Mount Tamalpais

Just 22 miles north of San Francisco, Mount Tamalpais State Park delights nature lovers with a 60-mile network of park trails. The hiking paths meander through refreshing redwood groves and oak woodlands overlooking deep ravines, forested hillsides, and sweeping grasslands. And it is Mount Tamalpais which is one of the best day trips from San Francisco. Those seeking a challenge may hike to the summit at 2,571 feet for breathtaking views. On a clear day, the outlook extends all the way to the Farallon Islands, 25 miles out in the Pacific Ocean, as well as to San Francisco and across the San Francisco Bay to the cities of Berkeley and Oakland.

Mount Tamalpais is a place of exceptional natural beauty year-round. During the rainy season (October until March), gurgling creeks and rushing waterfalls add to the peaceful environment. From February until May, vibrant wildflowers blossom throughout the park. Whale-watching is possible during the migration season, from November to April. On warm summer days, many visitors enjoy picnicking in the park's shaded picnic areas. For the views, the East Peak summit picnic area astounds with its 360-degree panoramas.


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