Top 11 Best Music Anime of All time

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Music has always been a crucial component of every program, including classic sitcoms and Hollywood motion pictures, and this is also true of anime. As a ... read more...

  1. Top 1

    Your Lie in April

    From the music to the images, colors, and characters, all can be summed up in one perfect word. Different from the beautiful but sad rainy scene in The Garden Of Words, the scene in Your Lie In April is sparkling, warm and full of color.

    Interesting similes and quotations, as well as beautiful yet meaningful sentences, abound throughout Your Lie in April. The way the characters are developed also helps the movie succeed. The character picture is constructed in a novel manner and deviates from common preconceptions. Each character's feelings, opinions, and personalities were well conveyed through voice acting. The inner monologues of the characters are tender, wise, and real.

    Music is the main theme of the Your Lie in April. Music appears with its inherent beauty, entering the lives of the characters and changing them. Music is formed thanks to notes and music. But music is not tied to songs, as many people think. The opening and ending songs, as well as the piano and violin melodies in the anime, are all very good, brilliant, and overwhelming. Each note and each melody resonate, carrying many emotions and thoughts about the character. The music seemed to fill their whole soul.

    Directed by: Kyohei Ishiguro

    Aired: Oct 10, 2014 to Mar 20, 2015

    Duration: 22 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 69

    Photo by Hector Romero from Flickr
    Photo by Hector Romero from Flickr
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    Hibike! Euphonium 2

    Hibike! An anime series called Euphonium was created based on a Japanese novel by author Ayano Takeda. The movie was made by Kyoto Animation, which is renowned for having received several nominations for best humanities film. The film Hibike! Euphonium is excellent music for all people.

    The characters at this symphonic club serve as the center of the movie. After the club disbanded, a new mentor made an effort to get it going again. The club eventually thrived under the rigor and tenacity of the new adviser, and its members improved and grew more industrious. Hibike! Euphonium is not just an anime about music, but it is a movie about hardships, ambitions, disappointments, friendship and life.

    Regarding the movie's visuals, they are vibrant and amazing. The audio and visual elements of this anime work together harmoniously. Regarding the sound, it is light in every scene, conveys a lot of wonderful feelings, and has a wonderfully alluring theme. Kyoto Animation performed a terrific job with the animation's fluidity while the characters played musical instruments. The movie does a great job of portraying the characters. Each character's struggles are depicted truthfully. And last, you shouldn't miss this excellent musical animation because of all its elements, and it is true that to call it the best music anime of all time.

    Directed by: Tatsuya Ishihara; ‎Naoko Yamada

    Aired: Oct 6, 2016 to Dec 29, 2016

    Duration: 23 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 235

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    Kids on the Slope

    A music anime called Kids on the Slope takes place in Japan in the 1960s, when things with the US were still a little shaky. Three high school teenagers are the focus as they develop in both love and life. Kids on the Slope, like other coming-of-age tales, explore the passage from adolescence to adulthood via common challenges that, to the young mind, are insurmountable.

    Sentaro needs to take on more responsibilities, Kaoru needs to quit acting like such a spoiled brat, and Ritsuko will eventually understand that a crush doesn't define who you are. Jazz compositions by John Coltrane or Bill Evans are subtly woven into the anime's love and friendship scenes as a way to suggest that these bonds are also dynamic and full of surprises, much like jazz's unique improvisational style, which it has used to usurp the structured and orderly nature of classical music. The bitterness that life delivers to the three companions is balanced out by the sweetness of youth in the Kids on the Slope.

    It's a fantastic coming-of-age story with believable main characters, lovely scenery, the ideal resolution, and a piece of stunning jazz music by Japanese composer Yoko Kanno, and it doesn't take too long to become one of the best music anime of all time.

    Directed by: Shinichiro Watanabe

    Aired: Apr 13, 2012 to Jun 29, 2012

    Duration: 22 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 245

    Photo by Philliesfan136 from Flickr
    Photo by Philliesfan136 from Flickr
    Video by Fuji TV Official
  4. In contrast to other musical anime, Beck has effectively created the vibe of a rock movie with a more open aesthetic. Beck got off to a poor start before picking up speed and attractiveness later. Of course, it moves slowly in order to advance the plot's building and development as well as the character's growth. Anime is not overly complex or difficult to grasp; it is straightforward but still interesting enough thanks to the way the plot is developed in a neat and cogent manner.

    Additionally, Beck has created a very authentic narrative about the travels of the Beck band (Mongolian Chop Squad was the moniker the group went by when performing in America). Since its inception, it has struggled to attract members, grown, faced difficulties, and eventually achieved success and notoriety. due to the difficulties in attracting members, poor record sales, being unable to make their debut, and the possibility of breaking apart. Almost every band has probably gone through it at least once.

