Use a Toothpick

If you are a more meticulous person who wants to remove stains even deeper, use a toothpick with a compact tip that easily goes deep to remove lint from your iPhone speaker. But this tool is also quite dangerous if not used carefully, leading to damage to the internal parts. The toothpick will penetrate the mesh gently and it will clean both parts of the iPhone's speakers better.

To do this:

  • Gently guide the toothpick into each speaker hole.
  • Then slowly slide the toothpick through each gap, scratch gently, and then pull it out.
  • Use a flashlight from available devices if necessary to see where you move the toothpick.

In addition, this method can also clean the iPhone's charging port. Although a toothpick is not as widely used as a SIM ejector tool, tweezers, or paper clip, it is still necessary in some cases.

Image by Terence Koh via
Image by Terence Koh via
Use a Toothpick
Use a Toothpick

Top 5 Best Ways to Clean Your Dirty iPhone Speakers

  1. top 1 Use a Toothbrush
  2. top 2 Use Cotton Swabs
  3. top 3 Use a Toothpick
  4. top 4 Get Rid of Dust With Painter's Tape
  5. top 5 Use an Air Blower

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