Top 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Algeria

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Algeria, a vast country located between the Mediterranean Sea and the depths of the Sahara Desert, is a place that has a lot of cities that don’t get as much ... read more...

  1. Timimoun is a vast picturesque red oasis well known for its warm ochre color buildings, located in the middle of the Sahara desert, in central Algeria at the edge of an enormous dune area called the Western Grand Erg, Saharan Berber culture reigns. Orange sand, red villages, ancient fortresses, and green palm groves, the caravan travels within this multicolored region, with very lively traditions. As you walk through the town, you will be struck by a peculiar hive-like construction that served as a roundabout on the main street of Timimoun.

    This oasis in the beautiful and vast Sahara desert is characterized by its shifting sand dunes, palm groves, and much-needed salt lake. The magnificent sand dunes in the distance make for a spectacular backdrop to an already enchanting town. Timimoun, like any other place, and despite its small size, has its old district. Otherwise known as the Ksour, it boasts a similar form of architecture to that found in Taghit – the intense, red mud walls that are widely characteristic of Sudanese architecture. In the newer part of town, the French influence is evident, but with much of the original architectural styles being drawn upon to maintain some continuity in this beautiful town. Small in size but rich in culture, history, and aesthetic delights, Timimoun is indeed a beautiful place.

    Location: Timimoun District, Adrar Province, Algeria

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5 (114 reviews)

  2. Part of a pentapolis, Ghardaia is in fact only one of five hilltop cities built almost a thousand years ago in the M’Zab valley. The city is located within the Sahara Desert in northern-central Algeria. The residents have preserved the original medieval architecture remarkably well; the valley to which Ghardaïa belongs is part of an official World Heritage Site. The city is called "the pearl of the oasis" and is one of the most important tourist regions in southern Algeria due to its ancient cultural heritage.

    Apart from tourism, the Wilaya of Ghardaïa also draws anthropologists, architects, researchers, and historians to explore its rich cultural, anthropological, and architectural uniqueness. An interesting aspect of community welfare is the fact that they follow the rules of governance diligently, and also contribute to the maintenance and care of the community. Serving as a major center of date production and for the manufacture of rugs and cloths, Ghardaia is an enchanting experience for all the senses. Divided into three walled sectors, this unique and charming fortified town boasts a historic center, complete with an intriguing pyramid-style mosque. Once described by the French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir as “a cubist painting beautifully constructed”, Ghardaia deservedly makes the list of the most beautiful places to visit in Algeria.

    Location: Ghardaia Province, Algeria

    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0/5 (140 reviews)
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    Djanet is an oasis city, and capital of Djanet District as well as of Djanet Province, southeast Algeria. It is located 412 km south of Illizi. The region of this town has been inhabited since Neolithic times. There were periods of ten thousand years at a time that the area was not desert. The flora and fauna were luxuriant as is seen in the numerous rock paintings of Tassili n'Ajjer around Djanet. Populations of hunter-gatherers lived there. The ritual and ceremonies of Sebeïba are practiced by two communities living in Djanet for ten days in the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Male dancers and female singers compete for the right to represent their communities during a nine-day contest called Timoulawine.

    Djanet is unique and alternative, with whitewashed buildings and bright blue doors lining the main street. It is almost reminiscent of an English seaside town. This charming setting is ideally located in the surroundings of majestic mountains that overlook the town. Djanet boasts a little town center, complete with all the standard necessities – a post office, a bank, and basic shops. The coastal city comes to life on the weekend when it attracts quite a few tourists, most of whom flock here to admire the stunning collection of rock paintings in the nearby national park.

    Location: Djanet Province, Algeria
    TripAdvisor Review:
    4.0/5 (162 reviews)
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    Taghit is a town and commune in Taghit District, Béchar Province, in western Algeria. The town is an oasis watered by the underground Oued Zousfana, which runs along beside the dunes of the Grand Erg Occidental. The capital of the island of Bahrain is often overlooked by its more glitzy neighbors, Dubai or Doha, but Taghit is worth going to for its deeply rooted culture and history. The Bahraini people, with their warm hospitality and renowned humbleness, will capture anyone’s heart and make it even harder to leave.

