Top 4 Best Diving Sites in Wallis and Futuna (France)

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On the islands, diving is available, with many of the dive sites being seldom if ever visited. The majority of the diving sites are yet nameless. Although ... read more...

  1. The Lalolalo crater lake is an ideal place for saltwater diving. The Earth's crust has an almost perfect spherical hole in it. It was produced as a result of the volcanic activity that gave rise to these islands. The cliffs around the lake are approximately 30 meters high, while the waters below are approximately 80 meters deep.

    This activity combines diving and mountaineering. The island of Uvea, located northeast of Futuna, spreads across 77.6 km2 (30 miles2) and is topped by Mount Lulu (151 meters or 495 feet above sea level). The southwest of the island is home to five crater lakes formed by the collapse of old volcano mouths.

    Lalolalo crater lake is the biggest (400 meters or 1312 feet in diameter, and 80 meters or 262 feet deep). The surrounding forest is home to tropical birds and flying foxes, while the lake is home to eels. You depart from Ahoa, a little settlement on the western coast, to reach there. Before reaching the deep forest, you walk through overgrown farms full with bananas, coconuts, and papayas. Many visitors consider this to be one of the Best Diving Sites in Wallis and Futuna (France).

  2. Nukuhione is a Wallis and Futuna islet. It's off the east shore of Wallis Island's Mata-Utu. Beaches of Nukuhione and Nukuhifala are two lagoon islets where diving is available in Wallis and Futuna. Although there are few huge predators to be seen, the coral reefs are stunning and well worth the journey!

    Not to mention the lovely Beaches of Nukuhione and Nukuhifala, which are excellent for lounging and doing nothing. Uninhabited Alofi Island, 1.2 miles south of Futuna, has one of the nicest beaches in Wallis and Futuna. Put on your water shoes and hit the dunes. This beautiful beach is a favorite swimming spot for locals and visitors alike.

    Beaches with coral reefs may be found on the islets of Nukuhifala and Nukuhione, making them suitable for scuba divers and skilled snorkelers. To safeguard the lovely sea life, make sure you apply marine-friendly sunscreen. Kayaking, canoeing, sportfishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, and other traditional water sports are all feasible and popular among both locals and tourists. This site is one of the Best Diving Sites in Wallis and Futuna (France).
  3. Alofi Island is a remote island in the Pacific Ocean that is part of the French overseas territory of Wallis and Futuna. A 1.7-kilometer canal separates the 3,500-hectare island from the bigger neighboring island of Futuna. On the secluded island of Alofi in the French territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands, you may enjoy snorkeling the beautiful reefs.

    The water is warm, and life thrives beneath the waves of Alofi Island. With drop-offs, canyons, and caverns, the underwater landscape is diverse. The reef, which is mostly hard coral, lowers to roughly 40 meters, where it levels off for a short distance before disappearing into the abyss. There are various dive locations, some of which are fairly difficult.

    Enter a hole five meters below ground level and descend vertically down the 'chimney,' arriving at "the fireplace" at twenty-seven meters. The bubbles from the divers below flow past you as you descend, giving you the sensation of being in space. When you look up, you may see the silhouettes of the following divers. You're in an arch at the bottom, looking out into the deep blue seas. It is one of the Best Diving Sites in Wallis and Futuna (France).
  4. The reef of the Lepers islet, located in the southern part of Wallis, is ideal for all types of diving. It's a great place for night dives since it's safe, and you can see lovely soft corals and unique encounters like bump parrots, manta rays, and eagle rays. Many visitors consider this to be one of the Best Diving Sites in Wallis and Futuna (France).

    But The reef of the Lepers islet's particularly the location of the whalers' anchors, which are set on a 40-meter-deep bedrock. They are majestic and stunning, and they transport us back in time... Here, scuba diving types are relatively developed. You can go with friends or family members to explore this extremely interesting water sport. The cost for a trip to rent diving equipment is quite cheap, only about US$4 per person.

    The locals here are very warm and hospitable. When diving, you will be overwhelmed by the very rich vegetation here. They have a pristine beauty because this island area is usually not too crowded. The beautiful coral reefs shimmering in the clear blue sea will surely attract all visitors.

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