Top 5 Best Boarding Schools in Middle East

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Discover excellence in education as we unveil the Best Boarding Schools in Middle East. From state-of-the-art facilities to globally acclaimed curricula, these ... read more...

  1. Founded in 1998, the New Middle East International School (NMEIS) has become a beacon of quality education in a welcoming environment. This private co-educational institution is dedicated to fostering learning excellence and inclusivity. NMEIS offers a comprehensive educational experience, utilizing the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum for grades 1 to 12, along with the British curriculum spanning from FS1 to Year 13.

    Catering to a diverse student body of approximately 3500 individuals from various nationalities, NMEIS ensures that every student is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed and explore their full potential. NMEIS is not just about textbooks and exams; it's about shaping responsible global citizens who value environmental awareness and understand the significance of their current and future responsibilities. The school takes great pride in achieving a stellar 100% passing rate, showcasing the effectiveness of its holistic educational approach.

    Beyond the classroom, NMEIS places a strong emphasis on fostering a well-rounded educational experience through participation in co-curricular activities and sports competitions. Students actively engage in various events, honing their skills and talents outside the traditional academic setting.

    The school's sprawling 30,632-acre campus is equipped with top-notch facilities, including modern classrooms with advanced learning technologies, a well-stocked library, state-of-the-art science and computer labs, a dedicated performing arts studio, and indoor sports facilities. Recognized as one of the Best Boarding Schools in Middle East, NMEIS offers a residential experience that complements its academic prowess.

    The boarding facilities contribute to a supportive and collaborative community, encouraging friendships and personal growth. In essence, the New Middle East International School stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence, diversity, and a well-rounded education, preparing students not only for academic success but also for their roles as responsible global citizens in a simple yet profound manner.

    Hotline: +97444449892
    Address: 6GV6+Q3H, Al Maadeed St, Doha 269, Qatar

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  2. Top 2

    Al Alameen International School (AAIS)

    Al Alameen International School (AAIS) is ranked 4th among the top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Middle East. Nestled in the heart of Islamic state, Al Alameen School stands as a beacon of exceptional British education. Recognized and accredited by the British Council as a Cambridge Associate School, Al Alameen distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience.

    What makes Al Alameen unique are its special features, including Smart Classes, Montessori, Secondary 1 Checkpoint, and IGCSE. These elements collectively contribute to creating a vibrant and holistic learning environment for students, ensuring an education that goes beyond the ordinary.

    Al Alameen
    adopts a distinctive approach to the curriculum by merging the British Curriculum with Arabic and Islamic Studies. This integration offers students a diverse array of subjects that embrace both global perspectives and local values. Additionally, subjects such as French, computers, P.E. (Physical Education), and art and design seamlessly enrich the educational journey of every student.

    The school places particular emphasis on language acquisition during the early years of a child's development. Al Alameen makes sure that only native English speakers teach English language courses. This immersive approach aims to acquaint students with authentic language nuances from the outset. Furthermore, the school is equipped with modern amenities, including interactive smart boards and Wi-Fi in every classroom, fostering a contemporary and engaging learning atmosphere.

    The introduction of smart classrooms marks a significant stride into the future of education at Al Alameen. These high-tech classrooms feature specialized teacher stations with computers and cutting-edge audiovisual equipment. Functioning as mini command centers for educators, these spaces enable dynamic and interactive lessons through various mediums, including Smart Board presentations, DVDs, and PowerPoint.

    Al Alameen
    School is not only shaping minds but also molding well-rounded individuals ready to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing world. Rooted in British education principles and seamlessly blended with Islamic values and modern teaching technologies, the school emerges not merely as an educational institution but as a symbol of innovation and excellence within the community.

    Hotline: +966530208907
    Address: 6803 Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi Rd, Az Zahra, Riyadh 12811, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $15995.62

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  3. Top 3

    Palm Crest International School (PCIS)

    The story of the Palm Crest International School (PCIS) in Riyadh is a remarkable one. Conceived by a Filipino couple and a Saudi National, this educational institution welcomed its first students in April 2004. What makes PCIS stand out is its official recognition, holding licenses from Saudi authorities and the Department of Education in the Philippines.

    is on a mission to become a premier center for education in Riyadh, covering pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels. The school places a strong emphasis on providing a well-rounded academic program, not limited to traditional subjects but extending to the physical, social, and moral development of its students through a variety of engaging activities.

