At the base of Mount Bandai in the middle of the lake district of Bandai-kgen, Kitashiobara, Fukushima, Japan, lies a group of five volcanic lakes known as Goshiki-numa. On July 15, 1888, Mount Bandai erupted, demolishing dozens of towns, killing over 500 people, and forming hundreds of lakes and tarns. This is when Goshiki-numa was created.

The Bandai-kgen plateau and nearby rivers were both dammed by the eruption, which also radically changed the landscape. The Five Colored Lakes each have their own exquisite color, ranging from reddish-green to cobalt blue, thanks to the mineral deposits that the eruption imparted. Each lake's color inexplicably changes throughout the year depending on the weather. Goshiki-numa has gained popularity as a tourist site since the eruption. People may see all five lakes from a four-kilometer walking path that connects Lake Hibara to Lake Bishamon, the largest of the five lakes.

The lakes here continue to change color with the seasons, which makes this spot particularly lovely and enigmatic. To experience the lush trees here, hike to the ponds. If you go in the fall, you may see the lovely leaves that have fallen in the emerald ponds.

Location: Kitashiobara, Fukushima

Photo: vn.express.net
Photo: vn.express.net
Photo: thegate12.com
Photo: thegate12.com

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