Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Tanzania

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Best Boarding Schools in Tazania have a commitment to quality education and a supportive boarding environment. These schools play a vital role in promoting the ... read more...

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    Iringa International School (IIS)

    Iringa International School (IIS) strives to provide leading international education to children in the Southern Highlands region of Tanzania.

    The school was founded by a group of local and expatriate parents in Iringa, in 1993. Governed by a Board of Directors and led by the School Principal, IIS values collaboration with the elected Management Board. , which includes parents working closely with school leaders.

    Starting as a Primary school with just 12 students and two teachers, IIS has grown over the years and includes a Nursery, Junior School, 'O' levels (Key Stages 1-4) and boarding facilities. Recognized as an official Cambridge International School, the school now offers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and aims to introduce A-level courses with increased student enrolments. Additionally, IIS is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school for the Primary School Program, serving children ages 3-11.

    The school prioritizes creating a safe, respectful and collaborative environment as a foundation for personal development. IIS believes that learning will flourish in such an environment. Holistic learning is at the core, emphasizing academic development, social skills, mental and physical health, aligned with the principles of the IB Learner Profile.

    IIS places special emphasis on parent involvement, seeing it as essential to the well-being of schools and an expression of democracy. Iringa International School maintains small class sizes to ensure individual attention, recognizing that students thrive in such an environment. Continuous reflection is considered essential for both individual and community development.

    Iringa International School believes that students will excel when they build on their existing knowledge and skills, with opportunities to apply their learning to personal and global issues. Iringa International School has always promoted the prudent use of resources and conscious application of knowledge, providing a well-rounded educational experience at Iringa International School, making it one of the Best Boarding Schools in Tazania.

    Hotline: +255736702018
    Address: P.O. Box 912 Iringa, Tanzania
    Tuition: $5683.14 - $9093.0

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    United World College East Africa

    Starting its journey in 1973, the school is the oldest International Baccalaureate (IB) institution in Africa. A major milestone was reached in 1975 when the school became the first on the continent to introduce the esteemed International Baccalaureate Diploma. Despite pioneering efforts, adoption of the IB curriculum in Africa remains rare, with less than 2% of all IB schools worldwide located on the continent.

    This outstanding institution offers a comprehensive education, spanning from preschool to the coveted International Baccalaureate Diploma. Making a difference globally, it is one of a select few schools to offer the full range of IB programs, including the Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program IB.

    In addition to adopting existing programs, the school also plays a key role in shaping the IB educational landscape. Recognized as the "cradle" of the IB Secondary Program, the organization identified a gap in pedagogy, leading to the initiation of discussions at the Association of International Schools conference in Africa in 1978. Lister Hannah, principal at the time, led the conversations that eventually led to the conceptualization of a new pre-IB curriculum.

    In 1980, the school hosted an important conference of the Association of International Schools, focusing on the educational needs of students aged 11–16 years. This gathering laid the foundations for the secondary program, emphasizing six key 'needs': global, intellectual, personal, physical, creative, and social. Subsequent workshops and conferences involving renowned international schools strengthened the program's framework, moving from an IB preparatory course to a comprehensive five-year curriculum for students aged 11–16 years old.

    This transformative initiative went through a pilot phase before being officially adopted by the International Baccalaureate Program in the early 1990s, eventually evolving into the IB Secondary Program in 1994. The legacy of the school is a testament to its commitment to innovative education, leaving an indelible mark on the development of the IB curriculum and playing a foundational role in establishing the Continuing Secondary Program. continues to impact students globally.

    Hotline: +255272755004
    Address: Lema Rd, Tanzania
    Tuition: $7 900 - $19 750

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    Morogoro International School (MIS)

    Morogoro International School (MIS) is steadfast in its commitment to a clearly defined mission, vision and set of values. This serves as the guiding principle for the school's educational efforts. The school's mission is simple and powerful: to equip young learners with the skills and knowledge they need to inspire confidence, foster pride in their achievements, and equip them to make meaningful contributions to the global community. MIS aims to achieve international excellence in a dynamic educational environment located in the heart of Tanzania.

    This school follows the British Curriculum; MIS directs students towards internationally recognized exams, including IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and AS (Advanced Subsidiary) levels or Level A (Advanced). The teaching team at MIS is primarily comprised of UK-trained educators or individuals with extensive experience in delivering the Cambridge International Programme, ensuring high educational standards.

