Santa Fe

Santa Fe has many historic firsts for the United States. It is the country's oldest state capital, having been established in 1697. It is home to the nation's first public building (the magnificent Palace of the Governors), the oldest religious building in the United States (the San Miguel Chapel, which dates back to 1610), and the longest-running community celebration in America, the annual Santa Fe Fiesta.

This vibrant city is rich in history and has done an outstanding job of preserving its original treasures while also ensuring that all construction in the downtown area adheres to the distinctive adobe architectural style. As a result, on every street corner, you can't help but feel the strong pull of the city's long and varied past. Don't miss the historic Plaza, where you'll find the landmark sight Palace of the Governors and the opportunity to browse Native American arts and crafts around the square. There are also plenty of fascinating museums to explore, including the New Mexico History Museum – home to an astonishing collection of historical and cultural artefacts - as well as the colourful Museum of International Folk Art, both located in the city’s Museum Hill district.

Suggested holidays:

  • You can spend two nights in Santa Fe with this superb itinerary travelling through the spectacular scenery of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico - Self-Drive Four-Squared. Santa Fe also features as a day trip on one of most popular flydrive itineraries Self-Drive Route 66 or this fabulous route which takes in Yellowstone - Self-Drive American Grandeurs. A fabulous escorted tour which highlights superb historic locations and glorious national parks is The Magnificent Southwest, on which you’ll spend two nights in Santa Fe.

Location: New Mexico

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