and that the inhabitants are passionate about preserving.

The Hutul way of life has traditionally revolved around logging, cattle and sheep breeding, but they are most known for producing the Hutul pony, a horse breed famed for its endurance and resilience. Egg painting is another tradition that has been preserved. Romanian women, particularly in rural regions, have traditionally painted hollowed-out eggs to commemorate Easter.

This has now evolved into an art form in its own right, and you can see over 7,000 artistically adorned eggs from various animals at the Muzeul Ouloi (Egg Museum) in Vama, Bucovina. It was a tremendous joy to see them with their beautifully painted horses and traditional clothing. So, if you have enough time in Romania let emerge yourself into their traditions.

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