    Looking forward, PCIS has set its sights on ambitious goals. As part of its comprehensive five-year development program, the school envisions introducing tertiary programs. These programs are set to include sought-after courses such as BS Computer Science and BS Computer Engineering. Moreover, there are plans to collaborate with accredited universities in the Philippines to offer Graduate School programs. This forward-thinking approach aims to address the professional needs of educators in Saudi Arabia.

    At the heart of PCIS's mission is a deep commitment to providing a nurturing and healthy environment for every child. The school aspires not only to be a recognized educational institution in Riyadh but also to earn a reputation as one of the best boarding schools in the Middle East. This ambition underscores PCIS's dedication to offering a distinctive and exceptional educational experience.

    is more than just a school; it is a gateway to shaping dreams and futures. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and the holistic development of its students, PCIS is poised to make a lasting and positive impact on the educational landscape of Riyadh and beyond.

    Hotline: +966114642474
    Address: MPX5+658, Al Amariyah, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12232, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $1866.16

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  4. Sri Lankan International School-Riyadh (SLISR) has been a standout in education, offering a mix of British and Sri Lankan curriculum with a global touch. As a community school without profit motives, SLISR welcomes students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, showcasing a rich history of over three decades dedicated to top-notch education.

    With a strong track record of placing students in colleges worldwide, SLISR consistently delivers outstanding academic results. The school's commitment to diverse international curricula ensures that students receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for success on a global scale.

    The learning journey at SLISR is thoughtfully crafted. Starting with the National Curriculum of England and the International Primary Curriculum in Preschool and Lower School, students progress to the National Curriculum of England in Middle School. High School introduces the Pearson Edexcel IGCSE and the International Advanced Subsidiary and International Advanced Level Program, paving the way for higher education.

    Language proficiency is a priority at SLISR. English language support is available, particularly in lower school, where students with limited English abilities are welcomed. In middle and high school, stringent English proficiency requirements ensure students are well-prepared for English as their primary language in board exams.

    Before admission, each student undergoes a thorough assessment, including a check on language proficiency. Extra support is provided if any learning gaps are found, ensuring that only students likely to succeed are accepted.

    Beyond academics, SLISR shines in sports and co-curricular activities. Students can enjoy a range of sports like soccer, badminton, netball, cricket, athletics, and basketball. Co-scholastic activities such as debates, poetry, oratory, and mental mathematics add another layer to the student experience.

    fosters a lively school life with various clubs and societies. New additions like Media, Photography, Young Inventors, and Arabic contribute to the collaborative school spirit. This well-rounded approach solidifies SLISR's reputation as a top school, consistently producing exceptional results in international board exams.

    Hotline: +966114510084
    Address: Abi 5134 Abu Bakr Al Basri, Siyah, حي, 7161, Riyadh 12774, Saudi Arabia
    Tuition: $499.06PER TERM

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  5. Top 5

    Star International School Mirdif

    Star International School Mirdif is a standout British Curriculum school located in the heart of the Mirdif community. Accredited by BSME and welcoming students from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 1 to Year 11. It boasts an impressive enrollment of over 800 children, representing a melting pot of 70 nationalities, with a dedicated team of 65 teachers and 120 staff.

    Star International School Mirdif
    takes pride in offering a broad range of qualifications, including GCSEs, iGCSEs, and BTECs, covering subjects from English literature to business studies. Excitingly, in the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year, the institution plans to introduce a sixth form, providing A-Level and BTEC qualifications for Year 12 students, expanding its educational offerings.

    Star International School Mirdif
    envisions equipping students with the tools, knowledge, and skills to make a positive impact on a global scale. The three pillars of learning—Learning for Self, Change, and All—align with the visionary outlook that considers the sky just the beginning of ambition.

    Rooted in core values, Star International School Mirdif is committed to providing a stimulating curriculum, with experienced staff instilling a love for learning. Parents and families play a crucial role in the school's ecosystem, forming an integral part of the educational journey. Embracing technology responsibly, the school is a Google for Education institution with a Bring Your Device (BYOD) policy, ensuring students are tech-savvy while emphasizing sustainability through the integration of UN Sustainable Development Goals into the curriculum.

    Star International School Mirdif
    stands as a beacon of quality education, preparing students for the dynamic world ahead. With a commitment to diversity, innovation, and sustainability, it exemplifies the essence of the best boarding schools in the Middle East, offering a rich educational experience that shapes well-rounded, globally conscious individuals.

    Hotline: +97142884644
    Address: 24B St - Mirdif - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Tuition: $7464.62 - $13116.41

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