How to Make Great Videos - Beginners' Creative Course (Udemy)

It is not difficult to create excellent videos. The issue is that many Video Tutorial courses leave students feeling confused and dry, with pupils learning a lot about the gadget but little or nothing about creativity. Gears are simple! Less so on the creative front. Lesson 1: It is not an excellent video creator. It refers to the capacity to tell stories. Lesson 2: If your background music is bad, your video will be bad as well. You'll discover what's actually crucial in generating outstanding media products, as well as how to get there quickly. It is very simple and free of superfluous language, and in just 30 sessions, this course takes you from knowing nothing to making a film that others will like viewing. And you will like doing it! Welcome to 'How to Make Great Videos - Beginners' Creative Course'.

This course is appropriate for a beginner filmmaker who wants to learn how to produce a decent video beyond cameras and equipment; regardless of your age, experience, goals, desires, or shoe size, this course will get you started with video faster and with more enjoyment than anybody else.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to create outstanding films in simple stages, including filming and editing.
  • How to capture an audience and leave them wanting more.
  • Develop new creative abilities. It's not about the camera in a good video!
  • Go beyond the cameras and equipment to understand the process of creating a successful video.
  • Use video to tell your narrative or to make spectacular video blogs/vlogs.
  • This course is mostly creative in nature. Because becoming a filmmaker isn't only about understanding technology, cameras, and gear.

Price: $94.99 (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)

Level: Beginning

Time to complete: 4 hours

Offered by: Andrew St. Pierre White
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