Top 9 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Saint Lucia

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The towns and villages of St. Lucia provide an exciting experience in Caribbean culture, from arts and crafts to music, dining, and shopping, as well as ... read more...

  1. Marigot Bay is a small community known for its gorgeous port, which is regarded as one of the most picturesque in the Caribbean. There must be a reason Hollywood comes to Marigot Bay (scenes from the original "Dr. Doolittle," starring Rex Harrison and "Firepower," starring Sophia Loren, were shot here). It's because this beautiful Caribbean coastline, just south of Castries along the central western coast, is complete with swaying palm trees, docked boats, and white sand beaches. Marigot is described as charming by visitors, and it is true that it is more blissfully calm than jumping Reduit, making it an excellent respite.

    The view from the top of the hill in Marigot Village is one of the most popular ways to take in the scenery. Stopping at the overlook at the top of the hill in Marigot, which provides a beautiful view of the bay below, is a must for all tourists exploring the island on the roadways. You may also rent kayaks and glide through the mangroves if you want to see it from the ocean. Marigot is also incredibly stunning at night, with lights glinting on the water.

    Rating: 4.6 (163 Google reviews)

    Location: Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: March, February, and May

  2. Gros Islet town is located in the heart of the tourist hotspot known as Rodney Bay and is rapidly becoming an integral part of it. The town has many guest homes and local restaurants and is a popular destination for many regional visitors and people interested in experiencing local culture.

    Gros Islet is famous for its Friday Night Jump Up street party, although many people enjoy living in the village on other evenings of the week when there aren't as many partygoers. Many of the rum shops provide local food or BBQ, and bar hopping is a lot of fun. Many people visit Gros Islet Beach during the day because of its vantage point in the midst of Rodney Bay. To the right of the town are Pigeon Island, Sandals Grande, and The Landings; to the left is Reduit Beach.

    If you stay at one of the coastal resorts, you can get a wonderful photo of your vacation site. There will also be several sailboats and other vessels in the bay. If you go in the morning on a sunny day, the water in Rodney Bay will be the turquoise blue that Caribbean vacation fantasies are made of. The seaside town is rarely crowded and can be a pleasant spot to unwind and cool down. Guests staying in the Rodney Bay region can easily access the village by local transportation. Gros Islet is definitely an escape from your hectic. Keep reading to discover more beautiful coastal towns in Saint Lucia.

    Rating: 4.5 (165 Google reviews)

    Location: Gros Islet, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: between December and March
  3. Laborie is a small town with a tree-lined beach that runs the length of the town and has one of the most beautiful waterfronts on the island. If you're looking for a beach holiday in Saint Lucia, there are many options, but Laborie is one of the top locations to visit whether you want to relax or swim in the Caribbean waters.

    In the town, you may stroll down tiny, clean alleys lined with attractive storefronts. The narrow town streets are lovely and scenic, with their generally well-kept homes and stores. The Laborie Catholic Church has a slightly distinct construction than most other villages and is placed nicely for some wonderful photos. The historic church, whose architecture stands out from the rest of the buildings and makes for great social media photo ops, is especially noteworthy. It is located on the island's southern tip. Laborie is definitely one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Saint Lucia.

    Rating: 4.5 (35 Tripadvisor reviews)

    Location: Laborie, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: mid December to early April

  4. Canaries (or Kanawe in Creole) is a town on Saint Lucia's west coast, in the Canaries Quarter (also called district or region). It is a little fishing community tucked along the West Coast road between Anse La Raye and Soufriere, with breathtaking views from both the Northern and Southern approaches. Canaries is a peaceful fishing village on the west coast that has evolved less than any other settlement in many aspects over the last several decades. This is especially true in the village center, which is a must-see. The roadways are incredibly narrow, but vehicles travel in both directions, resulting in gridlock with just 3 or 4 cars on the road. You'll be shocked at how the larger cars manage to handle the seemingly impossible tight curves.

    The town square and neighboring medieval church, which is now a soap manufacturing plant, as well as many of the little old residences and shops, are worth seeing. Canarians are very cordial and welcome guests who come in for a drink and a look around. Canaries host its Creole Pot street celebration every other Saturday night, which is very local and a lot of fun.

    Rating: 4.0 (33 Tripadvisor reviews)

    Location: Canaries, Canaries Quarter, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: between December and March
  5. Choiseul is Saint Lucia's largest and most rural town. The modest and somewhat calm waterfront community and its surrounding coastal regions are filled with undeveloped landscapes and tranquil beaches. As you go further, you will observe a gradual transition from the somewhat dry coast to the lush rainforested highlands cut by some of the most magnificent river basins on the island.

