Top 8 Best International Schools in Saudi Arabia

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International schools in Saudi Arabia often uphold very high standards of education to offer quality academic programs and diverse learning experiences. Many ... read more...

  1. Established in 1999, AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah is a part of the SABIS global education network. As one of the best international schools in Saudi Arabia, the school aims to provide students with a top-tier education that serves as a stepping stone toward future success in higher education and beyond.

    At AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah, the essence of SABIS education revolves around academic excellence. Students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 benefit from a comprehensive, high-quality education within a diverse and dynamic international community. This commitment is fostered within an inclusive and collaborative environment that empowers students to excel in a world marked by constant change, requiring a diverse set of skills rooted in academic proficiency.

    For parents interested in enrollment, there are two options available: an online application process (accessible through the completion of an Application Form) or an in-person procedure (by obtaining the application pack from the school's reception desk).

    To facilitate the registration approval mandated by the Saudi Ministry of Education (MoE), parents are requested to complete their child's admission folder. The required documents, as specified by the MoE, need to be submitted either through the attachment of soft copies in the online application form or physically provided to the school.

    The admission results are decided following a thorough evaluation of candidates. Factors such as motivation, previous academic records, diagnostic testing results, work ethics, emotional and social development, and the school's capacity to meet the candidate's needs are considered on an individual basis to ensure a suitable educational fit for each student.

    Founded: 1999

    Enrollment: 3640

    Address: Prince Turki Bin, Abdullah Al Saud, Street 11537, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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  2. Top 2

    Advanced Learning Schools

    The Advanced Learning Schools (ALS) are private international day schools that provide an English language-based education.

    ALS offers an accredited IB continuum program catering to both boys and girls, which spans from Kindergarten to grade 12 (provided the students meet the admission criteria). The three IB programs across various grade levels include: the Primary Years Programme (PYP) from KG1 to Grade 5, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for Grade 6 to Grade 10, and the Diploma Programme (DP) designed for Grades 11 and 12. Notably, twenty percent of the curriculum encompasses Arabic studies, including Arabic Social Sudies, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies.

    The school year at ALS aligns with MOE guidelines and comprises three terms. School hours run from 7:10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

    At ALS, the main focus is to foster an international environment that appreciates the culture, language, and heritage of the host nation. This approach ensures that while local students continue their integration and development within Saudi society, students from diverse cultural backgrounds gain firsthand exposure to their own culture. By embracing diversity, ALS facilitates an environment where all students benefit from a wealth of experiences, exposing them to a variety of cultures, new perspectives, and a multitude of differences around the world.

    Founded: 2005

    Enrollment: 850

    Address: PJH3+M39, Jabal Al Karmil, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12395, Saudi Arabia

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  3. Also lauded as one of the best international schools in Saudia Arabia, the American International School-Riyadh (AIS-R) stands as an independent, nonprofit, coeducational institution fostering an enriched American curriculum. The school emphasizes global citizenship across its student body from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12.

    Since its inception in 1963, AIS-R has marked 61 years of educational excellence. Accredited by the Colleges & the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools, AIS-R holds authorization to provide the esteemed International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. It further boasts International Certification from the Council of International Schools, enriching intercultural skills among global citizens.

    AIS-R's curriculum is inclusive and well-designed to nurture holistic child development. Aligned with the school's mission and core values, the curriculum evolves and adapts to cater to student needs, rooted in internationally recognized standards such as the Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core for English Language Arts, and American Education Reaches Out Social Studies Standards.

    Core academic areas cover English, math, science, and social studies across all grades. Furthermore, extra subject offerings like physical education and Arabic language and culture are available to Grades K-10. Enrichment and elective options also extend to design thinking, robotics and coding, performing and visual arts (music, dance, drama, orchestra, and studio art), service learning, and world languages (French and Spanish).

    Founded: 1963

    Enrollment: 1500

    Address: Prince Saud Ibn Abdullah Ibn Jalawi, Al Aarid, Riyadh 13332, Saudi Arabia

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  4. The British International School Riyadh (BISR) is a highly esteemed, not-for-profit co-educational institution, proudly recognized as Saudi Arabia's top school for the second consecutive year.

    Established in 1979, BISR has been providing exceptional education to expatriate communities in the Middle East. Accommodating students aged 3-18, the Al Hamra campus hosts 1700 students, while the smaller Salwa campus serves 150 primary students aged 3 to 11. In 2020, the Taif and Tabuk Primary Schools, home to 30 and 60 students, respectively, became part of the BISR family. Later on, the Diplomatic Quarter campus expanded to include senior and Sixth form classes in August 2022.

    One significant development for BISR involves the forthcoming Al Waha campus, set to accommodate 2000 students, housing the current Al Hamra student body. After 25 years, the Al Hamra campus will undergo renovation to meet the standards of the new campuses and reopen as a primary school in September 2024. Moreover, a new BAE school - Al Saqr, is slated to open in the Al Majma'ah region.

    With approximately 50% of students holding British passports and representing over 90 nationalities, BISR is recognized by the Council of International Schools (CIS) as a prestigious British School Overseas (BSO). Membership in prominent educational associations such as the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO), British Schools of the Middle East (BSME), Council of British International Schools (COBIS), and Heads Conference (HMC) solidifies BISR's commitment to delivering quality education.

    The curriculum at BISR follows the English framework, enriched by local and international contexts. The school emphasizes holistic learning to offer a comprehensive co-curricular program encompassing extracurricular activities, student leadership, house events, service learning, and residential trips. It also places a strong emphasis on pastoral care, encouraging a supportive environment to uphold student well-being.

