Top 6 Best Boarding Schools in Vietnam

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The quality of education at boarding schools in Vietnam is always highly appreciated. Therefore, many Vietnamese parents want to send their children to ... read more...

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    Horizon International Bilingual School

    One of the most well-known international and bilingual schools in Vietnam is Horizon International Bilingual School. Being the first bilingual school in Vietnam, Horizon takes great pride in this fact. Serving children from preschool through grade 12, Horizon International Bilingual School gives them the tools they need to succeed as lifelong learners and compassionate citizens of the world.

    For roughly 550 students from over 35 countries and nationalities, Horizon International Bilingual Schools offers two distinct programs—an international program and a bilingual program—that offer top-notch international education. The instructors at Horizon support each student's pursuit of excellence in the classroom, athletics, and the arts within a broad framework of global awareness.

    The Vietnamese and International Curriculums, as well as the school's philosophy, inform the design of Horizon International Bilingual School's facilities. The school offers large gardens and roomy classrooms for students to unwind and play meaningfully in between classes.

    Students at Horizon International Bilingual School take classes that are spacious and can accommodate up to 24 people. The Horizon International Bilingual School's classrooms are furnished with all the equipment needed to meet the demands of a 21st-century education, including laptops or tablets, smart boards, and projectors.

    Students at Horizon have access to a large selection of nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snack options in the dining hall. The school provides a range of sports facilities, such as a football field, tennis court, basketball area, table tennis area, and gymnastics room, because it values the social and physical development of its students.

    For students who live outside of the city or in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City, Horizon International Bilingual School also provides dorms. The goal of Horizon dorms is to give students a peaceful, safe, and secure home away from home where they can develop both intellectually and personally.

    When a student signs up to live in the dorm, they commit to integrating into the community and actively working to create a safe environment where everyone can flourish. Students gain social and life skills while living together and away from their parents under supervision.

    Founded: 2005
    Address: 6-6A 8 Street 44, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Phone: 090 292 0608
    Tuition: 199,082,000 VND - 278,554,000 VND

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    International Schools of North America

    International Schools of North America is one of the best boarding schools in Vietnam. It is dedicated to realizing its vision, which is to use education as the cornerstone of all it does for the benefit of the school community. SNA offers a learning environment that is focused on the needs of the individual student and highlights critical thinking, risk-taking, effective communication, civic engagement, and leadership.

    The curriculum framework used by International Schools of North America is implemented in more than 5,000 schools worldwide. The PYP curriculum framework offers elementary students a broad and well-rounded education through its nine subject groups.

    IB Middle Years Programme (MYP): 11–16-year-old students are eligible to apply. It offers a framework for instruction that stimulates students' development as critical, imaginative, and introspective thinkers. Early adolescents can receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education from the MYP curriculum. Every subject group must receive at least 50 hours of instruction per year under the MYP.

    Six subject groups and the DP core—which consists of the extended essay, theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, and service (CAS)—make up the DP curriculum.

    International Schools of North America has set up a dormitory that satisfies international standards for students who live outside of HCMC or who want to experience life as an overseas student to foster an international education environment and to better understand studying away from home.

    The school is only 150 meters from the SNA dorm, which has two distinct areas for male and female students. The dorm's total area is 1.460 m2, with 24 rooms (living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms).

    Bunks, mattresses, pillows, blankets, wardrobes, tables, chairs, and refrigerators are all tastefully furnished in bedrooms. Students can wash and dry their daily clothes and bedding in laundry rooms, as well as do weekly laundry (blankets, pillowcases, and mattress covers).

    Large, contemporary living rooms are equipped with TVs, computers, books, magazines, tables, chairs, and couches so that students can unwind and focus on their studies. Large dining rooms are used for student cooking projects or weekend get-togethers with friends and teachers.

    A spacious and comfortable lounge where students can socialize with their loved ones. Students can play a variety of board games in the International Schools of North America dormitory, including chess, foosball, and ping-pong. Other sports available to boarding students include swimming, badminton, basketball, skip rope, and jogging.

    Founded: 2005

    Address: Rue n° 20, quartier résidentiel Him Lam, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh Ville, Vietnam

    Phone: 028 7301 9799


    Tuition: 463,100,463 VND - 722,971,305 VND

    Boarding fee: 94,303,200 VND - 135,635,100 VND


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    TH School

    Another name on the list of the best boarding schools in Vietnam is TH School. The independent, coeducational TH School provides a college preparation program with an international focus for both day students and boarding students. A comprehensive English-medium international educational program is offered by TH School, honoring a profound understanding of the Vietnamese language, literature, history, and culture.