    This anime has a wonderful soundtrack. English songs with quick, furious, and rock-like tunes include Beck's OP (Opening) and ED (Ending) 1. Moon on the Water, which you hear quite a bit throughout the works, is the tune that makes up ED 2. A song with wonderful lyrics and a tune that is both lyrical and romantic, delicate but profound.

    Directed by: Osamu Kobayashi; Mitsuyuki Masuhara (assistant)

    Aired: Oct 7, 2004 to Mar 31, 2005

    Duration: 25 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 261

    Photo by AnimeSub from Flickr
    Photo by AnimeSub from Flickr
    Video by Rachel Mae
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    Detroit Metal City

    By adopting one of the most reviled musical subgenres and defanging it through its absurd representation, Detroit Metal City parodies the music itself. The lyrics depict deeds that would make a puritanical person squirm uncomfortably, and the music is dripping with obscenity. However, the series' use of exaggeration makes the parody clear and amusing by highlighting the degree to which death metal is a false, harmless genre that seeks to capitalize via pure shock value.

    To get an indication of how far this series goes in its parody of death metal, pay attention to DMC's delightfully outrageous lyrics (one of the songs is about killing and raping one's own parents) and song titles, like the humorously named "Death Penis". The tension between the Negishi-Krauser identities is a key component of Detroit Metal City's comedy, which makes it even more crucial to properly study the lyrics. Negishi's attempts to create contemporary, campy pop music fail miserably throughout the series, a failure that wouldn't be all that funny if his music hadn't served as the inspiration for so many of DMC's songs.

    A cursory comparison of the two sets of lyrics reveals that DMC's amusingly filthy lyrics are inspired by Negishi's original works. The series deftly juxtaposes Negishi's words with DMC's. As a result, watching how his original lyrics are changed to fit DMC's vernacular makes for a lot of laughter, especially given how horrified Negishi is by the sentiments in DMC's song.

    Directed by: Hiroshi Nagahama
    Aired: Aug 8, 2008 to Oct 28, 2008
    Duration: 14 min/ ep
    MAL rank: 467

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    Nodame Cantabile

    Nodame Cantabile ought to be regarded as a contemporary classic, with the original digital copies and illustrated frames being preserved in a museum or archive facility. You must see this show if you love music and are aware of how music affects a person's entire life. Nodame Cantabile is appealing due to its flawless synthesis of plot, characters, music, and setting. orchestral pieces that are carefully chosen and appear at the correct time. This is the reason why people call Nodame Cantabile the best music anime of all time.

    Although Megumi Noda (pianist) and Shinichi Chiaki (conductor) are the main protagonists, there are many other people who also have musical ambitions. Megumi and Shinichi, two college students, travel overseas to enhance their musical abilities and make connections with influential people in the field. The journey was not easy. It demonstrates how the characters will be impacted differently by factors like competitiveness, success, pressure, adulation, love, and even aging. Just as people do, relationships also undergo change.

    Nodame Cantabile spans three seasons and one original video animation, so there is plenty of opportunity for characters to develop and follow diverse routes. The musical Nodame Cantabile honors both the passion of classical music and the affection shared among musicians. It is a deep, endearing, and inspirational tale that will endure.

    Directed by: Chiaki Kon

    Aired: Jan 12, 2007 to Jun 15, 2007

    Duration: 22 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 273

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  7. Top 7


    This humorous anime series, with its cast of quirky characters, could appeal to fans of music and slice-of-life anime. K-On! is a straightforward tale about going through high school and the experiences you have there. Yui Hirasawa has recently begun high school and is looking for a club to join since she wants to try something new. Fortunately, the Light Music Club is searching for a new member to play the guitar and save their club from being closed down at the same time. Together, the girls start their band and start their high school careers when Yui decides to take guitar lessons and join the Light Music Club.

    The OP of K-On! is simple to follow. Every episode should begin with this song because the "no, no, no" is friggin' adorable, the words rhyme and skip fantastically, and the various vocalists work well with the upbeat tempo. The ED is also one of the most famous of tons of people. Along with the already present punk or rock-n-roll vibe, the seven-syllable lyrics and non-singing guitar sections provide an excellent groove. It's just too amazing, especially with the graphics where the cast wears different clothes.

    Furthermore, The show looks fantastic from an animation standpoint, with well-executed character motions, movements, and facial expressions (detailed, minimalist, charming, etc.). The program maintains a reasonable level of quality even while taking images from great distances.

    Directed by: Naoko Yamada

    Aired: Apr 3, 2009 to Jun 26, 2009

    Duration: 24 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 847

    Photo by Wargrey from Flickr
    Photo by Wargrey from Flickr
    Video by Neobrane
  8. A number of spin-offs from the wildly successful series Love Live! have been produced. It is not difficult to understand why this would quickly gain a sizable fan following with its combination of upbeat music and gorgeous girls. The plot centres on a group of female students who band together to establish a school idol group and later participate in a nationwide competition. The stakes are high since their school may soon close because it was unable to accept enough new students.

