Top 10 Biggest Malls In Europe

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For a long time, besides Asia, Europe is also known for the largest shopping malls in the world that attract millions of visitors and shoppers every year. Here ... read more...

  1. Top 1

    Istanbul Cevahir – Istanbul – Turkey

    İstanbul Cevahir is located at a strategic point of Turkey’s metropolis, Istanbul. It is embracing national and international brands such as Zara, LCW, Koçtaş, Teknosa, Boyner, Marks & Spencer and Migros, as one of major fields of organized retail industry.

    Istanbul Cevahir has six floors and houses shops, 34 fast food restaurants and 14 fine dining restaurants. Some stores in this mall are the first to sell certain international brands. There is a large stage for performances, 12 cinemas including private and children's cinemas, bowling alleys, miniature roller coasters and other entertainment options. The glass roof of this mall houses the second-largest clock in the world. This mall is worth a visit in Istanbul.

    Location: Istanbul – Turkey

    Shops – over 34 3

    Area – 420,00 sqm


  2. Top 2

    Westgate Mall – London – United Kingdom

    Strategically located in Jurong Gateway, Singapore's new second CBD, Westgate is the premier family-friendly shopping mall in Western Singapore. The shopping mall has direct access to Jurong East subway interchange and bus interchange as well as amenities such as Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

    Shopers can enjoy shopping in cities with many popular brands. Westgate also offers all-inclusive shopping opportunities with unique features such as a naturally ventilated courtyard, outdoor dining, and a themed playground. Westgate, IMM and JCube are working together to create a 3-in-1 mega mall that provides lifestyle, value and entertainment to its customers.

    Location: London – United Kingdom

    Shops – 365

    Area - 977,037 sqft

  3. Top 3

    Mediterranean Cosmos – Thessaloniki – Greece

    The Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in the Balkans. There are more than 200 retail outlets, a multiplex cinema with 11 screens, many clothing and electronics stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, an amphitheater with 400 and 4,444 seats and an Eastern Orthodox Church.

    It is also the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Southeast Europe. With fashion and electronics stores, cafés, restaurants, bars, an 11-screen multiplex, a supermarket, a 400-seat amphitheater and an Eastern Orthodox church, Mediterranean Cosmos draws many visitors every day.

    Location: Thessaloniki – Greece

    Shops – over 200

    Area- 46,350 m2

  4. This large indoor shopping and entertainment complex is the second-largest shopping center in the UK. The interior of the shopping center is exquisitely executed and is a sight to behold. Trafford Centre is decorated in shades of pink, gold and white with ivory, caramel and jade marble. The middle dome is believed to be larger than St Paul's Cathedral. The overall effect is luxurious and rich.

    Trafford Centre has four main areas, Peel Avenue, Regent Crescent, the Dome and the Orient. The ODEAN cinema and the Laser Quest offer entertainment at the mall. The orient food hall is themed around a steam ship and is a visual delight. The Orient and the Great hall house the restaurants, food cafés and coffee shops. The Great hall has an elegant staircase and a chandelier that is supposed to be the biggest in the world. Lego land, mini golf course, arcade games, bowling, mini soccer and skydiving center are some attractions here. The Apple Store, H&M, Gap, Selfridges, John Lewis, and Boots have all become their homes here at the Trafford Center.

    Location: Greater Manchester – England

    Shops – 280

    Area – 185,000 sqm

  5. Top 5

    Puerto Venecia – Zaragoza – Spain

    The location of Puerto Venecia is a trump card. This staggered shopping mall, family entertainment area, cinema, sports and adventure area surrounds a boating lake used for outdoor activities.

    Owing to the prevalence of horizontal dimensions, buildings of Puerto Venecia are designed with different textures, volumes and materials to ensure a rich and varied urban development. The shopping mall is well planned and designed to make it easier for visitors. It is a very popular shopping center with many shops and many entertainment options.

