Hanmi Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd

Hanmi Pharm Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical firm based in Seoul, South Korea. It has grown to be one of the largest corporations not just in Korea, but also in the region, with over 200 goods sold internationally. Today, Hanmi is also known as Korea's No. 1 R&D investing company, spending more than 10% of its annual revenue on developing next generation Platform Technologies and NCE products.

Antibiotics, antidiarrheal medications, osteoporosis medications, liver supplements, and antiemetics are among the prescription drugs offered by the company. It sells over-the-counter products such as nutritional supplements, calcium supplements, and vitamins. Hanmi Pharmaceuticals' medications are used to treat cancer, depression, dementia, dermatitis, diabetes, inflammation, cardiovascular disorders, epilepsy, hepatitis, osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, and osteoporosis, among other conditions. South Korean manufacturing facilities include Hwaseong, Songpa, and Pyeongtaek. It sells its products and APIs in a number of countries around Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

Hanmi Pharmaceuticals advances to become a global leader in pharmaceutical development by developing new biologics, chemical entities, and revolutionary new medications. Hanmi's slogan is "creation and challenge," since the company strives to innovate in the home pharmaceutical market. With RFID technology, the company launched a distribution revolution, as well as the nation's first successful US expansion with IMD and R&D collaboration with worldwide companies. Hanmi has demonstrated its superior technology and capacity with FDC (fixed dose combinations) medications all over the world. Merck exports amosartan, a hypertension medication, to 51 countries worldwide. Hanmi also develops and implements numerous FDC medication initiatives with GSK.

Founded: 1973
Headquarters: Seoul , South Korea
Website: https://www.hanmipharm.com/

Screenshot of https://www.hanmipharm.com/
Screenshot of https://www.hanmipharm.com/
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