Top 7 Best Korean Homeware Brands

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Korea boasts a vibrant and diverse homeware industry, with numerous brands offering unique and stylish products to elevate living spaces. Let's discover some ... read more...

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    Deco View (데코뷰)

    Deco View has undoubtedly earned its reputation as one of the best Korean brands when it comes to home products. What truly captivates customers about Deco View is its adorable, boho style, which seems to resonate with a wide audience.

    Focused on decorative items rather than furniture, Deco View offers a delightful array of choices to elevate any living space. From exquisite curtains and luxurious bedding to mesmerizing candles, captivating wall art, cozy pillows, and stylish kitchenware, their selection is both diverse and enchanting. The attention to detail and unique designs add a special touch to every piece.

    Their prices are quite reasonable, making it accessible to a broader audience. They also prioritize using high-quality materials, such as silk, which ensures an added element of luxury and elegance to their products.

    Another aspect that sets Deco View apart is their frequent sales, allowing customers to acquire truly gorgeous items at the affordable prices. This combination of affordability and high-end aesthetics is undoubtedly part of Deco View's allure and success.

    In conclusion, Deco View has established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking a distinctive, chic, and affordable style to enhance their homes in Korea. With its wide array of decorative items and commitment to impeccable design, Deco View continues to win the hearts of home decor enthusiasts, turning their living spaces into captivating and personalized sanctuaries.

    Founded: 2006

    Headquarters: 133 Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea



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    Room&Home (룸앤홈)

    Room&Home is a popular Korean brand that excels in curating a wide range of interior items, spanning from Nordic-style furniture to exquisite bedding, kitchenware, and kids' room products, all crafted with an emphasis on emotional interior design.\

    Embracing the essence of stylish and functional living, Room&Home also offers an array of small household items, storage solutions, and accessories, ensuring every aspect of home decor is carefully considered.

    Their collection of top-rated products, including the elegant Deco stand hanger, the practical Daily Drawer, the versatile Mono round folding table, and the striking Morris wall mirror, reflect their commitment to providing sophisticated and functional pieces that elevate any living space.

    takes pride in incorporating raw wood into their furniture and homewares, infusing nature's warmth and beauty into their designs. Recently, the brand has taken a step towards eco-consciousness with the introduction of the Home Wedding Furniture Gallery, a collection of eco-friendly furniture, thoughtfully crafted from sustainable wood sources.

    With Room&Home, creating an inviting and harmonious home becomes a joyful journey, as their well-designed products cater to various needs and preferences. Creating a cozy corner or transforming an entire space is not challenging with Room&Home as it offers an extensive selection of interior items that inspire and enhance the beauty of any home.

    Founded: 1992
    Headquarters: Seoul, Korea

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    Modern House

    Modern House, established in 1996, holds the distinction of being Korea's first home decor company. Born as an in-house business of the renowned retail-focused Eland Group, Modern House swiftly ascended to the top, securing an impressive market share exceeding 50 percent, outshining competitors like Shinsegae Group's JAJU and MUJI.

    With a keen eye for trendy European lifestyle products, the brand continuously introduces fresh concepts and designs each season, catering to customers who seek stylish and sensory-rich interiors.

    Initially specializing in fabric-based home decor items like curtains and bed linen, Modern House has since expanded its product range to include an impressive array of 10,000 items, spanning from kitchen and furniture accessories to pet supplies. Today, it offers huge range of items, from furniture for each kind of room, kitchenware, bedding, storage, to kid's home accessories.

    Easily accessible through both offline stores and online shopping platforms throughout the country, Modern House offers a comprehensive selection that seamlessly coordinates kitchen essentials, bedding, furniture, and decorative pieces. In recent years, the brand has further expanded its presence by establishing new stores in major department stores.

    With their vast and versatile selection, Modern House proves itself as a top Korean homeware brand that understands and fulfills the diverse needs of modern homeowners.

    Founded: 1996
    Headquarters: Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

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    Jackson Chameleon

    Jackson Chameleon, a contemporary furniture brand established in 2014, is dedicated to providing furniture pieces that align with modern lifestyles and interior designs. Their mission is to introduce greater diversity in design and superior quality to the furniture market.

    Just like the reptile it's named after, Jackson Chameleon's products blend seamlessly with any surroundings, adapting to various styles and environments. The company's commitment to creating furniture that is both versatile and distinct reflects the unique qualities of the chameleon.

