Lake Baleng

The high highland plateaus of western Cameroon are home to Lake Baleng, also known as Lake Sabichi, which is a crater lake in the Baleng chiefdom. It is roughly 6 kilometers from Bafoussam's city center.

The town of Baling is located in the Mifi district and has a stunning natural and cultural legacy, including the Baleng Lake, Meuhgam Cave, superb Forest, and Chiefdom. A natural treasure, Lake Baleng draws numerous local and international tourists every day. To get there, you must descend a flight of steep steps that bring you right up against the shore. You will certainly come across a little cabin on your left and a big stone covered in salt and palm oil on your right. In fact, the Baleng revere the lake's edge as a sacred location where they regularly perform religious rites and view the lake's waters as a source of purification.

The most inventive-or difficult-activity during this visit is to hike into the deep forest that almost completely encircles the lake. It will take you around 30 to 45 minutes to complete the route, depending on the season, and will need you to climb minor slopes, navigate stone reliefs, weave among trees, grab hold of lianas, and occasionally wait for other tourists who are exhausted.

Location: Cameroon West Region

Photo:  Journal du Cameroun - Lake Baleng
Photo: Journal du Cameroun - Lake Baleng
Video: Kamer Xpose - Lake Baleng Bafoussam Cameroon Cinematic

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