    The ladies understand that more youngsters will want to apply to attend their school if they can generate enough publicity for themselves via their music, and they may even succeed in keeping their school open. By the end of the first season, everything had been resolved, and the second season was all about preparing for the national tournament.

    The popularity of Love Live! hasn't been based on any really ground-breaking ideas. However, it has based its success on being very good at what it does well. Love Live! is colorful, catchy, and full of endearing characters that everyone can identify with. Its problems almost seem insignificant in comparison to the sheer amount of fun it has. Character conflict occasionally pops up to keep things interesting, but it doesn't drag the program down or push it into a darker area, for better or worse. You will definitely have a wonderful time if you walk into Love Live! expecting one.

    Directed by: Takahiko Kyogoku

    Aired: Apr 6, 2014 to Jun 29, 2014

    Duration: 23 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 1001

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    Video by SasySax94
  9. Top 9

    Forest of Piano

    The piano is the main attraction here, as the title suggests. and specifically classical music. Although the music is excellent in and of itself, Forest of Piano enhances the performances with gorgeous graphics as well. Forest of Piano is a musical adventure that is aesthetically and melodiously enticing, showcasing both the natural talents and technical skills of Shuuhei and Kai. This series' tone is essential since it perfectly represents the elegance of the classical piano.

    As any musician can point out, there must be something or someone to compete against to advance and develop as an artist, friendship and competition are also important aspects of this narrative. As two young sons are dedicated to keeping up with the piano and one another, their natural curiosity and the marvels of the world demonstrate the resilience of the human heart and the need for meaningful connections. In the most inventive and improbable way, music manages to find its way back into their loving arms.

    A distinctive series called Forest of Piano presents a wide range of attitudes and feelings towards numerous scenarios and occurrences in life. When you're unable to express an idea or emotion at the time, music may express your full state of mind without judgment or unfavorable evaluations. This is what makes Forest of Piano so wonderful.

    Directed by: Masayuki Kojima

    Aired: Jul 21, 2007

    Duration: 1h 40m

    MAL rank: 1375

    Photo by Voduytan65 from Flickr
    Photo by Voduytan65 from Flickr
    Video by What's on Netflix
  10. Top 10

    Sound of the Sky

    The movie Sound of the Sky is very nearly a masterpiece. It is set in the town of Seize and depicts residents going about their daily lives while a war between their country, Helvetia, and the Roman Empire looms. The young Kanata Sorami made the decision to join the military as a result of this incident. She aspires to become a master bugler, an instrument used to give commands, march troops, and gather military commanders; her function is not to engage in combat.

    The series has a bittersweet quality to it. And not just from the actors' facial reactions, but also from the music and the way the town is presented. The songs become heavier and more valuable to people in Seize when you see more of the widespread turmoil. The positive spirit of humanity is demonstrated in Sound of the Sky. A gentle reminder to find beauty in the world, even when it appears to be heading towards complete desolation.

    The Sound of the Sky is a fantastic, albeit underappreciated, television series. It straddles the line between light and weighty, fusing the coziness of a slice-of-life program with the sobering price of war and its unavoidable damage to create something unique. The show is about accepting one's past and clinging to hope for a better future despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

    Directed by: Mamoru Kanbe

    Aired: Jan 5, 2010 to Mar 23, 2010

    Duration: 24 min/ ep

    MAL rating: 1639

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    Video by Escualo
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    Show By Rock!!

    The use of music in practically every scene makes program by rock, a program about rocking (and rolling). Although the art and animation are occasionally beautiful to see, they cannot make up for the lackluster character development and problematic plot. The fantastic musical journey of Show by Rock!! It all starts when Cyan chooses to play her favorite rhythm game and finds herself abruptly drawn into it, landing in a place called Midi City, where music rules supreme.

    She discovers that everyone with the talent to create wonderful and potent music also possesses the power to command the city. But not all music is unadulterated. A malicious scheme is in action to completely cover Midi City in darkness. Cyan Hijirikawa has always thought of herself as nothing more than an average young woman living in a mundane society. She is incredibly talented and skilled on the guitar, but she lacks the courage to take the first step toward her goal of joining a band and becoming a music billionaire.

    Show By Rock!! is a funny blend of laugh-out-loud goofiness and simple entertainment. The finest part is definitely getting to see all of the scattered characters from different seasons come together, and the weak Ziipe narrative does manage to succeed in the end in a way that suggests a fifth season. This is the closest to recapturing the magic that made season one so delightful, with engaging music and mostly on-target animation.

    Directed by: Takahiro Ikezoe

    Aired: Apr 5, 2015 to Jun 21, 2015

    Duration: 24 min/ ep

    MAL rank: 3917

    Screenshot of
    Screenshot of
    Video by Aranzen001

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