    Almost everyone in Choiseul appears to have a garden and a variety of fruit plants. The residents of the hamlet have a reputation for being the friendliest on the island since they live a calm life away from the influences of frenetic tourist activity and are very welcoming to guests who seek to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. Sabwisha, which is surrounded by lush nature, is about a 15-20 minute walk from the main town. It is set out with a few picnic tables and benches propped up under massive sea grapes that bear fruits depending on the time of year, coconut trees, and cedar trees, ideal for people who want a cool stay at the beach. A blanket of grass partially covers the area at the entry, followed by smooth sand and soothing seawater. The shore provides a wide open view of the azure skies, which are adorned with weirdly formed clouds, as well as a distant view of the major town.

    Rating: 4.0 (4 Tripadvisor reviews)

    Location: Choiseul, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: Mid-December to Mid-April
  6. Anse La Raye, a west coast fishing community, has worked hard in recent years to become a tourist destination, both as a beautiful halt for passing taxis and buses and for its Seafood Friday Night street celebration. Villagers are reputed to be among the friendliest on the island and work hard to keep the streets and beaches clean.

    Visitors should take some time when visiting Anse La Raye to wander the area within a few blocks of the waterfront to enjoy some of the modest yet interesting Caribbean architecture and little village stores that have altered little over the years. The mural painted on the block-long wall that borders the grounds of the Catholic Church is one of the more famous local attractions. The mural, painted by one of Saint Lucia's most well-known artists, Dunstan St. Omer, displays events from the island's cultural history. The mural is a little faded after being exposed to the tropical heat for almost 15 years, but the quality of the work is still visible. Also, if you visit the mural after dark during Seafood Night, take a couple of shots to fully appreciate its splendor.

    Rating: 3.5 (112 Tripadvisor reviews)

    Address: Anse la Raye District, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: mid December to early April
  7. Castries is located on Saint Lucia's west coast, at the mouth of the Castries Harbour. The town is situated on a peninsula jutting out into the Caribbean Sea. Castries is a vibrant tiny town with individual stores, tranquil and beautiful town squares, outdoor markets, and a plethora of cultural attractions to enjoy during your island vacation. A massive 400-year-old Samaan tree marks Derek Walcott Square in town. It's entirely along the northwest shore of the island.

    There are two bazaar-style markets in town. The first is the Castries Central Market, which is a century old and offers a farmer's market atmosphere. Across the street lies the Craft Market, which is housed beneath a large red roof. On Saturday mornings, both get crowded and lively. Local handicrafts and crafts, as well as unusual fruits, vegetables, and prepared dishes, are available here.

    is a must-see for anybody visiting Saint Lucia since it has so much to offer, from its magnificent scenery and beaches to its rich history and culture. There is also lots to do, whether you want to do outdoor activities or tour the town's landmarks.

    Rating: n/a

    Location: Castries, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: from December to May
  8. Soufrière is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in St. Lucia. Explore a geothermally active environment filled with massive volcanic peaks, hot springs, and mineral baths. Visitors should hike through the woods and swim at the picture-perfect beaches.

    The Twin Pitons are two massive volcanoes known as the Gros Piton and the Petit Piton. The remarkable cone-shaped mountains south of Soufrière are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Swim in the warm waters of the nearly 30-foot-high Piton Waterfalls on your route to Petit Piton. Visit Jalousie Beach and snorkel while admiring the views of the Pitons. Sulphur Springs, the Caribbean's only drive-in volcano, is a must-see. It's a geothermal hotspot featuring hot springs, bubbling mud pools, and steam vents. Soufrière's dining options range from foreign cuisine to local fare in the snackettes.

    You can visit Anse Chastanet Beach and enjoy the trails along the coast if you prefer a walk with fantastic sea views. Soufrière can be reached by road or by boat. A local bus connects Soufrière to Castries, St. Lucia's capital city. There are numerous automobile rental firms located throughout the island, as well as scooter, bicycle, and motorcycle rentals. If you plan to rent a car, make sure to verify the license requirements and be aware that the roads are narrow, winding, and have few traffic signals.

    Rating: n/a

    Location: Soufrière, West Coast of Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: between December and March
  9. Vieux Fort is one of the island's main towns and one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Saint Lucia-a vibrant commercial center with modern conveniences and a historic town center snuggled in the middle. You can spend entire days walking the shopping centers and dining in restaurants on the town's outskirts before traveling to the town center to see a beautiful historic church and other historic buildings with exquisite architecture.

    Vieux Fort, St Lucia's third-largest town, can impress you when it comes to its shoreline. Anse des Sables Beach, the area's longest stretch of sand, is the primary draw here. This palm-lined expanse spans more than 1.5 kilometers and is home to a handful of the town's sea-view restaurants. Other than that, Vieux Fort is a popular spot for windsurfers and kitesurfers. Vieux Fort vacations take you to a relaxed part of southern St Lucia, where you'll find a calm beach, friendly residents, and a harbor made famous by pirates centuries ago.

    Rating: n/a

    Location: Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia

    Best time to visit: February 26th to April 1st

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