    With a focus on a room's purpose and functionality, Jackson Chameleon offers furnishing solutions that cater to individual needs. Their modular sofa, for instance, allows users to arrange each seat, backrest, and armrest as independent modules or combine them to form a three-seater sofa. Each furniture collection boasts its own unique concept, catering to different design preferences and even accommodating pet owners.

    Beyond their extensive furniture range, Jackson Chameleon also presents a selection of modern home accessories, including cushions, rugs, and decor items.

    Their products have already gained recognition for their exceptional blend of uniqueness and comfort, appealing to customers not only in Korea but also internationally. Today, Jackson Chameleon has earned a reputation as one of the best Korean homeware brands.

    Founded: 2014

    Founder: Hwang Doo-hyun, Song Jae-young, Chung Bong-yun

    Headquarters: Gunnae-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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    Comma C

    Discover the ultimate comfort and relaxation with Comma C, a renowned Korean homeware brand specializing in luxurious bedding products. At Comma C, the core focus is on the value of rest, crafting products to enhance the most comfortable living experience.

    With an unwavering commitment to quality and simplicity, Comma C designs bedding items that seamlessly blend into any home environment, promoting a sense of tranquility and healing. As a comprehensive home life brand, they offer an extensive range of essential bedding essentials, including pillows, cushions, duvets, and mattress pads, all made from premium materials such as silky cotton and premium linen.

    In addition to their bedding collection, Comma C also provides a variety of other homeware products like rugs, carpets, and kitchen cloths, all designed to elevate and beautify your living space. The brand's wide range of products is available in an array of bright and subtle colors, allowing you to effortlessly elevate the ambiance of your home.

    Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Comma C, so they provide fabric swatches and samples in their showroom so that consumers may contrast materials and colors before making a decision. Customers can also modify their bedding with their personalised bedding service, which guarantees a genuinely tailored and relaxing experience. With Comma C's excellent homeware selections, embrace the art of relaxation and establish a tranquil haven in your house.

    Founded: 2013
    Headquarters: Daehak 4-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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    APAIRB (어페어비)

    APAIRB is a lifestyle design brand with a name derived from "A PAIR," representing the collaboration of CEOs Eunjung Gye and Jiseon Lee, and "B" signifying Brand and Begin, symbolizing the start of their brand journey.

    Since its founding in 2019, APAIRB has been dedicated to designing the lifestyle of modern individuals by creating a diverse range of products, from fashion and miscellaneous goods to kitchen, bedroom, and office supplies. Embracing a versatile approach, each collection showcases unique concepts without strict boundaries, offering a pleasant and distinctive everyday experience.

    Fusing the sensibilities of its founders, APAIRB crafts products that feature comfortable silhouettes and innovative materials, providing enhanced aesthetics and functionality. Their lineup includes a variety of interior products that elevate the lifestyles of contemporary people, showcasing creativity and uniqueness in every piece.

    Notably, the Pebble Mirror has gained immense popularity, especially after being featured alongside model Jang Yun-joo in Vogue. Inspired by the supple curves of pebbles, this mirror boasts a design that incorporates various spatial shapes, making it an appealing interior decor element.

    APAIRB continues to make its mark by introducing products that are both familiar and distinctive, enriching the lives of customers and bringing their unique vision to the forefront of modern living. Despite being new to the market, APAIRB has quickly carved out a significant position in the domestic scene, becoming a beloved homeware brand among young Koreans.

    Founded: 2019

    Headquarters: Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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    LINU is a prominent Korean-based brand that has made a mark in the world of home decor and household goods. Established with a vision to provide the utmost comfort and style to its customers, LINU specializes in crafting premium-quality pillows, body pillows, and fabric home decor that exude elegance and sophistication.

    With a strong commitment to creating products that promote relaxation and well-being, LINU pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each item is crafted with the finest materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Their extensive range of pillows caters to diverse preferences, offering varying levels of support to suit individual needs for a restful sleep experience.

    In addition to their exceptional pillows, LINU's fabric home decor collection is a true testament to their design prowess. From stunning cushion covers to stylish throws and curtains, every piece is thoughtfully designed to elevate any living space with a touch of luxury and modern aesthetics.

    's dedication to quality is evident in their use of premium fabrics and eco-friendly materials, reflecting their commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. Whether you seek a cozy and comfortable retreat or desire to adorn your home with chic and tasteful accents, LINU offers a wide array of choices to create your dream living space. Embracing a perfect blend of functionality and sophistication, LINU continues to be a sought-after brand for those seeking exceptional homeware products in Korea and beyond.

    Founded: 2020
    Headquarters: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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