Top 10 Best Online Software Architecture Courses

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Software design or solution architecture is the last resort for techies who don't want to deal with people or product management, which is unsurprising. Software architect and solution architect is a good position to be in if you want to be close to coding and technical talks, like to explore new technologies, and want to apply them in your business to solve a difficult problem. To help you learn more about the knowledge required, here are the Best Online Software Architecture Courses.

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SOLID Principles: Introducing Software Architecture & Design

Anyone can learn to code. However, the end product's design and coding quality distinguish a professional software engineer from a hobbyist coder. It's difficult to find good code. Unfortunately, most programmers begin without grasping the fundamentals of software design. This course will benefit both new and experienced programmers who wish to improve their design and writing skills. It's critical that you understand SOLID's key ideas completely.

Writing good code will become second nature once you've mastered the fundamentals. There are a plethora of free YouTube tutorials on SOLID, but they try to educate you in bits and pieces, and they don't use the appropriate analogies or code samples. What you want is a comprehensive view, which this course strives to deliver. The teacher put a lot of time and attention into developing the content for this course. Every idea, analogy, and code sample has been carefully chosen to ensure that the design principles are remembered. Wherever feasible, the teacher utilized graphical images and real-world comparisons to make the argument.


  • Beginners
  • Basic object oriented concepts

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who want to write quality code.
  • Developers who want to create well-designed software.
  • Wannabe software architects.

Course Rating: 4.7/5
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SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design and Architecture

This is one of the Best Online Software Architecture Courses. You'll learn the SOLID principles, which are a set of rules for creating clean and maintainable software systems. You'll obtain a better knowledge of the wonderful world of software architecture by mastering SOLID concepts. SOLID principles are based on more than 40 years of academic study and industrial expertise, as well as numerous generations of software developers' experience. As a result, knowing SOLID principles provides you with universal, time-proven tools for producing high-quality software for your consumers.

This course will teach you the SOLID principles in depth and help you grasp their significance. SOLID principles will show you how to make your code more flexible, extendable, and readable. You'll eventually learn that SOLID programming is a delight to deal with! This course covers a variety of subjects that are both complicated and crucial to understand. Understanding SOLID principles will provide you a new level of insight into software design and object-oriented programming in general, and that is not an exaggeration.


  • Experience with any object-oriented programming language

Who this course is for:

  • Developers

Course Rating: 4.6/5
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The Complete Guide to Becoming a Software Architect

For practically all developers, being a Software Architect is the golden grail. Working with management, dealing with cutting-edge technologies and patterns, and collaborating on a wide range of projects and teams make the Software Architect one of the most sought-after jobs in the software business. However, becoming a Software Architect is a difficult task. There is no specific training or academic course for such. You would think that being a good developer is enough to become a good Software Architect, however this isn't the case.

A superb Software Architect combines excellent technical abilities, the ability to look at things from a high level, and excellent interpersonal skills. The architecture document is one of the most important aspects of an architect's job. This document covers all of the details of the architect's architecture, including requirements and technology stack. architecture of components, architecture of systems, and so forth. Once again, you'll provide your customer with a professional-looking, current, systematic paper that covers all the bases and leaves a lasting impression.


  • Some development knowledge is required

Who this course is for:

  • Developers
  • System Analysts

Course Rating: 4.5/5
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Software Architecture Case Studies

Congratulations! You'll be a fantastic software architect! One of the most hard and rewarding occupations in the business is that of a software architect. Working with management, dealing with cutting-edge technologies and patterns, and collaborating on a wide range of projects and teams make the Software Architect one of the most sought-after jobs in the software business.

It's not simple to become a software architect. It's much more difficult to become a great software architect. One of the most effective strategies to become a great Software Architect is to constantly study and observe what other architects have done in their own projects. And that is precisely what this course is attempting to do.

The architectural diagrams are one of the most essential products of an architect's labor. These diagrams are the pinnacle of the architectural process, summarizing and representing the numerous parts of the design. This is the only course that provides you access to real-world, production-based designs, based on systems created by actual architects, implemented by real developers, and backed by millions of dollars. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!


  • Prior Software Architecture knowledge
  • It's a benefit if you're familiar with the Software Architecture process

Who this course is for:

  • Software Architects
  • Senior Developers or System Analysts

Course Rating: 4.5/5
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Software Architecture & Design of Modern Large Scale Systems

Do you want to know everything there is to know about Software Architecture and System Design? You've arrived to the correct location! This hands-on course will teach you how to design real-world systems that can grow to millions of daily users and handle and store petabytes of data. Software Architecture & Design of Modern Large Scale Systems is among the Best Online Software Architecture Courses.

This is also an excellent area to practice for a future System Design Interview and acquire confidence. By the end of the course, you'll have all the abilities you need to take on an unclear and high-level need and work your way through all the stages of a system design, from concept to final Software Architecture.

Despite the fact that this course does not include any code, it is a very practical course that will provide you with the foundational information needed to develop real-world systems. Top software businesses employ all of the approaches and patterns presented in the course.