    A key achievement in 2016 marked MIS's full registration as a Cambridge Primary School, allowing the school to run CIE primary checkpoint exams. This development is instrumental in providing a transparent measure of children's performance compared to their global peers.

    has sent a warm invitation to parents to visit the school, recognizing the importance of deciding on the right school for their children. This visit allows for a first-hand exploration of the school's facilities, providing the opportunity to interact with both students and dedicated staff. The core of the campus is a comprehensive infrastructure, including 23 classrooms, a multi-function hall and a library designed to serve students from preschool through high school.

    Navigating the educational landscape can be a complex task, yet MIS strives to simplify the process by emphasizing its commitment to empowering students and cultivating a global perspective. The school's dedication to international excellence is not only evident in its curriculum but also in the dynamic educational atmosphere it fosters in the Tanzanian context.

    Hotline: +255715794864
    Address: 6M39+82C, Morogoro, Tanzania
    Tuition:$3350 - $564

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    Black Rhino Academy International School

    Black Rhino Academy believes that education goes beyond conventional subjects like reading, math, and science. It aims to provide more than just memorization of facts; Instead, it tries to impart critical thinking skills to children, preparing them for the ever-changing nature of the world. The Academy is committed to equipping children with the essential tools to succeed, not only in the classroom but in many different aspects of life.

    At the core of Black Rhino Academy's philosophy is the firm belief that Tanzania's future is closely tied to education and the empowerment of its youth. This vision goes beyond the limits of academic excellence, placing significant emphasis on nurturing creative, innovative and visionary leaders capable of making a positive impact on the environment around them.

    Education, within this framework, is seen as a comprehensive process that trains individuals to be able to think independently and contribute meaningfully to society. Pay special attention to cultivating critical thinking skills, recognizing their paramount importance in navigating the complexities of the future.

    The academy's goal is to nurture a generation that transcends conventional norms, promoting creativity and innovation as foundational attributes. These qualities are not only lofty ideals but also practical skills that are considered indispensable for the comprehensive development of each child.

    Black Rhino Academy
    remains steadfast in its mission of preparing children for a future marked by challenges and opportunities. The central tenet is to instill a mindset that not only accepts challenges but also actively seeks innovative solutions.

    As an educational institution, the academy strives to shape a new generation of leaders unencumbered by the limitations of the past, ready to envision and create a brighter and more promising tomorrow. The focus goes beyond education to empower young minds, encouraging them to become architects of positive change in their world.

    Hotline: +255768448187
    Address: MMF2+CRJ, Karatu, Tanzania

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    Feza School

    Feza School's educational excellence is dedicated to laying a solid foundation through the NECTA and Cambridge curriculum. The faculty is committed to inspiring students to think creatively, fostering an environment that encourages discovery and active participation in research.

    Recognizing the importance of a nurturing and caring learning environment, Feza ensures that students, when spending significant time with teachers and friends, feel a sense of belonging and happiness. Empowered and trained, educators create a homely atmosphere, providing care and support to enhance the overall learning experience.

    To keep up with the ever-evolving science and technology landscape, Feza School remains steadfast in its commitment to educational innovation. Dedication to integrating cutting-edge technological advancements ensures students have access to modern tools and resources that seamlessly fit their learning needs and equip them for the future. dynamic.

    Feza School's
    mission revolves around providing an outstanding education that nurtures creative minds and cultivates well-mannered citizens. With a focus on instilling a passion for lifelong learning, a strong sense of ethical responsibility, and embracing diversity, the organization strives to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

    At the core of the vision is the goal of raising a new generation equipped with quality education, leadership skills, national pride, innovation, creativity, discipline, character, values and dignity. The organization seeks to educate heroic citizens capable of critical thinking and making a positive impact on their communities. Feza School aims to promote understanding and respect for cultures and diverse people in the student community.

    By promoting responsible behavior, respect, manners and acts of kindness, the aim is to guide students to carry their educational and cultural background with pride. The vision is to empower students as individuals who not only appreciate the importance of education and culture but also make meaningful contributions to society. Feza School envisions a future where students seize opportunities and overcome challenges with confidence, purpose and a deep sense of fulfillment.