    Although the seat of many conflicts and wars, this small country in the very northern corner of Algeria is the perfect place to travel to for those who want to expand their knowledge of the history and politics of this region. Here, you can better understand the heritage of the Kuwaiti people, understand the war with Iraq and the role the Americans played, while also exploring modern-day life in one of the Gulf’s most up-and-coming cities. In the middle of a political crisis between the other Gulf States, Taghit is the place to go to experience the thrill of a thriving city and to hear the political gossip on the streets themselves. In this place, you can walk along the sparkling oceanfront or simply bask in the vibrant and unique culture and cuisine of the Taghit province.

    Location: Béchar Province, Algeria

    TripAdvisor Review: 4.0/5 (192 reviews)
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    Close in proximity to the aforementioned Constantine, Batna is a welcomed continuation of the Moroccan Atlas mountains and lies just north of the beginning of the stunning Sahara. Now the fifth biggest city in Algeria, Batna started life as a French military fortress, enabling the French access to both the Sahara and the Atlas mountains. Today, Batna is an agricultural hub that proudly stands as the main market center for the region. The vibrant and animated ambiance of the city gives it its own unique beauty, with numerous cinemas and bustling cultural centers.

    Hippo Regius, the ruins of an ancient Roman city, show the origins of Batna, while many French colonial-area buildings still stand tall above its seaside promenades. There were many geographical reasons for the Phoenicians to have found Batna. The city has a natural port that handles many of the country’s exports. For tourists and travelers, the main appeal of the city is its rich history and culture, particularly Hippo Regius which was once an important Roman city located on the outskirts of Batna. The remains of Hippo Regius are surrounded by olive trees on one side and the sea on the other. The archaeological site remains today for visitors to explore the ancient Roman ruins including mosaics, bronze statues, and the remains of villas and temples.

    Location: Batna Province, Algeria
    TripAdvisor Review: 4.0/5 (340 reviews)
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    Annaba is a coastal city that underwent significant growth during the 20th century. It has a metropolitan area with a higher population density than the other metropolitan areas of the Algerian coastline, such as Oran and Algiers. Much of eastern and southern Algeria uses the services, equipment, and infrastructure of Annaba. Economically, it is the center for various economic activities, such as industry, transportation, finance, and tourism.

    A city with superb architecture and welcome and refreshing proximity to both fresh water and fertile farmland, Annaba is definitely one of Algeria’s most beautiful cities. Beauty aside, Annaba is an extremely important city, with its port handling the majority of the country’s mineral exports. It’s the history and culture of Annaba that give it its charm; it was the city in which St Augustine lived out his final years, and the area now has a reputation for being a tranquil haven, much aided by its idyllic sea views and white tropical sand. Thankfully, this peaceful city avoided much of the violence of the 1990s, and thus, the elegant colonial-period center remains intact, complementing the beauty of the coastline. Surrounded by fertile farms, forests, and mines, it also serves as a trading and fishing port and port of call. It is connected by roads or rail lines to several other cities of northeastern Algeria and to Algiers.

    Location: Seybouse, Algeria

    Tripadvisor Review: 4.5/5 (1226 reviews)
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    Oran is the second largest city in Algeria. It is a vibrant port city with character and beauty. This town has historical buildings, ancient mosques, the Casbah, and the Theatre. It offers some of the most beautiful architecture in Algeria. Oran, located on Algeria’s northwest Mediterranean coast, is a place that blends all kinds of cultural influences together. From the Spanish-built Santa Cruz Fort that towers over the city to the Turkish La Blanca old town, you will find a slice of all kinds of Mediterranean civilizations in this city.

