Cutting a baby’s hair after three-months

Upon their third month in this world, a Malagasy baby will undergo what is called “ala-volo”, or the hair cutting ceremony, and it is carried out by a person known as the Tso-bolo. A Tso-bolo is a person who has the best hair in the whole family and he or she is called upon when the baby is three months old to cut off the hair. This ceremony is carried out so that the baby is initiated into society fully.

During the ceremony, the baby’s hair is cut off and mixed with honey in a bowl. Later on, any available tuber food is also mixed with the hair and honey and the family members are obliged to eat this mixture. You do not have to participate as the ceremony is carried by only family members, but you can sit back and watch and also listen to the different stories that are told by the elders during the ceremony. There will also be a tour guide who will translate for you all that you do not understand.

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