Dining Etiquette

When dining out or attending formal events, people are often judged by their table manners. There are some manners and behaviors you should adhere to. These are some fundamental manners that lead to more sophisticated politeness for formal settings. As more companies assess your social skills as part of the interviewing process, it is becoming more crucial.

You must be aware of the fundamental guidelines whether you eat at home or somewhere else. We'll show you how to behave during a formal dinner, in addition to teaching you the fundamentals of table etiquette.

Table etiquette is generally informal. The protocol is stricter when the event is more formal. When in doubt, observe what others are doing and act similarly. Wait until you are welcomed to and directed where to sit before sitting down. Continental table manners dictate that the knife should be held in the right hand while eating and the fork in the left.

Meals are frequently presented like a buffet. Wait until the host invites you to start eating before you start. It's fine to keep your hands on your lap while not eating. Try everything since doing so shows grace. To eat, always use utensils. It is customary to consume the entirety of your food.


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