Top 7 Best Pastries and Coffee in Boston

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It's hard to beat the taste and texture of a freshly baked loaf or a warm cup of coffee. You'll find baguettes, challahs, Irish soda sandwiches and amazing pastries at the best bakeries in Boston. Make someone's morning fun by picking up a few breakfast items or trying a sandwich with a cup of coffee. If your baking goals are more specific, check out this list of the best bagels in Boston and the best places to shop in Boston. For a more substantial carb meal, try one of the best pastries and coffee in Boston.

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Jonquils Cafe and Bakery

An elegant cafe on Newbury Street in Boston. Jonquils is a cosmopolitan café with that touches all parts of the globe. The bright, modern space (with a couple of old-world flourishes) is an oasis on applicable Newbury Street — though it could be just as at-home in London's Mayfair or on the Champs É lysées. Come in and recharge with a hand-picked selection of fine coffees and teas, fresh juices, exquisite baked goods and healthy lunch options. Note that the pies here are low in sugar!"

At the heart of the café experience is the Spirit — a rare, multiple espresso boiler machine from Kees van der Westen, renowned for brewing flavorful and aromatic espressos. Additionally, Jonquils offer pour over coffees using Poursteady technology, a full loose leaf tea program from Rishi and Flora Teas brewed in a BKON, and artisanal hot chocolates.

In the same way that the flower from which they get name, the Jonquil, crosses borders and cultures, Jonquils is a globally-minded café. Open, contemporary room (with a few old-world embellishments) is a haven on busy Newbury Street, while it would feel as at home in Mayfair or on the Champs Élysées in London. Come in and relax while enjoying a hand-picked assortment of premium coffees and teas, fresh juices, delectable baked goodies, and nutritious lunch options. Be aware that baked goods contain little sugar!

  • Address: 125 Newbury St.Boston, MA 02116
  • Phone: +1 617-982-6117
  • Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00 Daliy
  • Google rating: 4.8/5
  • Website:
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    Bova's Bakery

    The best bakery in Boston, Bova's Bakery is family-run and has been in business since 1932. Bova's has been making all of its handcrafted pastries, breads, pizzas, and subs using only the healthiest ingredients for more than three generations. They provide your favorite dishes. In addition to famous ricotta cannoli, creamy tiramisu, flaky turnovers, well-liked fresh fruit tarts, enormous chocolate-dipped strawberries, as well as well-liked eclairs and Neopolitans, pastry specialities comprise a tantalizing array of scrumptious delicacies that will satisfy all palates.

    The best bakery in Boston, Bova's Bakery is family-run and has been in business since 1932. It is open around-the-clock. Bova's has been baking their own breads, pastries, pizzas, and subs for more than three generations, using only the healthiest ingredients. They provide all of your favorites. In addition to famous ricotta cannoli, creamy tiramisu, flaky turnovers, well-liked fresh fruit tarts, enormous chocolate-dipped strawberries, as well as well-liked eclairs and Neopolitans, among other exquisite delicacies, pastry specialities will thrill the palates of all customers.

    • Address: 134 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113
    • Phone: +1 617-523-5601
    • Opening hours: Daily
    • Google rating: 4.7/5
    • Website:
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    Modern Pastry

    For generations, Modern Pastry's doors would not have stayed open if it were not for your love and support. From the multi-tiered cake to the one cookie they bake, they put in an equal amount of energy and joy. It brings pleasure that they can share their passion through crafts and sweets.

    They as a community have faced a lot of up and downs, and they know those downs can be really hard, but know that they take every situation you bring to us seriously and thrive to only put out products of quality and tradition. For many years and the future to come, they will continue to share their love and invite all who would like to join them for drinks and sweets in Modern Pastry Family.

    Established in 1930, on Hanover Street in the historic North End of Boston. The Picariello family came from Italy with ambitions to share authentic recipes, culture, and hospitality. To this day, they take pride with practicing their old-world methods of over 150 years and collaborating with new world recipes to develop the pastries that wins the hearts of Boston and friends alike.

    They cherish being a part of your special moments. Whether it is big or small, their cakes, pastries, and confectionary are great for all occasions and life celebrations.

    • Address: 257 & 263 Hanover StBoston, MA02113
    • Phone: +1 617-523-3783
    • Opening hours: (Sunday - Thursday) 7:00 - 23:00; (Friday - Saturday) 7:00 - 0:00
    • Google rating: 4.6/5
    • Website:
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    Bao Bao Bakery and Cafe

    Craving something sweet? Swing by Bao Bao Bakery and Cafe and treat yourself to a tasty cookie or cake. The bakery is very clean, all the cakes and pies are very fresh, soft and delicious. The lady at the counter was very friendly and helpful. Just give her what you're looking for (like a pork bun) and she'll suggest some other dishes that won't disappoint. Bao Bao Bakery also has an interesting smoothie and drink menu. The price is also suitable.

