Top 12 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka should be on your travel plan if you're seeking a tropical vacation spot with gorgeous beaches, fascinating wildlife, and immaculately preserved ... read more...

  1. Hikkaduwa's beach is a long stretch of soft white sand that is well known for the friendly turtles that frequent its shallow waters. Hikkaduwa is renowned as one of Sri Lanka's original beach towns and retains a hint of its hippie-hangout heritage. The main highway that connects Colombo and Matara goes directly behind the beach. It's too narrow for the quantity of traffic that passes through, making for a less pleasant stroll about town.

    Hikkaduwa's beach can get rather crowded, however, the sea here is fantastic for swimming and has some of the best sea-swimming in the world. Surfing is another popular pastime in Hikkaduwa. There are many touts peddling their things on the beach; they approach you but, like other Sri Lankans, they are courteous and not forceful while trying to sell you items. Hikkaduwa has most touts and beach merchants than any other beach in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa is a famous snorkeling destination, and many local Sri Lanka boat owners may approach you and invite you on a snorkel tour.

    Location: Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: between January and March

  2. Galle Fort is not just a coastal town, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fascinating colony that should be on any Sri Lankan travel itinerary. History buffs should definitely spend a few days here, but if you only have one, you can explore the Galle Fort area on foot.

    Galle Fort is located between Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna and is easily accessible by train from Colombo. The Portuguese built the Fort in 1588, and the Dutch reinforced it in the 17th century. Many of the buildings in Galle Fort are famous for their Dutch architecture and are named after them. In addition, the town has many charm and historical sites. Galle is a good place to stroll around, with few motor cars inside the town, and you'll find yourself admiring the original colonial architecture around every turn. In addition, Galle has many highly-rated cafes and eateries.

    Location: Galle, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: December to April
  3. The charming tiny beach town is located off the main road, about a 10-15 minute drive from Galle. Unawatuna is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Sri Lanka. The fact that the main coastal road is only approximately a 10-minute walk from the main beach area (the Japanese Pagoda end), and the lack of traffic. Also, the sea in Unawatuna is beautiful and safe to swim in, which does not always happen in other beach towns in Sri Lanka. Unawatuna itself offers some fantastic coastal cafes and restaurants, as well as a lovely easygoing ambiance. It has the vibe of many laid-back backpacking towns in South East Asia, for example.

    Dalawella's beach in the town is not ideal for swimming because it is rocky. But Wijaya beach is only a bit further along, past a pretty lovely boulder. This beautiful length of sand features a few great beach bars, but the true draw here is the sea. Here, a coral reef provides a large, crystal-clear lagoon in which the water is perfectly quiet and absolutely beautiful to swim in.

    Location: Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: between October to April
  4. Mirissa is another of the island's original hiking towns, albeit it is rumored to be extremely commercialized. The main coastal roadway goes so near to the beach, as it does in Hikkaduwa. Mirissa's beach is 2 kilometers long, with Parrot Rock in the middle. Coconut Tree Hill, like the rope swing at Dalawella beach in Unawatuna, has become a major attraction in Mirissa. Many recommendations claim it's a 5-minute tuk-tuk ride away, but it's actually a pretty easy and lovely walk from Mirissa's main beach, past Parrot Rock, along the neighboring beach, and you'll see the palm trees ahead.

    Another popular activity in Mirissa is whale viewing. There are numerous local boat companies that offer whale-watching tours, and this location is well-known for the variety of whales that may be seen off the coast. November through April is the greatest time to watch whales in Mirissa. The cost of whale-watching tours varies, so shop around before settling on one.

    Snorkeling is another great thing to do in Mirissa, especially since there are so many turtles nearby. They will take you to a beach near Mirissa (and just before you get to Coconut Tree Hill). There is a native there who rents snorkels and will assist you in spotting the turtles.

    Location: Mirissa, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: from December to February
  5. This small beach town, located in a bay near Dikwella, is quickly becoming one of the coolest beach destinations in Sri Lanka. Hiriketiya is all about surfing, and it contains some of the top surf towns in Sri Lanka. It's a cool small bay with a mushroom-like shape that offers very gentle waves for novices while also having a respectable left-hand point break for more experienced surfers. The hourly rate for renting a surfboard at the seaside rental shops is 500 LKR ($2.86 USD).

    Spend some time exploring the nearby Dikwella Beach. Although not quite as beautiful as other beaches, it is nevertheless worthwhile to see. On this extensive expanse of golden sand, you won't have trouble finding some peaceful time. There are many tuk-tuks available to take you the rest of the way to Hiriketiya Bay from the Dikwella bus station. It merely takes 20 minutes to walk there or 5 minutes to drive there.

    Location: Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: between January to March
  6. Tangalle is a picture-perfect paradise, and its distance from Colombo ensures that it will remain such. Because hotels and guesthouses have been erected further back from the beaches in this area, the Tangalle coastline is relatively unspoiled and flanked only by sweeping palm palms. Tangalle and the surrounding area's biggest disadvantage is that the water is too rough to swim in, so you should stay in a hotel with a fantastic swimming pool to cool off.

    Tangalle is well-known for its beautiful beaches. Its extended drive time (6 hours or so from Colombo) keeps the hordes away. The Anantara Peace Haven Resort is located in Tangalle. On an island home to hundreds of exquisite and sophisticated hotels, this stunning hotel is a bit of paradise. It is a stay to remember, from the large trendy rooms to the stunning surroundings and excellent breakfast table.

