The Giant Sable was Rediscovered Here

The giant sable antelope was recently discovered in Angola and has become a national symbol. The massive horns and broad stature of this enormous animal have made it famous. Male horns can grow to nearly five and a half feet (165 centimetres) in length. In Angola, there are many fascinating myths about the giant sable antelope. This rare species, known scientifically as the "sable antelope Hippotragus niger variani," is so uncommon that residents of Angola believe it is extinct.

Due to its endemic status, rarity, and physical characteristics, the giant sable antelope Hippotragus niger variani is the most widely recognized representative of Angolan biodiversity. It is confined to the upper Cuanza basin in central Angola, and is one of the last large mammals to be described in Africa. The Giant Sable Conservation Project (GSCP) is working to restore viable wild populations of these last few animals. It built a fenced sanctuary in Cangandala National Park for local females and a male translocated from the Luando population to breed safely. It has also enlisted the help of 20 local 'Sable Shepherds' who receive special training and uniforms and help with conservation efforts, research, and species management.

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