Yosemite National Park

This magnificent corner of the Sierra Nevada Mountains boasts scenery so sublime that it seems impossible nature created the landscape unintentionally. The awe-inspiring landscape is full of marvelous surprises: 1,000-foot waterfalls, crystalline lakes, flower-blanketed meadows, and old-growth sequoia forests. It's also home to 250 bird species, black bears, coyotes, chipmunks, and endangered bighorn sheep. With 750 miles of nature trails in six different areas, the UNESCO-listed, 1,200-square-mile Yosemite National Park abounds with opportunities for outdoor activities, especially hiking the spectacular trails. Other things to do at Yosemite include bird-watching, horseback riding, lake fishing year-round, river fishing from April through November, and skiing in the wintertime.

If relaxation is more of a priority than adventure, picnicking and photography allow visitors to soak up the scenery at a slower pace. Yosemite is nearly 200 miles from San Francisco, and getting there from the city is a long drive for a day trip. Many tourists delight in spending a few nights at one of Yosemite's top campgrounds or at cozy rustic-chic accommodations like the Yosemite Valley Lodge and The Ahwahnee hotel. If you only have one day to visit, it's a good idea to take an organized excursion. One recommended tour is the Yosemite National Park full-day trip that includes transportation to and from San Francisco, as well as a guided tour of Yosemite's top attractions. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best day trips from San Francisco.

Website: www.yosemite.com

Address: California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, California, United States

Phone: +1 209-372-0200

Entrance fee: Individual (on foot, horseback, or bus): $15/week; Motorcycle: $30/week; Automobile: $35/week

Google rating: 4.8/5.0


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