    Full cash payment is recommended unless you are not satisfied with a surcharge for using the card. You won't find better prices in town than at Bao Bao Bakery and Cafe, so grab all the snacks you can carry such as adzuki and Swiss rolls. The mooncakes are of a higher quality than other bakeries in the area and definitely much better than Kam Man in Quincy. Overall, the place is peaceful and usually quiet.

    • Address: 84 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02111
    • Phone: +1 617-988-8191
    • Opening hours: (Monday - Wednesday) 8:00 - 21:00; (Thursday - Sunday) 8:00 - 13:00
    • Google rating: 4.5/5
    • Website:
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    South Boston’s Broadway Pastry Coffee Shop

    Welcome to South Boston’s Broadway Pastry Coffee Shop- Best pastries and coffee in Boston! Opened doors in October 2015, Broadway’s Pastry & Coffee Shop is ideally located in South Boston at 258 West Broadway. Broadway Pastry Coffee Shop vision is to bring South Boston a refined, yet modern, pastry & coffee shop.

    The menu is composed of modern European style pastries along with American flavors and local influences . Broadway's pastry selection includes individual cakes and entremets, tarts, croissants, muffins, danishes, and much more. Sandwiches, a local favorite, complement the pastries.

    Broadway are pleased to be the first coffee shop in South Boston to serve “Guglielmo Coffee” exclusively. Guglielmo carefully chooses the different types of coffee imported, relying on qualified suppliers that can guarantee a consistent quality of the product. Green coffee, before being placed in the production cycle, is tested by specialists who carefully evaluate the organoleptic quality to ensure the aroma and taste of the blends produced.

    • Address: 258 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127
    • Phone: +1 617-268-2253
    • Opening: (Monday - Friday) 7:00 – 17:00; Saturday & Sunday 8:00 – 17:00
    • Google rating: 4.5/5
    • Website:
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    Café Madeleine

    With two locations in San Diego, California, Cafe Madeleine is a French restaurant and cafe that was inspired by the sidewalk cafes in France. Executive pastry chef Frederic Robert perfected his macarons, madeleines, and éclairs while working under superstar chef Alain Ducasse for two decades, and now he and his team make them from scratch every day in Cafe Madeleine’s open kitchen.

    The seats on the sidewalk and the mural of ornamental painting a la Toulouse-Lautrec are painted by Alexandra Pastorino, a French artist now residing in Los Angeles, on the building's Juniper Street side. A setting befitting of Paris, France, is created by the cafe's art nouveau design, the sidewalk's red umbrellas, and the outside tables.

    The tastiest sweet and savory crepes and paninis in all of San Diego are a specialty at Cafe Madeleine. All of the food is prepared fresh to order in front of each client using the best quality ingredients. They work hard to be the greatest French restaurant in San Diego and to provide you with consistently excellent French cuisine in a setting modeled after a café in Paris.

    • Address: 517 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118
    • Phone: +1 857-239-8052
    • Opening hours: 6:30 - 18:30 Daily
    • Google rating: 4.5/5
    • Website:
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    Tatte Bakery & Cafe

    Tzurit Or, founder, pastry chef, and the creative force behind Tatte, started Tatte Bakery fifteen years ago in her home kitchen, selling her creations at the Copley Square farmers market in Boston. For Tzurit, building a bakery of her own was about more than just cultivating a thriving business; it was a way to create a sense of home and community while starting a new life as an immigrant to the United States. Her vision for Tatte was humble in origin- grounded in a simple mission to bring people together around great food and pastries while providing a deep sense of comfort and belonging. In missing her home, she would make Tatte a new home for herself and others and leave a powerful and lasting impact by bringing more inspiration, caring, and joy to those needing more of it.

    Inspired by Tzurit’s legacy and vision, a passionate and diverse team of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, cooks, baristas, and café staff brings Tatte to life in locations throughout Greater Boston and Washington D.C. Even as they grow, their commitment to each other is to own the smallest details, maintain the highest standards, and hold fast to their shared mission: To Inspire, Care for, and Nurture life every Day.

      • Address: 399 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116
      • Phone: +1 617-366-1555
      • Opening hours: (Monday - Saturday) 7:00 - 20:00; Sunday 8:00 - 19:00
      • Google rating: 4.4/5
      • Website:

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