A large-scale system's design phase includes software architecture. Only once the Software Architecture has been finalized can coding begin. Realizing that coding is only a minor portion of software engineering requires a certain mental leap. And, if the Software Architecture and Design are done correctly, the coding work, as well as everything that follows, may be simple and uncomplicated.


  • Basic knowledge of programming and software engineering

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone

Course Rating: 4.5/5
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Software Architecture & Technology of Large-Scale Systems

Architecting software systems is a highly sought-after ability, yet it is not widely available. Let's look at a few paragraphs from Martin Fowler's architectural blog to see why this ability is so hard to come by. A developer must study enough to become an architect over the course of several years.

This learning is mostly determined by the options you have in your profession. Frequently, these chances are restricted to certain fields of labor. To be an architect, though, you must have a broad technical understanding of as many fields as feasible. You must be aware of all the complexity and difficulties that exist in various portions of a system.

You must be able to make informed judgments based on a thorough comprehension of potential trade-offs. You should be able to predict or foresee important issues that a system may confront as it evolves. The 'Developer To Architect' course will come in handy in this situation. It starts with the assumption that you already have excellent development abilities and grows from there. It goes through how to construct a system's non-functional qualities, how to handle large-scale deployments, and how to use popular open-source technologies to develop software solutions.


  • You can design and create code in at least one programming language, and you are or have been a strong programmer

Who this course is for:

  • Software Developers

Course Rating: 4.5/5
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Software Architecture (SOLID) & Design Patterns in Java

Software architecture and design patterns are the topics of this course. Two subjects will be discussed: SOLID principles and design patterns. The issues will be implemented in Java, however the theoretical underpinning is not language specific. To have a thorough grasp of the implementations, let's type them out multiple times on your own.

The SOLID concepts will be covered in the first portion of the course. You will go through both the theory and the implementations. The course's second section focuses on design patterns. To be able to design reusable software components, you need to have a thorough grasp of these patterns.

These approaches are becoming increasingly vital as applications become more complicated, thus these subjects are crucial to understand. Employable skills and relevant experience in the software business may be developed through practical examples and opportunities to apply your knowledge. Thank you for signing up for the course; now let's get started!


  • Basic Java
  • Object oriented programming

Who this course is for:

  • Newbies who are familiar with Java

Course Rating: 4.5/5
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Software architecture

One of the Best Online Software Architecture Courses is this Software Architecture course. The architecture outlines the whole project's processes and structures, defining data throughput in various portions of the project, and allowing you to optimize and grow it in the future. It is common for good architects to learn from even outstanding architects. Perhaps this is due to the fact that practically all initiatives have certain conceptual needs. Each conceptual need is expressed as a question that the architect must answer throughout the course of the project. Of fact, certain systems may have extra key conceptual criteria of their own.

You'll learn about several software architectures. You'll be able to design our own straightforward software architecture. The software architecture will be usable and expandable. As a consequence, not just architects or those aspiring to be architects will benefit from this training. In addition, there are technical leaders in the development group, as well as developers at various levels and testers. Six sections will assist you in determining which sections of the course will be most beneficial to you.


  • Programmers of all levels and budding system architects

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals

Course Rating: 4.5/5
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Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP

Software Architecture and Clean Code Design in OOP is also one of the Best Online Software Architecture Courses. This course will teach you OOP Software Architecture and Clean Code Design. There are several additional courses available on this subject. So, why did you pick this particular course? It is not sufficient to learn to program alone by watching videos and reading books. You'll need a lot of practice as well. This training course will go through a variety of practical activities and code examples to help you learn and comprehend Java more effectively.

The IT-Bulls firm has a unique incentive for individuals who successfully completed this training course, or for students who were acknowledged for asking excellent questions! This course was created by the CEO and Founder of IT-Bulls. They are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to join in running their incredible enterprises. Probably, you've always fantasized of starting your own business. You will be able to discover a team in this course who will educate you how to accomplish it and (in certain situations) will be happy to assist you with implementation!


  • Basic understanding of Object-oriented programming

Who this course is for:

  • Sofware engineers that use OOP in any programming language
  • Software technical leads
  • Future Software Architects

Course Rating: 4.4/5
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How To Become An Outstanding Solution Architect

Are you part of an IT project team as a developer, a lead developer, or a solution architect? Do you want to know how to become a fantastic solution architect? The solution architect is the person who generates the overall solution's high-level abstract technical design, which is subsequently passed on to the development team for implementation. All technological decisions in the project must be made by the architect. This is a crucial function to play.

The position also pays well, comes with a lot of responsibilities, and you get to speak with almost everyone in the company, including executives and the CEO. This is a very essential and high-level position to have. This course has a lot of information to help you get started. You'll go through how an architect works in an IT team, what soft skills you'll need to be a great architect, and what extra duties you may take on to truly wow your colleagues.


  • Windows, Mac or Linux laptop
  • You can utilize a free online UML design tool if you don't have Visual Studio or Rational Rose

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced IT
  • Solution architects in large IT projects

Course Rating: 4.3/5
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