Top 5 Best Art Galleries to Visit in Europe

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Europe boasts some of the best art galleries in the world. There is some incredible art to see if you're travelling between cities, so be sure to check out the ... read more...

  1. The Tate Modern, Europe's most visited modern art gallery, has a worldwide reputation as stunning as its architecture, a renovated power station in London's Bankside since it was unveiled by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in 2000. It houses the national collection of British art from 1900 to the present, as well as international modern and contemporary art from throughout the world. The museum's building was expanded in 2016 to include the so-called Switch House, which gives the organization 60% extra exhibition space. Tate Modern is part of the Tate collection, which also comprises Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St. Ives, and Tate Online.

    A visit to the Tate presents a full history of modern art from the twentieth century and beyond, with a permanent collection shown throughout the Boiler House and the recently opened Switch House, designed by Herzog & de Meuron. In addition to its permanent collection, which includes everything from painting to performance, it hosts well-curated retrospectives of contemporary art greats such as Damien Hirst, Roy Lichtenstein, and Edvard Munch.

    Detailed Information:

    Address: Bankside, London, England, United Kingdom
    Phone Number: +44 20 7887 8888
    Open hours: Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

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  2. The National Gallery Prague, formerly known as the National Gallery in Prague (Národn Galerie v Praze), is a state-owned art gallery in Prague that houses the Czech Republic's greatest art collection and hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions of masterpieces of Czech and worldwide fine art. The gallery features 14th–16th-century panel paintings as well as the Charter 77 tale. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the work of Prague's most famous artists and learn about their lives.

    The gallery's collections are not housed in a single building but are displayed in a variety of historic structures throughout Prague, as well as other locations. The Trade Fair Palace (Veletrn Palác), which contains the National Gallery's collection of modern art, is the largest of the gallery sites. The Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, the Kinsk Palace, the Salm Palace, the Schwarzenberg Palace, the Sternberg Palace, and the Wallenstein Riding School all have notable display rooms. It was founded in 1796 and is one of the world's oldest public art galleries as well as one of Central Europe's largest museums.

    Detailed Information:

    Address: Staroměstské nám 1, 110 15 Staré Město, Czech Republic
    Phone Number: +420 220 397 211
    Open hours: Tues-Sun: 10:00–18:00

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  3. The Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea ("national gallery of modern and contemporary art"), also known as La Galleria Nazionale, is an art gallery in Rome, Italy. It was founded in 1883 on the initiative of the then Minister Guido Baccelli and is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. The gallery houses some of the 20th Century’s greatest artists including Dutch painter Mondrian, along with many of Italy’s finest.

    It houses around 1100 paintings and sculptures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the largest collection in Italy. Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Alberto Burri, Antonio Canova, Giorgio de Chirico, Lucio Fontana, Amedeo Modigliani, Giacomo Manzù, Vittorio Matteo Corcos, and Giacomo Morandi are among the Italian painters represented. Foreign artists represented include Braque, Calder, Cézanne, Degas, Duchamp, Giacometti, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Monet, Jackson Pollock, Rodin, and Van Gogh. The Galleria Nazionale includes the Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi for le arti decorative, the Museo Hendrik C. Andersen, the Raccoltà Manzù, and the Museo Mario Praz. Because of its columnar form, it is also referred to as "the teeth."

    Detailed Information:
    Address: Viale Delle Belle Arti, 131, 00197 Roma RM, Italy
    Phone Number: +39 06 322981
    Open hours: Tues-Sun: 09:00–19:00
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  4. The East Side Gallery monument in Berlin-Friedrichshain is a permanent open-air gallery on the Berlin Wall's longest surviving stretch along Mühlenstraße, between the Berlin Ostbahnhof and the Oberbaumbrücke along the Spree. It comprises a sequence of murals painted directly on a 1,316 m (4,318 ft) long relic of the Berlin Wall on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, near Berlin's center. The East Side Gallery allows you to appreciate the historic significance of the location while also witnessing the beautiful artwork celebrating it.

    The Gallery consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world. Paintings from Jürgen Grosse alias INDIANO, Dimitri Vrubel, Siegfrid Santoni, Bodo Sperling, Kasra Alavi, Kani Alavi, Jim Avignon, Thierry Noir, Ingeborg Blumenthal, Ignasi Blanch i Gisbert, Kim Prisu, Hervé Morlay VR and others have followed. The paintings at the East Side Gallery document a time of change and express the euphoria and great hopes for a better, more free future for all people of the world.

    Detailed Information:

    Address: Mühlenstraße 3-100, 10243 Berlin
    Phone Number: +49 30 2517159
    Open hours: Mon-Sun: all-day

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  5. The Scottish National Gallery (formerly the National Gallery of Scotland) is Scotland's national art gallery. It's on The Mound in central Edinburgh, near Princes Street. William Henry Playfair designed the neoclassical structure, which opened to the public in 1859. The gallery holds Scotland's national collection of fine art, which spans Scottish and worldwide art from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century. National Galleries of Scotland, a public body that also owns the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, manages the Scottish National Gallery.

    A group of paintings transferred from the Royal Scottish Academy lies at the center of the National Gallery's collection. This comprises works by Jacopo Bassano, Anthony van Dyck, and Giambattista Tiepolo. A number of major large-scale canvases are on display in the Gallery's main ground floor rooms, including Benjamin West's Alexander III of Scotland Rescued from the Fury of a Stag (1786), Rubens' The Feast of Herod (1633 or c.1637-38), and a pair of Titian paintings, Diana and Actaeon and Diana and Callisto (purchased jointly with the National Gallery, London). The Scottish National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum have also bought one of Canova's statues of The Three Graces. The Scottish National Gallery has a notable collection of works by Scottish artists, including several landscapes by Alexander Nasmyth, and several works by Sir Henry Raeburn — of particular note are his portraits of Alexander Ranaldson Macdonell and Sir Walter Scott), and his celebrated painting, The Skating Minister. There are also a number of works by artists of the Glasgow School such as James Guthrie.

    Detailed Information:

    Address: The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL, Scotland, Europe

    Phone Number: +44 131 624 6200


    Open hours: Mon-Sun: 10:00–17:00

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