    TH School students are exposed to a full international education while strongly preserving the core values of Vietnam thanks to an optimal learning program that combines 20% of classes taught in Vietnamese for Vietnamese studies subjects like Vietnamese Literature, History, Geography, and Civic and 80% of classes taught in English for international curriculum.

    The TH School has two sizable campuses: one is located on Chua Boc Street and spans 18,000 square meters, while the other is situated in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park and can accommodate both day and boarding students. Both campuses have all the amenities needed for contemporary learning, from specialized subjects to all academic areas.

    To support emerging talent, TH School grants valuable scholarships to exceptional students, enabling them to pursue cutting-edge, contemporary education. The Vietnamese Cultural Studies Scholarship is one of the numerous scholarships offered by TH School that are open to applicants from outside the country.

    The nutrition pyramid for Vietnamese people, and especially Vietnamese students, has been researched and published by the TH Institute of Nutrition in collaboration with the world's foremost nutrition experts. The meal plans that students follow at TH School are set menus tailored to each age group and based on the nutrition pyramid ratio. Genuinely natural, fresh, organic products from TH True Milk, FVF, and other esteemed brands are used in the school's kitchen.

    The boarding program at TH School offers a unique and enriching experience for students. Designed to create a home away from home, the program provides a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

    In terms of facilities, TH School offers modern and comfortable dormitories equipped with all the necessary amenities. The boarding staff, consisting of dedicated professionals, provides round-the-clock support and guidance to ensure the well-being and safety of the students.

    Weekday Schedule Boarding House:

    • 7h00: Wake up
    • 7h30 to 8h30: Breakfast
    • 9h00: To Chua Boc campus
    • 10h00 to 12h00: Library, Self-learning
    • 12h00 to 13h00: Lunch
    • 13h00 to 16h30: Excursion
    • 17h00 to 17h45: Dinner
    • 18h00: Back to Hoa Lac campus
    • 19h00 to 21h00: Calling home, Entertainment
    • 21h00 to 21h30: Personal hygiene
    • 21h30 to 22h00: Quiet and reading time
    • 22h00: All lights off

    Founded: 2016

    Address: 6 Ward Chua Boc, Trung Liet, Dong Da, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

    Phone: 091 938 2255


    Tuition: 260,000,000 VND - 609,000,000 VND


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    Australian International School Saigon

    Australian International School Saigon is the next school on the list of the best boarding schools in Vietnam. It is the only international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, offering premium boarding facilities to Secondary School students, providing comprehensive, top-notch private education. It is also one of the top premium international schools in the country.

    All students, from Kindergarten through the Baccalaureate division, gain access to state-of-the-art materials and curricula that are specifically created to encourage student engagement in learning. Pupils enjoy extracurricular activities and receive an amazing education, which helps them develop a wide range of skills, achieve excellent academic performance, and earn credentials recognized worldwide.

    The Australian International School Saigon campus features a large auditorium for performances and exhibitions, a science wing, computer laboratories with an iMac suite, comprehensive art facilities, and studios specifically dedicated to art, technology, dance, and music.

    The campus also features athletic facilities, including a 25-meter saltwater pool, a wading pool for kids to learn how to swim, six basketball courts, a tennis court, outdoor soccer fields, a health and fitness center, and an air-conditioned indoor gymnasium.

    For students in Years 7 through 13, AIS Boarding School provides cutting-edge boarding facilities so they can fully experience a comprehensive education. In Ho Chi Minh City, AIS is pleased to welcome Secondary and Baccalaureate students to its fully-equipped on-site boarding residence, which is the first of its kind among premium international boarding schools.

    Both domestic and foreign students can choose from flexible weekly and termly boarding options, with cozy boarding rooms to accommodate up to 50 boarding students' needs. To guarantee a comfortable and all-inclusive stay for students who want to go home on weekends or during school breaks, customized boarding arrangements can be made during enrollment.

    Since the boarding site is conveniently close to the school's campus, there are more opportunities to use the sports facilities and participate in extracurricular activities. On weekends, boarders can go on supervised outings from the boarding area and can consult tutors as needed. Students can use the well-kept kitchen and common area, which promotes independence and self-assurance in life skills.

    The student-to-teacher ratio at Australian International School Saigon is currently 1:5, as boarding house staff looks out for the safety and well-being of boarding residents and permits students to continue receiving instruction from highly qualified house parents while they are in class.

