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Printfresh is one of the most expensive sleepwear brands that is known for its exceptional quality and affordability. They offer a wide range of sustainable loungewear options for women, with a focus on 100% organic cotton pajamas. Their pajamas feature whimsical prints that are sure to capture your imagination, ranging from "meowing mermaids" to "tiger queens."

Printfresh caters to a diverse customer base by offering sleepwear sets and nightdresses in an extended size range. They aim to ensure that everyone can experience the luxurious comfort and style of their organic cotton pajamas.

What sets Printfresh apart is its commitment to ethical manufacturing. Their pajamas are produced in a factory in Jaipur, India, which upholds high standards of quality craftsmanship and ethical practices. The brand regularly undergoes audits by Sedex, a globally recognized organization that promotes responsible and ethical business practices, to ensure compliance and maintain its commitment to excellence.

In addition to ethical manufacturing, Printfresh also prioritizes environmental sustainability. They reduce their carbon emissions by using efficient shipping methods, minimizing their impact on the planet. The brand also uses recycled materials in its packaging, reflecting its dedication to sustainable practices.

Price Range: $58 - $158

Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Instagram: (151K followers)

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