    Hotline: +255685396815
    Address: Near Tanganyika Packers, Kawe Dar es Salaam TZ, Dar es Salaam 77965, Tanzania
    Tuition: $1434.26 - $1501.99

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  6. Barbro Johansson Women's High School is an excellent organization committed to comprehensive education, far beyond scholars to nurture around individuals. Called by the valuable educator Barbro Johansson, the school is an honor to her dedication to empowering young brains.

    In addition to a strong academic foundation, schools are significantly focused on extracurricular activities, realizing their key role in the comprehensive development of criminal development. These activities serve as a foundation for students, promoting talents and imbued with essential life skills.

    Sports play an indispensable role in the extracurricular landscape at Barbro Johansson Biology High School. From athletics to team sports such as basketball and football, the school provides a platform for students to develop physical ability, team spirit, discipline and healthy competition. Events and sports competitions often promote physical values and imbued like perseverance and sports.

    The school's commitment to art is obvious in its vibrant cultural programs. Students are encouraged to explore creative instincts through drama, music and dance. These roads not only provide their own expressive but also nurture the art appreciation, and promote cultural abundance in the student community.

    Barbro Johansson Model Women's High School
    is dedicated to developing leadership skills among its students. Different clubs and social clubs serve diverse benefits, including debate societies, scientific clubs and environmental clubs. These platforms provide students with opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving and cooperation decisions.

    Prioritize community service, and instill in students a sense of social responsibility. Community approach programs and volunteer initiatives encourage students to actively contribute to the community welfare, expand their views and nurture empathy and commitment for life to create an impact of the product. pole.

    Understanding that education expands out the textbook, Barbro Johansson Women's High School is aimed at burning individuals who are confident, round, not only proficient in academics but also social and social awareness. Enrich culture. In its nurturing environment, students find encouragement and opportunities to bloom into empowered, capable and compassionate individuals.

    Hotline: +255757063349

    Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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    Dar ES Salaam Baptist High School

    Dar ES Salaam Baptist High School is recognized as one of the best boarding schools in Tanzania, holding an important position in the country's educational context. Founded with a vision to provide quality education based on Christian values, the school has developed to become an important organization in Dar ES Salaam.

    The origin of school originates from the collective efforts of a group of individuals who have advanced thinking in the Baptist community. Located by a commitment to providing comprehensive education, and integrating excellence in learning with moral and mental values, these founders have the foundation for Dar Es Salaam Baptist High School.

    In the first years, the school faced the general challenges of newly established organizations, including limited infrastructure and resources. However, the continuous dedication of the founders of the school and the support of the local community allowed it to overcome these initial obstacles and set a growth path.

    When the school expands, it focuses on creating a nurturing learning environment, emphasizing both intelligence and character development. The curriculum has been carefully built not only to meet the learning standards but also to imbue moral principles and a sense of community responsibility. This approach has the trust of parents seeking an educational organization with a comprehensive approach to study.

    Over time, Dar ES Salaam Baptist High School has turned into an excellent education center. It has adjusted its curriculum to suit global standards, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education to prepare them for the challenges of the modern world.

    The school's dedication to promoting talent beyond the classroom is evident in the emphasis on extracurricular activities. Whether in sports, arts, or leaders, students are encouraged to explore their interests and talents, contributing to their overall development.

    Dar ES Salaam Baptist High School
    is a testament to the power of education that is guided by strong ethical and ethical principles. Its journey from the beginning to its current position reflects a constant commitment in providing quality education that not only conveys knowledge but also shapes responsible and compassionate citizens. Today, the school continues to maintain its founding principles, leaving a long-term impact on the education industry in Dar ES Salaam.

    Hotline: +255718892122
    Address: Magomeni Dar es salaam, 11000, Tanzani

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    FK International School

    FK International School is reserved to provide a rich educational experience beyond textbooks and tests. The school vision focuses on creating a learning environment, where students not only have excellent academics but also develop the skills and views necessary to succeed in a world that is always changing.

    At FK International School, excellence in learning is a top priority. The school provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum to meet global standards. Their goal is to equip students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for higher education and professional efforts in the future.

    The school believes in nurturing individuals. In addition to pursuing learning, FK International School is very focused on extracurricular activities. From sports to art programs and leaders, students have the opportunity to explore their interests, discover their passions, and develop essential life skills.

    Understanding the world beyond the border is very important in today's associated society. FK International School integrates a global perspective into its curriculum. The school looks forward to expanding students' vision, promoting cultural diversity, and deep awareness of global issues.

