Elegant Savannah, once home to the Georgian elite, is a remarkably well-preserved city filled with over a thousand historic buildings, beautiful cobblestone streets, and gracious public squares. All of this is encapsulated in Savannah's Historic District, one of the United States' largest National Historic Landmark districts and an early example of colonial planning with its grid street layout. Twenty-two of Savannah's original twenty-four public squares have been preserved, and they are filled with greenery, fountains, and monuments, making them the ideal place to soak in the city's history and charm.

Visit the popular 30-acre Forsyth Park as well as the federal-style Davenport House Museum. Take a tour of upscale historic homes like the Green-Meldrim house, and then stroll down River Street, an attractive concourse with nineteenth-century cotton warehouses that have been refurbished into stylish boutiques and restaurants. Savannah's colonial history and antebellum heritage pervade every corner, much like Charleston's. But, once you've had your fill of the historic sights, this city has an eccentric edge: there's a thriving arts scene, plenty of creative eateries, and lively nightlife venues to explore.

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Location: Georgia

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