Top 15 Most Beautiful Lakes in Arizona

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The lakes in Arizona are among the most unusual bodies of water in the country. They are dispersed over the entire state and range from reservoirs in the desert, flooded canyons, and high-altitude diamonds that sparkle in the crisp mountain air. See our list of the top most beautiful lakes in Arizona for suggestions on where to spend a day boating.

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Lake Powell

Lake Powell, a massive water system in Arizona, is arguably the top most beautiful lakes in Arizona. The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which surrounds the lake and is larger than 250 square miles, is only about 1.5 million acres.

There are so many tinier side canyons around Lake Powell that it would be nearly impossible to explore them all. The shoreline of Lake Powell actually reaches 1,960 miles long because of these canyons!

When the Glen Canyon Dam was built in 1956, it created Lake Powell, which was then surrounded by miles and miles of slot canyons. The shorelines are mostly made of red rock sandstone, like other regions close to southern Utah and northern Arizona. Considering that Lake Powell is located on the border of Arizona and Utah, your choice of destination will depend on where you are traveling from. While Arizonans frequently camp at Lone Rock, Utahns typically launch their houseboats from the Bullfrog marina. Both the north and south shorelines of Lake Powell are dotted with marinas.

Boating is by far the most popular activity in this area, and wakeboarders in particular enjoy getting out on the water early in the morning to take advantage of the clear still water. On this lake, people also enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and kayaking. Because of its immensity, Lake Powell can accommodate a large number of visitors every day. On the rugged cliff walls, keep an eye out for mule deer and bighorn sheep. Visit Rainbow Bridge, one of nature's most magnificent arches, as a side trip.

Location: Page, AZ

Photo:  Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks - About Lake Powell
Photo: Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks - About Lake Powell
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Photo: Discover Magazine
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Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake, one of four lakes in a chain along the Salt River, is a reservoir that is within a short distance from Mesa. The name of this lake, which is the most accessible of the bunch, comes from the numerous tall saguaro cacti that adorn its shoreline.

On Saguaro Lake, there is only one marina and one entry, but there is still plenty of space for kayaks and boaters to enjoy the calm waters. If you see a herd of bighorn sheep on the craggy rocks, consider yourself lucky. They prefer hanging out there.

There are even some locations where you can cliff jump into the water from the shore, but always check the depth first! If you don't have a motorized boat, you can launch from Butcher Jones Beach on the lake's northeastern shore using a kayak, canoe, or paddle board. From here, a hiking track that follows the shoreline is also available.

Given its close proximity to Mesa, Saguaro is the ideal lake option for those looking for a fast morning wakeboard session or an evening kayak.

Location: Mesa, AZ

Photo:  TravelAwaits
Photo: TravelAwaits
Photo:  iStock
Photo: iStock
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Canyon Lake

The significantly smaller Canyon Lake is located above Saguaro Lake. Canyon Lake gets its name from the imposing canyon cliffs that flank its shores. This lake is a reservoir that was created as a result of the early 1920s building of the Mormon Flat Dam.

Driving here requires traveling Highway 88 just past the Superstition Mountains on a paved, twisting road. This is an excellent location for beginning kayakers to get more at ease in their kayaks as well as for scuba divers to hone their skills and obtain certification.

Within one mile through the cliffs and lake is a campground that offers a wonderfully tranquil setting for a weekend of leisure. In the heart of Canyon Lake, the marina and campground offer a dining area where you can grab a bite to eat and a sandy area where you can set up your beach umbrella and soak up the rays.

Lost Dutchman State Park, which bears the name of the legendary gold mine, is located twenty minutes south of Canyon Lake. You won't want to miss the park's unique activities, which include full-moon hikes, bird walks, and live music by the campfire. There are more than 100 RV and tent sites available. A waterfront tent site with showers, facilities, a swimming area, and a boat launch is available at Canyon Lake Marina & Campground. You can also spend the night in your RV or park your boat at a short-term spot (both choices have water and electric hookups).

Location: 45 miles east of Phoenix

Photo:  New Braunfels Escapes
Photo: New Braunfels Escapes
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Photo: Pinterest
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Bartlett Lake

Bartlett Lake, another important reservoir for the Phoenix Valley's water storage, is situated 20 miles east of Carefree. The state record for small-mouth bass was captured in this lake, one of the more well-known fishing spots in the area.

