Use an Air Blower

Finally, consider using a soft-tipped air blower to clean your iPhone speaker because it creates less pressure than compressed air in the box. After applying the dirt removal methods above, you can use an additional air blower to help clean the area.

To clean your speakers, simply hold the air blower close to the speaker to blow away all debris, blowing short blasts of air. Always keep a close and safe distance from the speakers while using the air blower.

Image by cottonbro studio via
Image by cottonbro studio via
Use an Air Blower

Top 5 Best Ways to Clean Your Dirty iPhone Speakers

  1. top 1 Use a Toothbrush
  2. top 2 Use Cotton Swabs
  3. top 3 Use a Toothpick
  4. top 4 Get Rid of Dust With Painter's Tape
  5. top 5 Use an Air Blower

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