Lake Oku

Lake Oku is a remarkable crater lake in the Northwest region that is encircled by dense vegetation. Many visitors either take a motorbike there and hike back, or they hike there and take a motorbike back. The lake is open to visitors, and swimming there is free. To reach the Oku area, you must go through Fulani territory, where you will be awed by the lake's breathtaking scenery and local crops including cocoyams, coffee, and corn. From Belo, the ascent takes about five hours. The trip takes between one and two hours if you decide to take a bike taxi. The hike back from the lake takes around 4 hours and passes through the Anyajua settlement.

According to legend, the spirits of the land's predecessors have endowed this lake with magical and therapeutic properties. It is well-respected and frequently maintained clean.

The lake is the Lake Oku Clawed Frog's sole known habitat. BirdLife International established the nearby Kilum-Jim Forest as a wildlife reserve, which is home to numerous uncommon species.

Location: Bamenda Plateau

Photo:  Wikipedia - Lake Oku
Photo: Wikipedia - Lake Oku
Photo: - Lake Oku
Photo: - Lake Oku

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