The 815-hectare lake is excellent for sailing, water skiing, and swimming, and picnicking and grilling are permitted along its coastline. Although the marina does feature accommodations for rent, there are a number of other spots in the neighborhood where you may enjoy camping. The Verde River was dammed in 1939, creating Bartlett Lake. It is located inside the Tonto National Forest, about 77 kilometers from Phoenix.

Be on the watch for desert species like coyotes, deer, bighorn sheep, and javelina who use Bartlett Lake as their water source as it is bordered by beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape. This lake receives its water from the Verde River, and one can navigate upriver using a kayak or paddle board, which are not motorized boats.

There are four boat launch ramps, but on the weekends, this lake fills up rapidly, so arrive early to secure the best fishing positions. Despite being smaller than some of the other lakes in Arizona on this list, Bartlett Lake may still be a fantastic destination for a day of fishing and other sports.

Location: Between Carefree and Fountain Hills

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Photo: Water Ski Arizona
Photo:  Best Fishing
Photo: Best Fishing
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Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake, the only lake in the midst of the city, was made possible by a dam and is the centerpiece of downtown Tempe. This area is a hub for biking, walking, and running thanks to the paths that border the lake on both sides and the numerous bridges that span it.

The Arizona State University rowing team practices their strokes on Tempe Town Lake on some mornings. The Ironman Triathlon takes place near the lake in the fall, and because to its looped circuit, it is a spectator-friendly event. At the marina, you may either add it to your boat or rent a paddle boat that is propelled by your own feet like a bicycle.

Tempe Town Lake is used for the triathlon's swimming portion, but swimming there is not advised otherwise due to the lake's poor water quality. At Tempe Beach Park, near to the lake, there is a sizable splash pad if your kids need to cool off in the summer heat. Along the southern sides of the lake, there is a sizable marketplace that is home to a mall, eateries, fire pits, a performance venue, and a pedestrian walkway. Around the lake, there are additional condominiums and office buildings.

Location: Tempe, AZ

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Photo: Fine Art America
Photo:  TripAdvisor
Photo: TripAdvisor
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Watson Lake

Let's move a little farther north; picturesque Watson Lake can be found close to Prescott, Arizona, and features some of the most distinctive and recognizable rock formations on its shoreline. A dam on Granite Creek was constructed in the early 1900s to create this lake, which is another reservoir.

The lone rowing team in northern Arizona is based in Prescott, and it practices at Watson Lake. Rock climbers and bouldering enthusiasts frequently visit the imposing boulders and rocks that surround the lake. You can hike 4.5 miles around the lake on a designated trail.

Despite the fact that swimming is prohibited in the lake, feel free to still enjoy the water! The lake permits kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and all of these activities. Watson Lake is a lovely setting for a weekend vacation thanks to the adjacent campgrounds.

You don't camp? Not to worry! Prescott is approximately 4 miles away, and the downtown area is filled with touristy shops and restaurants to keep you fed and entertained. Spend the entire day at the lake hiking, boating, fishing, and rock climbing before retiring to a comfortable bed at one of Prescott's many hotels.

Location: Prescott, AZ

Photo:  Visit Arizona
Photo: Visit Arizona
Photo:  TravelAwaits
Photo: TravelAwaits
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Bear Canyon Lake

The Phoenix area is it too hot? Drive to the Mogollon Rim in 2.5 hours, then climb the short distance to Bear Canyon Lake. Fishermen and hikers are the main users of this lake, which is rarely crowded.

There is a dirt road that must be traveled for about 10 miles to get there, but it is well-maintained and does not call for a high-clearance vehicle. Even though it is only a quarter of a mile, the descent to the lake's southern side can be challenging in certain places. When you reach the bottom, you may either hike the 3.5 kilometers around the lake's side or set up a hammock among the stands of pine trees.

Green grass and plenty of shade are available for a great picnic. You may launch your kayak or paddleboard from the shore thanks to a distinct road that travels all the way to the dam at the lake's northern end.

Catching crawfish from the shore, which may also be used as fish bait, is another activity that children love to do. Families with children will love Bear Canyon Lake, but be sure to check the weather before you go because the winters can be chilly. To escape the heat, this lake is ideal for a day excursion.

Location: Near Forest Lakes, AZ

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Photo:  AZ Camp Guide!
Photo: AZ Camp Guide!
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Apache Lake

One of four reservoirs that line the Salt River, Apache Lake is located 104 kilometers to the northeast of Phoenix. Additionally, the lake is located in the Tonto National Forest alongside the Apache Trail.

