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SK Bioscience is a vaccination company founded in 2018 by SK chemicals. It is also one of the largest pharma companies in South Korea. Prior to the spin-off from SK Chemicals in 2008, it had concentrated on premium vaccines as new growth drivers. The corporation continued to invest in its manufacturing and production infrastructure.As a result of these efforts, it launched the first Korean cell culture-based trivalent influenza vaccine in 2015, followed by the world's first cell culture-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine, the world's second shingles vaccine, and Korea's second varicella vaccine.

Through global collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CEPI, GSK, and others, SK Bioscience created South Korea's first COVID-19 vaccine, SKYCovione, as well as a universal vaccine to prevent 'Sarbecovirus.' SK Bioscience created the world's first quadrivalent cell-cultured influenza vaccine, SKYCellflu, which received WHO PQ (Pre-qualification) certification in 2019. The company then created SKYZoster, the world's second shingles vaccine, and SkyVaricella, the world's second WHO PQ-certified chickenpox vaccine. SK Bioscience plans to launch a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, cervical cancer vaccine, typhoid conjugate vaccine, and rotavirus vaccine after growing its R&D pipeline through global alliances with public and private universities.

Based on its technologies, all SK Bioscience employees strive to meet the company's purpose, 'We promote human health, from prevention to cure.' To meet social expectations, SK Bioscience will establish trust as a global creative vaccine and biotech partner, allowing all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, and local communities, to be proud and pleased.

Founded: 2018
Headquarters: Gyeonggi, South Korea

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