Top 9 Best Online Private Schools in Texas

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Texas, known for its diverse and dynamic educational landscape, is home to numerous online private schools that provide students with a personalized and ... read more...

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    Pathways Virtual Academy

    Students in grades K–12 nationwide can enroll in courses taught by actual teachers through Pathways Virtual Academy, a private online school. The school offers cutting-edge educational opportunities for scholars with contemporary needs, catering to students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

    The goal of the school is to give students an online education that is academically demanding, focused on the community, and student-centered, enabling them to thrive in a world that is changing quickly.

    Two learning formats are available from Pathways Virtual Academy so you can fit education around your schedule:

    • Asynchronous Learning: Decide to study at your own pace. The online classroom contains the course materials and assignments. You can finish your work at any time of day as long as you meet your deadlines. Instructors are available to assist you. To be considered present for attendance, students need to log in and finish their assignments every day. For the purpose of taking an academic growth assessment, students must be present in person three times a year.
    • Synchronous Learning: Participate in engaging live classes. with teachers on Mondays through Thursdays. Utilize the online classroom to complete the daily lessons and assignments. Concurrently study with fellow students. For their attendance to be recorded, students have to show up in person for each class each day. Although there are no live classes on Fridays, students still need to log in and finish their coursework.

    Students receiving GT, 504, or Special Education services are supported by the school's Special Programs team. Pathways Virtual Academy also offers educators who work with students who receive specialized remedial curriculum for extra academic support tools, training, and support for the Response to Intervention (RTI) process.

    To be accepted, students must complete an online application, upload all necessary files, and maintain good standing with their previous institution. For additional information, visit the admissions page of Pathways Virtual Academy.

    Address: 957 NASA Pkwy 1043 Houston, TX 77058, USA

    Phone: 833 817 2227


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 13:1

    Elementary School Tuition (K-5th Grade): $4,995 per year

    Middle/High School Tuition (6th-12th Grade): $5,535 per year


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    Sycamore Academy

    In response to the demand for accredited home school programs as well as greater support and autonomy in the educational process, Sycamore Academy was established in 1981. Numerous K-12 pupils have completed Sycamore Academy's curriculum and shown their trust in the institution. Therefore, Sycamore Academy is one of the best online private schools in Texas.

    Sycamore Academy's goal is to support parents in teaching their children at home by offering an extended and enhanced educational program through high-quality instruction in a diverse and stimulating learning environment. A solid foundation of fundamental skills is provided by the individualized attention given by Sycamore Academy teachers and parents, laying a solid foundation for future academic success.

    Spiritual guidance and character development are also prioritized. Sycamore Academy thinks that the best educational program is one that combines professional guidance with character development and parental support.

    The teachers collaborate with the students, keeping an eye on their development, answering their queries and concerns, and providing feedback on their assignments. During office hours, students can email their teachers or give them a call to speak with a certified teacher.

    Every enrolled student receives a thorough Test of Basic Skills at no extra cost. Parents receive an email with their child's performance results, and a copy is added to your child's permanent file. Children under the age of eight are not required to take tests; instead, parents may choose to have their children tested.

    Students will receive an Enrollment Packet upon enrollment, which includes forms for daily schedules and curriculum selection, as well as forms for the Quarterly Report and other necessary paperwork and, if requested, a Lesson Plan book.

    The tuition for a year does not have to be paid in full at once; instead, it can be split into ten equal monthly payments. Furthermore, Sycamore Academy charges a family fee as opposed to a fee for each child. For the basic annual tuition, there is no cap on the number of children from the same family who may enroll.

    Founded: 1981

    Address: P.O. Box 565Keene, TX 76059, USA

    Phone: 817 645 0895


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1

    Yearly Student Tuition (K-5): $2,880
    Yearly Student Tuition (6-8): $3,080
    Yearly Student Tuition (9-10): $3,180
    Yearly Student Tuition (11-12): $3,280


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    Video by Sycamore Academy
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    Valor Global Online School

    Valor Global Online's distinctive blend of whole-child learning, global connections, service-based giving, and course offerings sets it apart from other online schools available today. To raise a generation of self-assured, Christ-centered creators, the school's teachers employ a custom curriculum tailored to the VGO culture, and they do so by teaching live classes.

    To guarantee Biblical integration, real-world academics, and significant application, Valor Global Online employs a wide range of curriculum that has been modified and approved. Drawing from an entrepreneurial mindset, the school's academic content positions students as creators rather than consumers. All students benefit from a distinctive and cutting-edge curriculum that is created by combining course content with entrepreneurial strategies.

    The school wants every student to feel heard and seen daily. Every morning, during a brief homeroom period, the student will have a video or live Zoom call with their advocate. An advocate-staffed Focus Group is provided by Valor Global Online to help students finish their assignments.

    Students would spend four to five hours a day, mostly in the morning. The classes selected will determine how much time is spent on coursework. Additionally, students have unrestricted access to live meetings in homeroom with an advocate Monday through Thursday in case they require any extra help or motivation. Students will meet with teachers and tutors as needed.