    Location: Zaragoza – Spain

    Shops – 150

    Area – 206,000sqm

  6. Top 6

    MEGA Belaya Dacha –Kotelniki – Moscow Oblast

    The largest shopping center in Russia has shops, entertainment centers and restaurants serving all customers. Popular hypermarkets, electronics and appliance stores, sporting goods stores, Crazy Park entertainment center, Cosmic Bowling and Billiards Club, 15-screen cinema and children's world.

    At the moment there are 14 MEGA centres in Russia: 3 in Moscow, 2 in Saint Petersburg, and 1 each in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, RostovonDon, Adygea (near Krasnodar), Samara, Ufa, and Omsk. MEGA Belaya Dacha in Belaya Dacha in Kotelniki, Moscow Region is the second-largest shopping center in Russia, the largest shopping center outside Moscow and one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.

    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Shops – over 330

    Area –300,000 sqm

  7. Top 7

    Arena Centar – Zagreb – Croatia

    Arena Centar has a shopping area on the 2nd floor and part of the 3rd floor is an entertainment area. The state - of- the - art shopping center in the region with more than 200 shops, right next to the Arena Zagreb Hall at the southwest entrance of Zagreb.

    The interior concept of Arena Centar is inspired by the atmosphere and traditions of the five regions of Croatia. The result is an innovative interior design that is bright and open. Shops like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and Sephora allow visitors to spend a day in the mall.

    Location: Zagreb – Croatia

    Shops- 200+

    Area – 62,000 sqm

  8. Top 8

    Paradise Center – Sofia – Bulgaria

    Paradise Center is the largest shopping center in Bulgaria and seizes the title of being the largest shopping center in the Central and Eastern Europe. The name pays homage to the shopping mall, which makes you feel like you're in heaven. Paradise Center is divided into 4 areas in terms of interior design: Boulevard, Canyon, Terrace and Garden, each with its own style and concept. With waterfalls, bridged lakes, well-lit gardens, sidewalks, trees, trendy shops, banks and pharmacies, visitors feel transported to another place.

    All entertainment of Paradise Center is located on the second floor: 14 multiplex theaters, an ice rink, a food court and 4 restaurants. On the third floor there is a fitness center, spa, squash courts, tennis courts and many other restaurants and bars. On the roof terrace there is a theme park that will entertain both children and adults. With so many stores selling everything from clothing to jewelry to furniture, home furnishings and electronics, there seems to have something for everyone.

    Location: Sofia – Bulgaria

    Shops – Over 330

    Area – 80,000 sqm


    Paradise Center – Sofia – Bulgaria
    Paradise Center – Sofia – Bulgaria
  9. MEGA Family Shopping Center is a Russian shopping center chain owned and operated by IKEA. Each MEGA brings together more than 150 tenants who provide goods and services in one place. Anchor tenants are IKEA stores, hypermarkets and DIY stores.

    Currently, there are 14 MEGA centers in Russia, in which three in Moscow, two in St. Petersburg, one each in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Adygea (near Krasnodar), Samara, Ufa and Omsk. MEGA Belaya Dacha in Belaya Dacha in Kotelniki, Moscow Region is the second largest shopping center in Russia, the largest shopping center outside Moscow and one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.

    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Shops – Over 250

    Area – 210,618 sqm

  10. Top 10

    Bielany Retail Park – Wroclaw – Poland

    In recent years, Bielany Retail Park has become the largest shopping center in Lower Silesia. With the opening of a gallery offering furniture from the best Polish and international furniture and interior design manufacturers, we have become one of the most famous interior design centers in Poland.

    After the new renovation, Bielany Retail Park, the largest shopping center in Poland, will be eight cinemas, including a main hall with a capacity of 500 and a parking capacity of 4,700 cars. The largest IKEA store in Poland is also located here. The shop offers stylish furnishings for interiors, restaurants and cafés. It offers visitors a complete family vacation and entertainment.

    Location: Wroclaw – Poland

    Shops – Over 80

    Area – 170,000 sqm


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