    Character education is woven into the school's structure. They understand the importance of imbued values such as integrity, responsibility, and empathy. Through community service projects and ethical education initiatives, FK International School is reserved to shape students into responsible and compassionate individuals.

    Grasping innovation is the key to preparing students for the future. FK International School is committed to ahead in educational technology. By integrating advanced tools into teaching methods, they guarantee that students are not only proficient in academics but also those who solve technology knowledge.

    In essence, the approach of FK International School revolves around a comprehensive vision. The school tries to create an educational journey not only to convey knowledge but also to promote critical thinking, creativity, and a sense of responsibility. Their goal is to prepare students to navigate the complexity of the modern world with confidence, recovery, and global views.

    Hotline: +255758011030
    Address: 76X6+RH4, Nyota Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Tuition: $1800 - $690

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    Kwanza Primary School

    Founded in 2000 and officially registered by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Kwanza Primary School has achieved its reputation as a lighthouse of quality education, dedicated to providing experience. Comprehensive for his students. Nestled on the road, right on the Garden Street, this educational institution emphasized on learning excellence while promoting active participation in extracurricular activities.

    The positioning of Kwanza Primary School is very simple. Access Garden Road through a junction between TTCL and Oilcom offices, directly opposite the new science and technology offices on the new Bagamoyo. Proceed to about 1 km from this junction to the field. In addition, Garden Road can be accessed from Old Bagamoyo Road, starting at Butiama shopping center. Clear Road signs of how to connect.

    The vision of Kwanza Primary School originates from a commitment of progressive thinking. The desire to be recognized as the most professional and professional educational institution in Tanzania and East Africa, the school is dedicated to this noble goal. The mission of Kwanza Primary School revolves around building a strong foundation for its students, empowering them with diverse capabilities through specialized learning and training.

    The strategic position of Kwanza Primary School acts as a testament to its commitment in providing a comprehensive education experience, creating a balance between academic level and practical skills. The vision and mission of the school are not limited in rhetorical measures but are reflected in its physical presence, approach and philosophy.

    By applying a comprehensive approach to education, Kwanza Primary School is aimed at equipping their students the necessary tools to navigate their educational journey successfully and develop successfully in—diverse contexts in the traditional classroom environment. With a constant commitment to providing a nurturing and rich environment, Kwanza Primary School stands as high as a symbol of educational excellence in Tanzania.

    Hotline: +255754000144
    Address: Tanzania Commission for Universities, P.O. Box 6562, Rose Garden Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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    Video by Oliver John
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    Green Hill School

    Green Hill School is proud to have a group of highly qualified and dedicated lecturers, making it a prominent figure among Tanzania's boarding schools. The school, in the context of the landscape of Tanzania, emphasizes excellence in the study and the overall development of the students.

    The teaching staff at Green Hill is proficient in academics and has succeeded in creating an ideal learning atmosphere. Strict academic training is equipped with each person having the necessary knowledge and skills and many advanced qualifications in their corresponding fields. This ensures that students receive a leading education from educators with expertise.

    The distinction of Green Hill School is the instructor's dedication to nurturing comprehensive individuals. In addition to scholars, employees actively promote essential life skills, develop characters, and develop a sense of responsibility. This commitment is consistent with the school's vision of producing individuals capable of navigating the complexity of the modern world.

    The instructors at the Green Hill School have risen and created an environment on the support plane. Recognizing the challenges of students living away from home, they ensure that boarding facilities provide a comfortable and family atmosphere. The lecturers take on the role in addition to teaching, mentoring, and guiding, promoting strong community awareness among boarding students.

    Continuous professional development is the foundation of the excellent commitment of Green Hill School. Teachers guide regular training sessions, seminars and contact with creative teaching methods to update the latest educational trends. This commitment is reflected in the classroom, creating an environment where learning is not only a task but a rich and transforming experience.

    The qualifications and dedication of Green Hill's lecturers emphasized the position as one of Tanzania's top boarding schools. The organization's continuous commitment to excellence in learning, developing characters, and inpatient environments is a testament to the collective efforts of a highly qualified and dedicated lecturer. Green Hill School is a lighthouse of quality education, preparing students for both successful learning and a full life beyond the classroom.

    Hotline: +255714202201
    Address: Pugu Kajiungeni Dar es Salaam, 39855, Tanzania
    Tuition: $30,480 - $38,05

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