    Although it is not necessary, students are encouraged to attend live classes to foster better interactions with their teachers and peers. Six classes—English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Bible, and Global Impact—are required of a full-time student, with the option to add an elective.

    Global Impact is a course designed by Valor in which students from VGO work together with peers worldwide. Classes on Global Impact are held once a week. Pupils have the option to watch a recording of the class or participate in real-time attendance.

    Founded: 2018

    Address: PO Box 8209, Round Rock, TX 778683 USA

    Phone: 302 316 4940

    Yearly Tuition: $7,500

    Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:1


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    Emma Lee Broady Academy

    The goal of the Emma Lee Broady Academy home school support program is to provide parents with the freedom to choose how, when, and where to educate their children. The school assists parents in getting their kids ready to go back to a traditional classroom setting or to continue learning online.

    Depending on the goals of the parents, the Broady Academy home school support program can be offered as an accelerated program, a regular program, or a remediation program for students who are having difficulty. The school assists parents in selecting the appropriate program for their child by providing nationally standardized assessments. To give the student credit for prior knowledge acquired, a diagnostic assessment is administered at the start of each course, including math, science, social studies, and English.

    The enrollment process starts when the enrollment application is received. Next, the parent and the enrollment specialist have a conversation about the learner's prior school history, parental goals, and objectives. A special username and password are provided after the parent has selected a course of action and the tuition has been paid. The learner's initial enrollment is for a three-month semester. Following the first semester, the student's enrollment will be month-to-month. The coursework is entirely done online.

    The coursework is entirely done online. The student will access their coursework through the Student Portal. Students have access to their work around the clock, seven days a week, giving parents the most flexibility in deciding when their children are enrolled in online courses.

    To assist them in learning and achieving academic success, each learner is paired with a trained Academic Coach; however, parents have the option to hire a private tutor for their child.

    Address: 5020 Old Seguin Rd, San Antonio, TX 78219, USA

    Phone: 336 380 7339


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1

    Yearly Tuition: $1,840


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    Colegiate Academy

    Colegiate Academy is the next name mentioned in the list of the best online private schools in Texas. It has submitted an accreditation application under Somerset Academy, which holds full COGNIA accreditation. Collegiate Academy offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses as part of its curriculum for grades 6 through 12.

    Colegiate Academy's mission is to offer top-notch virtual learning resources and services to students. Colegiate Academy is dedicated to supporting the growth of conscientious and accountable lifelong learners in the twenty-first century by utilizing interactive, media-rich educational opportunities in adaptable, student-centered virtual learning environments and continuously improving them based on data.

    Students can gain college credit, make a lasting impression on admissions committees, and receive instruction from some of the most accomplished, devoted, and motivating educators by taking Advanced Placement College Board courses and exams. A vast selection of AP courses is available at Colegiate Academy.

    Students will notice differences as soon as they walk into an AP classroom—in how classmates and the teacher approach the material and how they begin to think. Memorizing data and facts is not the main goal of AP classes. Rather than this, students will participate in lively debates, work together to solve problems and develop their persuasive and clear writing skills.

    For more detailed information on registration and tuition fees, please get in touch with the following phone number: 210 541 0051

    Founded: 1997
    Address: 25 Burwood Ln, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
    Phone: 210 541 0051
    Student-Teacher Ratio: 8:1

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    Pathway Christian Preparatory Academy

    A Christian school planting movement is called Pathway Christian Prep Academy. It offers a productive learning environment that includes small group settings, lively chapel experiences, recorded tutorials, live instruction, and interesting content. Pathway Christian uses a comprehensive, flexible, and robust online education model to give students what they need to succeed in the modern world.

    With an online Christian education created for a global learning community, Pathway Christian aims to support each student in realizing their God-given potential. Christian educators see their jobs as a blend of teaching and ministry. Biblical principles are applied in the teaching of Pathway Prep's curriculum. Students interact with one another and take part in chapel as members of a community that is based on faith.

    The education is framed by the four guiding principles of Pathway Christian Prep Academy:

    • Empowering Discipleship
    • Family Partnership
    • Real-world Learning
    • Authentic Connection

    Students from all over the world, representing a range of denominations and religious backgrounds, make up PCPA's student body. The emphasis of the classes is on the fundamentals of faith from an evangelical, nondenominational standpoint. Our students and their families do not have to be Christians to enroll in and take advantage of our cutting-edge structure, programs, and curriculum, even though our teachers and staff are Christians.

    Focus and calling in education are biblical. PCPA aspires to provide a community based on a Biblical worldview for students to grow in, and we believe that all aspects of life should be centered around Christ. Every facet of Pathway's academic program achieves this. Biblically integrated coursework, faith-based online Christian courses, weekly chapel, discipleship groups, and much more are all part of our Christ-centered academic program.