    Founded: 1979

    Enrollment: 1800


    Al Hamra campus: 2786 Ibrahim Mubarak Said Ad Dusari، 7693, Riyadh 13241, Saudi Arabia

    Salwa campus: 3586 Alradaef St, Al Safarat, Riyadh 12512, Saudi Arabia

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  5. Top 5

    Dome International Schools

    Dome International Schools, founded in 2016, comprises two distinct institutions: one offering the US curriculum leading to an accredited US High School Diploma, while the other follows an internationalized adaptation of the English National Curriculum culminating in A Levels. English serves as the primary medium of instruction across both schools.

    The overarching goal of Dome International Schools is to augment conventional educational services by integrating advanced technologies. This ensures an unparalleled educational experience and optimal learning outcomes for their students.

    Since its inception, Dome International Schools has seen substantial growth, originally opening with 600 learners and now catering to approximately 1,870 students. The student body predominantly consists of Saudi citizens, yet the school also boasts a diverse community representing 26 nationalities, encompassing Britons, Americans, Britons, Chinese, Arabs, Australians, South Americans, Australians, Africans, Canadians, and others. Families associated with non-governmental and diplomatic sectors, alongside local and international businesses, form the majority of the learners' backgrounds.

    Students at Dome International Schools are supported by a faculty comprising 204 educators from 13 nationalities, primarily consisting of native English speakers. The non-teaching staff, hailing from 12 nationalities, stands at 100. Kindergarten classes also benefit from a dedicated teaching assistant. The average class size is 20 students, with a maximum cap of 24 students per class.

    As an educational institution, Dome holds a distinguished position as the largest British Council partner in the Riyadh Region and serves as the largest US College Board SAT Testing Center. Recently, it has also forged a partnership with IELTS through the British Council, offering exclusive IELTS preparation and examination services. Moreover, the school's High School Diploma holds accreditation from COGNIA, one of the prominent accreditation boards for schools and colleges in the United States.

    Founded: 2016

    Enrollment: 1870

    Address: Al Malqa, Riyadh 13524, Saudi Arabia

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  6. Top 6

    King Faisal School

    The King Faisal School was founded by the King Faisal Foundation (KFF), an international philanthropic entity dedicated to preserving and upholding the legacy of King Faisal. KFF emulates King Faisal's vision of progress harmonized with tradition, extending its global reach to empower future generations. Backed by a diverse investment portfolio, the school maintains financial independence to innovate and cultivate programs aligned with its mission.

    Over the years until 2020, KFF and King Faisal School have committed more than 2.4 billion Saudi Riyals toward their core educational programs. The foundation's inaugural project, completed in 1979, marked the commencement of a journey punctuated by numerous accomplishments that significantly impacted the advancement of communities worldwide.

    Furthermore, by 2015, KFF had also invested over 1.9 billion Saudi Riyals in supporting its charitable endeavors and educational sponsorships. Plus, in April 2014, a significant partnership unfolded between the King Faisal School and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB), aimed at introducing comprehensive IB educational programs within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Spearheaded by the generous support of KFF, this educational endeavor strategically envisions the future trajectory of the kingdom while honoring its rich heritage and present context.

    Founded: 1976

    Enrollment: 2100

    Address: DQ, Al Idrisi، Alkhawabi Street, Riyadh 11614, Saudi Arabia

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  7. Top 7

    Reigate Grammar School Riyadh

    Reigate Grammar School Riyadh (RGSR), a premier private institution within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is widely recognized as the sole K-12 school operating under the esteemed Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) International Schools Programme.

    Officially open to the public since 1675, RGSR represents the pioneering school in a chain of educational establishments established through a partnership between Reigate Grammar School UK (RGS-UK) and ADECO (note: ADECO is the education arm of Ethra Holdings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The school prides itself on offering a high-quality, inclusive British curriculum, drawing upon the expertise of RGS-UK while tailoring it to meet the diverse needs of its students. Notably, RGSR also maintains strong links with RGS-UK, sharing a unified ethos regarding teaching methodologies and student-centric welfare frameworks.

    Strategically situated in the eastern region of Riyadh, RGSR presently caters to approximately 1,000 students ranging in age from 3 to 18 years. The school embraces a diverse community and extends its services to both international and local students, boasting a multicultural environment represented by over 50 nationalities.

    Founded: 1675

    Enrollment: 1000

    Address: 2641 Abdulrahman Ibn Tahir, Ghirnatah, 7863, Riyadh 13242, Saudi Arabia

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  8. Top 8

    Saud International School

    Founded in 1998, Saud International School is a British Curriculum School that emphasizes the significance of individuality within an environment tailored to nurture the talents and requirements of young learners. Bolstered by strategic partnerships, visionary leadership, and a proficient faculty, the school has evolved into one of KSA's prominent educational institutions. So far, it offers four programs for students of different ages: Preschool Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

    Regarding Preschool, the comprehensive program caters to KG students aged 3 and above, encompassing KG, Reception 1, and Reception 2. This immersive experience in both English and Arabic language proficiency aims to cultivate a vibrant learning environment that nurtures their physical, spiritual, and social growth. This curriculum aims to shape students' characters while promoting respect, independence, self-awareness, and understanding of diverse viewpoints.

    Meanwhile, Elementary students from Grades 1 to 3 are taught by female teachers under the Girls’ school administration. From Grade 4 onwards, the students are segregated by gender. The elementary program establishes a strong foundation in English, Science, and Math so that students can choose to undertake the Cambridge Checkpoint exam by the end of the program.

    On the other hand, the Middle school curriculum at Saud International School encourages students to bridge the gap between theoretical learning, critical thinking, and real-world applications. And once reaching High school, students at the institution are provided individualized support through dedicated Student Counselors to solidify their high school plans. The high school program encompasses both IGCSE and A levels to offer students a more flexible academic pathway.

    Founded: 1998

    Enrollment: 844

    Address: Hamdan Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12241, Saudi Arabia

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