Top 6 Best Diving Sites in Qatar

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Qatar is more than simply sand! Cool wrecks, magnificent reefs, and some giant pelagics may all be found underwater. You can see dugongs, whale sharks, nurse ... read more...

  1. GMC Reef is in Mesaieed, Sealine, and it's about an hour's drive from Doha. It is a man-made reef that was developed in 2018 with the help of GMC Distributor in Qatar Almannai Corporation, Alghais Diving Center, and the municipality. Many visitors consider this to be one of the Best Diving Sites in Qatar.

    After the closing of the Old Clue Reef due to the GCC blockade, the plan was to develop a dive site suitable for teaching introductory SCUBA diving classes. The marine fauna includes Blue Angel Fish, Sergeant Major, Groupers, Batfish, Barracuda, Spangled Emperor, Towbar Sea Bream, Snappers, tiny Rays, Saddleback, Needlefish Jellyfish, Cuttlefish, and Crab.

    The visibility when you enjoy GMC Reef ranges from 4 to 6 meters on average. Extra reef balls were also deployed the same day, and these were provided by the municipality; they are spread over the site. Many divers now visit the dive site since it is easily accessible by vehicle, is close to the coast, and has a diverse array of marine life to enjoy during your dive. GMC Reef deserves to be the dive site with the biggest attraction in the Best Dive Site in Qatar.

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    In Messaid, Qatar, the Dooba dive site is around 300 meters off the coast and not far from New Club Reef. A lengthy fixed cable on the seabed leads to the wreck, which has been buried to a depth of 20 meters. Although there is little marine life, it is an excellent training dive location. This is one of the Best Diving Sites in Qatar.

    You may try open water diving with Poseidon diving; they were kind and the experience was enjoyable. It offers various courses and credentials, and you may shop around to see if you can find anything cheaper or better before committing. A few of artificial reefs may be found along the water's edge.

    With any luck, they'll be performing boat/ wreck dives out to the Pericles again. The visibility is 4 to 6 meters and the depth is 18 to 20 meters. The marine fauna of Dooba will be similar to that of the GMC site, with the exception that we may occasionally spot large fish such as kingfish and barracudas, as well as turtles. It's a terrific area for wreck divers, and it's also accessible from the coast without requiring a boat journey, making it a convenient option despite the long swim to the site.
  3. New Club Reef is on the same beach as the GMC dive site, although it will be 300 meters distant before you reach the GMC site. The marine creatures for example are Blue Angel Fish, Sergeant Major, Groupers, Batfish, Barracuda, Spangled Emperor, Towbar Sea Bream, Snappers, tiny Rays, Saddleback, Needlefish Jellyfish, Cuttlefish, and Crab are similar to those found in GMC.

    New Club Reef is believed to be deeper than GMC and shallower than Dooba, with most of the artifacts lying between 12 and 16. New Club Reef is a man-made artificial reef that was created by the diving community about 20 to 30 years ago to help improve the marine life in the water and provide a dive spot for divers.

    Bicycles, concrete reef-balls, large tank pipes, and blocks make up the scene. Because it is close to the GMC dive site, you may do your first or second dive at New Club Reef and your third dive at GMC Reef. New Club Reef is only accessible by four-wheel-drive cars and is located 57 kilometers from Doha.

    To detect marine life, enter the water and look closely at the reef balls, blocks, tires, and bicycles. When parking at New Club Reef, be cautious. In the sand, your automobile might quickly become stuck. It is considered as one of the Best Diving Sites in Qatar.
  4. The M.O. Wreck dive area is about a 30-minute boat ride away, with an average depth of 15 meters and decent visibility (10 - 30 m). This dive type is wreck, and you will be able to photograph it. The dive location is of good quality, and the biointerest highlights are intriguing.

    Large submerged vessel split into two halves with several penetration points. Because the wreck may have some dark sections, it is highly advised that you bring a torch with you on the dive.

    There is no information or facts on when, how, or why the vessel M.O. Wreck sank. Arabian Blue Angel Fish, Sergeant Major, Groupers, Batfish, Barracuda, Spangled Emperor, Twobar seabream, Snappers, tiny Rays, Saddleback Grouper, needlefish Jelly fish, clown fish, and Cuttlefish are among the resident species. You could come across huge rays or nurse sharks if you're lucky. Hard and soft corals may be found in a variety of locations.
  5. Pericles cargo wreck is also known as Al-Ed Al Gharbi. This dive site is located 56km from Doha in Al Ed- Al Gharbi sea side and "Almost one hour by speed boat". With max depth is 35 meters (115ft). Visibility is 4-7 meters.

    Pericles Cargo wreck appears with the starboard engine (which is laying on its side), the two propeller shafts, propellers, anchors, copper pipes, and a portion of the vessel's structure are also present. In the stern section of the wreck, some lead ingots are dispersed near the propeller shafts.

    Pike informed the Western Australian Museum of the wreck's location in 1989. The wreck of the Pericles was owned by Frank Lehane at the time, and his widow later donated the ship to the Western Australian Museum. The Pericles had two propellers and a spare that was fastened to the deck. At least three propeller blades weighing a total of two tons were rescued and sold to a Fremantle scrap metal trader.
  6. Messaid, Qatar's Old Club Reef is a saltwater diving destination that is accessible from the beach. Six scuba divers have given this dive location a 2.67 out of 5 rating. 51-60ft/16-18m is the maximum depth. Near the end of the road between the Q-Chem perimeter fence and the Sealine Beach Resort lies the popular diving spot Old Club Reef in Messaid.

    An artificial reef constructed up of many cars, school buses, a pickup truck, and several small boats, as well as various stacks of pipes and water tanks, is a popular diving location among locals. This shallow shore diving spot offers an easy entry and depths of 14-16 meters.

    Blue angel fish (who have a strong preference for bananas!) and other tiny native fish are frequently sighted. Barracuda will occasionally arrive to offer some excitement. Old Club Reef is located just after the Q Chem factory and before the Sealine Hotel. There is an intersection between Q Chem and Sealine Hotel; if coming from Doha, turn left.

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