The Carnival in Angola

There is no better way to experience a place's culture than attending an event like the Carnival in Angola for travelers seeking authenticity. You'll notice that the revelers here are just as enthusiastic as those in more well-known locations such as Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, or Trinidad. Angolans, as with any great celebration, bring their own distinct style that honors both their local traditions and national pride.

With Roman Catholics accounting for more than 40% of Angola's population, the significance of this time of year in the country cannot be overstated. Angolans look forward to this time of year, and even the President will attend the main parade in Luanda. Carnival is held every year on the evening of the last Thursday of Lent, and the festivities last until Shrove Tuesday, the last day of the Lenten season. This is also a national holiday in Angola, so the event is expected to be well-attended.

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