    Address: 6160 Warren Pkwy Suite, 100, Frisco, TX 75034, USA

    Phone: 915 995 0318


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 11:1

    Yearly Tuition:

    • Elementary (Kinder): $3,250
    • Elementary (Grades 1-5): $4,700
    • Middle School (Grades 6-8): $5,050
    • High School (Grades 9-12): $5,450


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    Sevenstar Academy

    The next best online private school is Sevenstar Academy. The incorporation of scripture here facilitates critical thinking that is well-considered. Biblical integration enables learners to comprehend the information carefully and apply it to actual circumstances.

    Three primary biblical themes—creation, fall, and redemption are framed simply in the educational approach. It gives Sevenstar Academy the greatest flexibility in creating our varied course offerings while avoiding rigid ideological, theological, and denominational positions on touchy, peripheral matters.

    Sevenstar has collaborated with Christian families and schools for over 15 years to offer dependable, theologically grounded academic materials to suit various learning requirements. The Sevenstar course structure is designed to grow with the need for educational options. Sevenstar used to be limited to high school students, but now it offers classes to kindergarten through high school students.

    The course instructors at Sevenstar Academy are qualified Christian educators who offer age-appropriate one-on-one support through conferences between the instructor and the student. Students can meet virtually with a class anytime; there is no set time or schedule. To master learning objectives, students work independently through a rich, interactive curriculum that integrates biblical principles and allows them to participate in various academic activities.

    Students are given the accountability and direction they need to finish strong through text instruction and online access to interactions with certified instructors. Most foundational courses take three to five hours, with two to four assignments due each week. One hour is needed for electives, with one assignment per week.

    Through elective courses, students can integrate a rigorous academic program with exploring their interests. The options include world languages, technology, fine arts, health, and critical thinking.

    Founded: 2006

    Address: 539 W. Commerce St. Suite 4180 Dallas, Texas 75208, USA

    Phone: 513 612 1029

    Email: info@sevenstar.oorg

    Student-Teacher Ratio: 2:1

    Visit the link to learn more about tuition fees:


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    FaithPrep Texas

    FaithPrep Texas is a private online Christian education program offered by StoneGate Christian Academy, catering to students in Texas's K–12 grades. The objective is to support students in pursuing academic excellence by integrating Biblical truth into a core knowledge curriculum through a personalized learning approach.

    Students who participate in the unique Servant Learner program receive a comprehensive education that emphasizes character development and life preparation in addition to hard academics taught by Christ. The school provides program support that helps students learn and grow in their faith while also giving parents tools and methods to help them meet the individual needs of each student.

    Each student has a teacher who participates in a faith group and acts as a faith advocate. A coach community includes the parents or faith coaches. FaithPrep also offers virtual gatherings for chapel, assemblies, and invited speakers. These materials are all intended to support, encourage socialization, and build community during the academic year.

    Students enrolled in FaithPrep can socialize at faith centers located throughout the state. Students can interact with one another, participate in faith-enrichment activities, and receive program support during times designated for particular grade bands.

    Live instruction, focused small group meetings, and one-on-one help guarantee that students comprehend the subject matter, get extra help, and routinely interact with their peers. Benchmark assessments furnish educators with data regarding every student's academic advancement, enabling them to customize individualized lesson plans. Students receive textbooks and instructional materials directly from the publishers.

    A curriculum designed with a Christian worldview and based on fundamental knowledge helps students build their academic foundation. A wide range of interactive and tactile resources, such as printed books, original videos, interactive animations, and materials for practical experiments, bring lessons to life. This has put FaithPrep on the list of the best online private schools in Texas.

    Founded: 2021

    Address: 1705 Esters Rd, Irving, TX 75061, USA

    Phone: 877 331 9548
    Student-Teacher Ratio: 1:1

    Yearly Tuition: $7,250


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    Video by FaithPrep
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    Gateway Connect

    Gateway Connect was founded to assist students from diverse backgrounds who would benefit more from a virtual environment for their academic success. Students with medical issues, homeschooling families, student-athletes with rigorous practice schedules, military families, and students who prefer online learning can all benefit from the school's educational offerings.

    The Gateway Connect team has extensive training and many educational experiences from public and private school environments. The staff's ability to deliver dynamic, captivating lessons that cater to the needs of each student is made possible by their extensive ongoing professional development combined with their experience.

    Instructors can choose from a wide range of online content and tools that enhance each student's educational experience. The curriculum is differentiated by Gateway Connect teachers, who are adaptable and creative in meeting the needs of every student while upholding state requirements.

    Every Gateway Connect student is given an iPad by the school, loaded with all the educational apps and programs needed to finish their coursework. Devices provided by the school are subject to all updates, repairs, and maintenance being handled by Gateway Connect.

    Google Classroom will be used to complete all homework, and Zoom will be used for all class meetings. In addition, Gateway Connect makes use of a wide range of educational programming and apps, such as Newsela, Edpuzzle, Kahoot!, Quizizz, NoRedInk, and more. The school is constantly changing and experimenting with new tools to use the best educational resources available.

    Founded: 2006

    Address: 3721 Dacoma St, Houston, TX 77092, USA

    Phone: 713 659 7900


    Student-Teacher Ratio: 5:1

    Tuition: $45,530


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