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Sleeping with Jacques is a contemporary luxury brand that has gained significant recognition for its unique approach to fashion and design. Founded by designer and creative director, Jacqueline "Jacques" Simmons, the brand offers a refreshing perspective on sleepwear and loungewear.

Sleeping with Jacques
stands out for its impeccable fusion of comfort and style. The brand skillfully combines premium materials and expert artistry to produce sophisticated and adaptable pieces that are both refined and snug. Whether it's luxurious silk pajama sets or indulgent cashmere robes, each item is meticulously designed to elevate your sleeping and lounging experience.

Another distinguishing factor of Sleeping with Jacques is its profound commitment to sustainability. Mindfully selecting materials from eco-conscious and ethical suppliers, the brand ensures that every piece is fashioned with an unwavering dedication to minimizing environmental impact. This sustainability ethos carries over to its packaging as well, with the brand opting for recyclable materials and striving to reduce waste.

The Sleeping with Jacques experience goes beyond just the products themselves. The brand focuses on creating a sense of tranquility, encouraging individuals to embrace moments of relaxation and self-care. Through its campaigns and social media presence, Sleeping with Jacques inspires a lifestyle that values comfort, quality, and self-indulgence.

Price Range: $112 - $771

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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