    Location: Hambantota District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: between April to July

  7. Hambantota, along with the cities of Galle and Matara, is a stunning seaside location in southern Sri Lanka. It is about 240 kilometers away from the main Colombo metropolis. It is a stunning city that has been blessed by Mother Wildlife to be abundant in attractive beaches and wonderful nature. One of the main tourist destinations in Sri Lanka is Hambantota, which boasts wonderful natural attractions like stunning beaches and a number of national parks with fascinating animals.

    In the Hambantota region, Tangalle is well known as a wonderful beach paradise. The Tangalle beach is the top attraction you should not miss while visiting Sri Lanka. The beaches in Tangalle might be at the top of your list if you're seeking a serene beach away from busy areas. Tangalle Beach in southern Sri Lanka is the most tranquil beach escape because of the stunning scenery there. With kilometers of palm-lined coastline and azure blue water, the beaches in Hambantota are magnificent. In Hambantota, there are some uninhabited beaches.

    Location: Hambantota District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: April through July

  8. Anyone who loves the sun and sand will enjoy Bentota's beach. The beach is quite clean and stretches for miles, making it the perfect location for sunbathing or taking a leisurely stroll. Since the majority of beach hotels have their own private beaches, guests may unwind and sunbathe in peace.

    After arriving in the country, Bentota is just a short train trip away from central Colombo and is situated halfway between Galle and Colombo. Although Bentota may not be on your list of places to visit, it is a very popular tourist destination and has some lovely homes along the beach. Bentota is an excellent first stop if you're seeking for a beach to unwind on after a potentially exhausting day of travel.

    You can cross a railroad track on the beach that is almost completely deserted. The best time to go is early in the day before the crowds arrive since the sky and sand are at their most beautiful. Bentota is definitely one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Sri Lanka.

    Location: Bentota, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: between January and March
  9. The majority of people in Sri Lanka learn to surf in Weligama. This is due to the fact that it has some of the most well-protected waves in this area of the island, in addition to a wide variety of surf shops and rental locations. You should do some research before you walk out to catch your first waves because some are a lot better than others.

    Weligama is one of the biggest excellent beach towns in Sri Lanka featured here, surf included. It is located along a broad horseshoe harbor that crosses the main Matara Road. There are large and small hotels, although the larger ones appear to have gained popularity. At times, Weligama can resemble Benidorm or Waikiki thrown onto the Indian Ocean. Additionally, it just takes 10 minutes to travel by tuk-tuk from the town to Midigama (great reef breaks) and Mirissa (beach parties), and it shouldn't cost more than 300–500 LKR to get there.

    Location: Matara District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: December to March
  10. The best beach town in Sri Lanka during the summer is Uppuveli. Due to its location on the island's extreme north-eastern edge, it experiences its peak dry season when the more well-known and accessible communities along the southwestern shoreline are in the midst of the monsoon. The drawback is that it requires a little bit of walking from the Colombo airport; the trip from the terminals to Uppuveli lasts for around five hours.

    The reward will be the long and uninterrupted sand stretches that face directly east into the Bay of Bengal. They are extremely dissimilar from their compatriots on the opposite side of the Teardrop, who run for miles in stretches of yellow sand with coconut palms in the background.

    Numerous hotels and bars with views of the waves surround Uppuveli. But it's also the entrance to the entire Trincomalee region, which extends south into a twisted headland with even more gorgeous bays and beaches to offer. If that sounds appealing, check out places like Marble Beach, Sweat Bay, and Karumalaiyootru.

    Location: Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: December to March
  11. Ahangama is a peaceful coastal town surrounded by majestic palm palms. There is no sound save for the waves crashing on the shore and the trees swaying, making it ideal for a quiet holiday. Ahangama, a small town in Sri Lanka's Southern Province, is a hidden gem. This town is known for its pristine beaches, sparkling waters, and stunning surroundings, making it one of the most beautiful in the country. Although not fully developed, it is easily accessible via Galle, a major city about 20 minutes away from Ahangama.

    This tranquil town is one of the best places in the country for a weekend escape. Ahangama looks out over the beautiful Weligama Bay, which is a popular hangout in town. The well-known tuk-tuk transports travelers from the main city to the Bay. Weligama is the central surfing location, with surfing being one of Ahangama's main attractions. In addition to surfing, Wellingama has coastal shops, restaurants, shacks, and pubs. Ahangama's sceneries, combined with its surfing reputation, make it what it is today. Ahangama, a devout hideaway, is heaven on Earth.

    Location: Ahangama, Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: January to April, October to December
  12. Arugam Bay town is small, with a single main road running parallel to the beach, and populated with guesthouses, cafés, and shops, as well as some of Arugam Bay's distinctive odd homespun architectural masterpieces - rustic palm-thatch cabanas, teetering treehouses, and other whimsical structures. Following recent clearances in which the authorities ordered the removal of all buildings within 20m of the coastline, the beach now looks better than ever.

    A-Bay is also the rough border between Sinhalese-majority districts to the south and Tamil and Muslim-majority areas further up the coast, and it has an extraordinarily varied but peaceful mix of all three ethnic groups - as well as a rising number of Western ex-pats. However, the locals are concerned that the village's distinctively (for Sri Lanka) features and slightly off-the-wall character will be obliterated by larger and more mainstream tourism developments persist, particularly with the Hambantota airport, which will make the village significantly easier to reach for international visitors. For the time being, Arugam Bay retains its own amusingly odd charm.

    Location: Kalutara District, Western Province, Sri Lanka

    Best time to visit: between January and March

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