Lake Hamanako

A brackish lagoon called Lake Hamanako is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was once a genuine lake, but now a waterway connects it to the Pacific Ocean. It is ranked as Japan's tenth-largest lake in terms of internal bodies of water. It crosses the dividing line between Kosai and Hamamatsu.

Commercial sources for cultured Japanese eel, nori, oysters, and Chinese soft-shelled turtles include Lake Hamana. Among other things, fishermen catch flounder, whiting, and sea bass. Boating is an element of the lake's development as a resort area.

The largest brackish lake in Japan, Lake Hamanako, is a beautiful location surrounded by changing seasons. It's a saltwater lake, and the Pacific Ocean is accessible from its southern end. There are approximately 800 different species of fish and shellfish living in this lake because of its excellent climate where freshwater and oceanic water mix. Since ancient times, the region's fishing sector has prospered, increasing the number of seafood eateries. "Imagire" refers to the region where the Pacific and lake converge. On the lake, there is a huge red torii gate that is a must-see throughout the summer when the sun sets.

Location: Shizuoka Prefecture, Honshu

Photo: wikipedia
Photo: wikipedia

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