    The city's public transportation is centered on the Oran Metro covering coastal neighborhoods with the connecting Oran tramway covering suburbs not yet served by the metro. This place is well known for sports tournaments, mainly soccer played at the 1st November Stadium and Seffouhi Stadium which are also venues for festivals. Oran is also an excellent place for scuba diving, sampling Algerian cuisine, and listening to live Rai music which has its origins in the city. The folk music Raï ("opinion" in Arabic), had its beginnings in Oran. This genre of music was formulated by shepherds in the 1930s through Arab and European influences. This music was surrounded by controversy due to women's key role in public performances of the music, as well as the hedonistic lyrics about love and alcohol.

    Location: Oran Province, Algeria
    TripAdvisor Review:
    4.5/5 (1300 reviews)

  8. Tlemcen, also spelled (after 1981) Tilimsen, town, northwestern Algeria, near the border with Morocco. The town is backed by the cliffs of the well-watered Tlemcen Mountains and overlooks the fertile Hennaya and Maghnia plains. Lying at an elevation of 2,648 feet (807 meters), Tlemcen is located sufficiently inland to avoid the humidity of the Mediterranean Sea coast but is near enough to receive cooling sea breezes in summer. The resulting temperate climate favored Tlemcen’s development and explained its historical importance.

    Tlemcen boasts a rich history and diverse culture and is now a melting pot for various musical and artistic styles. The textiles and handicrafts here are beautiful examples of Berber and Arab-Andalusian heritage, and the architecture is spectacular also, with the mosque standing as a stunning architectural masterpiece. It is also one of the oldest and best preserved Almoravid buildings in the country. This coastal town is idyllic, framed by majestic mountains, and still enshrined in artisan charm. Another exciting place to explore is the Gardens of Etretat with its intriguing sculptures. It’s also worth heading out to explore some of the caves in the nearby area.

    Location: Tlemcen Province, Algeria

    TripAdvisor Review: 4.5/5 (1683 reviews)

  9. Constantine is regarded as the capital of eastern Algeria and the commercial center of its region, and it has a population of about 450,000 (938,475 with the agglomeration), making it the third largest city in the country after Algiers and Oran. There are several museums and historical sites located around the city. Constantine is often referred to as the "City of Bridges" due to the numerous picturesque bridges connecting the various hills, valleys, and ravines that the city is built on and around.

    Constantine is a great symbol of pride for the north. It arose out of its natural surroundings, having been protected by a deep gorge around an outcrop of rock that formed a natural fortress. A city of great political, cultural, and economic significance, it has an enchanting ambiance and is still rife with a sense of fantasy despite its cosmopolitan and modern movements. Indeed, the coastal town spreads much further than its original natural fortress, but it is a city that stays true to its origins. Constantine boasts a thriving Arab-Andalusian music scene that is yet another way it manages to enchant and entice those who are visiting.

    Location: Constantine Province, Algeria

    TripAdvisor Review: 4.5/5 (1983 reviews)

  10. Algiers, French Alger, Arabic Al-Jazāʾir, capital and chief seaport of Algeria. It is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country. This city is built on the slopes of the Sahel Hills, which parallel the Mediterranean Sea coast, and it extends for some 10 miles (16 km) along the Bay of Algiers. The old Turkish, or Muslim, section of Algiers is built on the upper slopes of the hills and has preserved much of its architectural character of high blank-walled houses and narrow winding streets. The enchanting labyrinthine streets leading to the stunning bay of Algiers are yet another of Algiers’ picturesque features.

    is the coastal city in Algeria that was founded by the Ottomans with incredible history and unique architecture. The ancient Casbah is a winding urban labyrinth, with streets winding through the old town. Also worth exploring is the Dar Hassan Pacha, which was once the city’s most elaborate mansions. The city of Algiers offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the past, present, and future of Algeria. Algeria’s capital city is a delight for the senses and a fantastic example of modernity paired with antiquity. The skyscrapers that tower over the city’s Mediterranean coast are just as integral to this cosmopolitan city’s identity as the centuries-old Casbah market where locals do their shopping.

    Location: Algiers Province, Algeria

    TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5 (20,708 reviews)

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