    Founded: 2006

    Address: 264 Mai Chi Tho Street, An Phu, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Phone: 028 3742 4040


    Tuition: 271,000,000 VND - 774,000,000 VND

    Boarding fee: 200,000,000 VND - 230,000,000 VND


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    Western Australian International School System

    The Western Australian International School System provides a variety of international educational programs that foster a safe and healthy environment and develop young people into engaged, involved, and reflective global citizens. To lay a strong foundation for future study abroad opportunities or professional advancement, students are taught to value Vietnamese cultural values and identities from an international perspective.

    There are five campuses of the Western Australian International School System located in Ho Chi Minh City's central areas. With its convenient location in the city center, WASS provides top-notch education programs for Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, and High School students.

    For students in Kindergarten through Year 12, WASS currently offers two programs:

    • The Fully Integrated International Programs
    • The Western Australian Curriculum - Partial Integrated Program.

    WASS provides a wide range of fully integrated international programs, including the Western Australian K-10 Curriculum International - Accredited Program (WA International) for students in Years 1 through 10, and two international diploma programs, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - Certified Program (IBDP) for students in Years 11 and 12, and the Western Australian Certificate of Education International - Accredited Program (WACE International).

    The English, math, and science curricula offered by ACARA are included in the Western Australian Curriculum - Partial Integrated Program. To obtain a strong language and skill foundation and the English proficiency certificate, students in Year 10 have the option of combining the MoET Program with the English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

    Furthermore, for sufficient preparation in the academic foundations to continue with the Western Australian Certificate of Education International - Accredited Program (WACE International) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - Certified Program (IBDP) in Year 11, students have the option to transfer from Year 9 to Year 10 of the WA K-10 International program after Year 9.

    Situated at 17/1 Ho Van Hue, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, the Western Australian International School System (WASS) boarding school building serves both primary and high school students. WASSers, who are from various cities and provinces around the nation, now call it home. Students return to their "second home," a joyful and comfortable place, after school hours.

    Living independently away from home is never simple, particularly for students who have spent their entire childhood being cradled in their parents' arms. Recognizing these factors, WASS offers boarding school students a convenient and comfortable living arrangement as well as a learning environment that makes them feel like members of a big family.

    Founded: 2010

    Address: 157 Ly Chinh Thang, Vo Thi Sau, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam

    Phone: 028 7109 5077


    Tuition: 86,336,000 VND - 480,690,000 VND


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    APU American International School

    The Ministry of Education and Training has granted the APU American International School (APUIS) a license to teach American subjects to Vietnamese K–12 pupils utilizing the California curriculum. With excellent faculty instruction and high academic standards, APU has continuously offered a Pathway to American Education.

    The APU Educational Development Group is the private owner of the non-sectarian school. As an official College Board member, APU is permitted to administer the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

    APU American International School
    offers classes Monday through Friday, with some Saturday classes as well. APU grades students using a conventional American grading scheme, and credits are determined using the Carnegie Credit methodology. Courses in computer science, English, natural science, history, mathematics, computer science, and the arts are mandatory for students.

    Along with faculty from other countries, Americans make up the majority of the faculty. At APU, there are numerous clubs and organizations, and students take part in local community service initiatives.

    An English Language Development program is available at APU International School (ELD). Nine levels of instruction make up the program: an introductory level for students who have never taken an ELD course before, and eight levels that center around increasingly difficult levels of English proficiency.

    The whole on-campus encounter For students who wish to participate in the boarding school experience or who do not reside in Ho Chi Minh City, APU American International School offers a boarding program. The distance between the school's dormitory facilities and campus is only five minutes on foot. Numerous senior faculty members serve as dorm parents, and students living in dorms are assigned an older sibling who is appointed by the school.

    For students residing in the residence hall, the dorm parents assume the role of quasi-parents at all times, especially after school. Every dorm has a kitchen and lounge where residents can gather to chat, work on assignments, or prepare snacks.

    One or two borders are housed in each dorm bedroom. Queen-sized beds, dressers, wardrobes, end tables, and desks are the furniture found in each bedroom. The APU Student Life staff puts a lot of effort into giving each dorm a cozy, safe, and comfortable atmosphere for students.

    Founded: 2004
    Address: 501 Lac Long Quan, Ward 5, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Phone: 023 3975 0337
    Tuition: 237,600,000 VND - 517,200,000 VND

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    Video by APU American International Schools

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