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The Digital Commons Network is a repository of open-access scholarly works from institutions around the world. It is operated by Bepress, a company that provides academic publishing and institutional repository software and services. The Digital Commons Network allows users to search for and access a wide range of scholarly content, including articles, theses, dissertations, and other types of scholarly publications.

The Digital Commons Network includes content from over 500 institutions, including universities, colleges, research centers, and other organizations. The content is organized by discipline, making it easy for users to find relevant articles and other publications in their field of interest.

The open access policy of the Digital Commons Network is a key advantage, as it enables free access to all content for anyone with an internet connection. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who lack access to traditional academic databases or seek alternative sources of information. In addition to this, the platform offers various tools to assist users in finding and accessing scholarly content, such as search options, subject and institution browsing, and the option to set up alerts for new content in specific fields of interest.


  • Allows researchers to share their work and increase its visibility.
  • Offers search features and browsing options within the network.


  • Limited to works hosted within the Digital Commons Network.
  • Not all content may undergo peer review.


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