Poland's current population is roughly 40.9 million as of August 10, 2023, with a mid-year estimate of approximately 41.0 million people. Poland's demographic presence accounts for 0.51% of the total global population, ranking it 37th in terms of population when both its major regions and dependencies are considered.

Poland has a population density of 134 people per square kilometer (347 people per square mile), indicating a relatively concentrated distribution of persons across the country. Notably, 55.2% of Poland's population, or around 22.7 million people in 2023, lives in cities, highlighting the country's level of urbanization. The median age of Poland is 40.0 years, indicating a population composed of both experienced persons and those of prime working age.

Poland has a total land area of 306,230 square kilometres (118,236 square miles), and it has a considerable impact on the worldwide population landscape. Poland's population, which accounts for 0.51% of the world's total population, demonstrates the country's prominence on the global stage, both in terms of demographics and cultural contributions.

Photo on Pixabay
Photo on Pixabay
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Photo on PxHere

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