Many of the leisure activities available at Apache Lake's marina make it a well-liked resort. Fishing is one of the more popular activities here because it's easy to catch largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, walleye, and sunfish. Three hotels, an RV park, and a restaurant are all located along the lake's shoreline. The lake is surrounded by a number of different pathways in addition to the Apache Trail.

This area is bordered by the old Apache Trail road (but is currently impassable after a mudslide in 2019). It takes longer than normal to get to Apache Lake now that it can only be reached from the east side. Apache Lake is less crowded than it formerly was due to the lengthy drive required, making this a wonderful destination to avoid the weekend hordes.

Visitors to the lake can find many of services at the Apache Lake Marina and Resort, including places to hook up their RVs, stay in one of the three nearby motels, eat at the restaurant, and shop for supplies at the general store.

Location: 5 miles west of Roosevelt Lake

Photo:  Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia
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Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is one of the most popular areas in the state and is where the famous London Bridge is located (surprise, it's not in London). Thankfully, there is a sizable body of water close by to cool off; Lake Havasu is 46 square miles in size and has moderate water all year round.

There is a lot of beautiful shoreline where people may have picnics, camp, go swimming, and sunbathe. Both RV camping next to the water and beachside camping are options. Nearby desert paths turn Lake Havasu into a playground all year long.

Visit the Lake Havasu Museum of History to learn about the building of the Parker Dam, which formed the lake, or go to the two wildlife refuges to observe the local species. Take pleasure in the Mohave Sunset Trail as it meanders among the bushes and trees close to the water.

Arizona's Playground is how many refer to Lake Havasu, and it's easy to see why. The stifling heat is somewhat acceptable thanks to this reservoir.

Location: Havasu City, AZ

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Photo: The Crazy Tourist -
Photo:  Thrillist
Photo: Thrillist
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Big Lake

Big Lake is tucked away among the Douglas firs and pines in the White Mountains, about 26 miles from Springerville, a tiny settlement. It is regarded as the best fishing lake in these mountains and offers anglers numerous opportunities to catch native fish species to Arizona. The bulk of the fish species in Big Lake, which has an average depth of nine meters, are trout. Although the lake is open from April to December, the finest fishing months are April and May.

Huge Lake isn't quite as "big" as the other lakes on this list, but it's still big enough for boating at 575 acres. Best mountain landscape in Arizona can be seen in the nearby places, which also provide excellent camping options. Big Lake is a fantastic place for fishermen and anyone who utilize small watercraft because there are several nearby smaller lakes.

Around the lake, there are more than 200 camping sites, as well as picnic tables, showers, and restrooms. One of the lake's two ramps allows access to boats, however 10 horsepower is the maximum allowed for motors.

About 42 kilometers south of the cities of Springerville and Eagar, Big Lake is located in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. The lake cannot be accessed during the winter, it should be mentioned.

Location: White Mountains in central eastern Arizona

Photo:  Arizona Vacation
Photo: Arizona Vacation
Photo:  Mount Vernon Parks Foundation
Photo: Mount Vernon Parks Foundation
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Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant, one of the most beautiful lakes in Arizona, supplies water to a large portion of the western Phoenix valley. Although the reservoir has a practical use, it also acts as a focal point for water enjoyment in the northwest region of Phoenix. Here, people enjoy boating, windsurfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

On the 11 square miles of the lake, there are two annual events: Bill Luke Bass Days, a carnival-like gathering with exhibitors, food, and live music, and Lake Pleasant Paddle Days, where kayakers and paddle boarders congregate to mingle and show their talents.

Nearby are some remains of the Hohokam civilization, who relied on the Agua Fria River to irrigate their fields and support their little hamlet. The Agua Fria River feeds into Lake Pleasant. A quick hike will get you to the summit of Indian Mesa, where the ruins are located. You'll see a lot of pottery-related items lying about; just be sure to treat them with care and leave them alone.

A popular destination for recreation, Lake Pleasant Regional Park is well-known for its excellent boating and fishing. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including tilapia, sunfish, crappie, and white bass.

Location: Peoria, AZ

Photo:  Visit Phoenix
Photo: Visit Phoenix
Photo:  The American Southwest
Photo: The American Southwest
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Lake Mead

In the Southwest of the United States, the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River creates the reservoir known as Lake Mead. It is situated 24 miles (39 km) east of Las Vegas in the states of Nevada and Arizona. In terms of water storage capacity, it is the biggest reservoir in the US. The honor of being the country's first national recreation area belongs to Lake Mead.

Due to drought and rising water demand, the lake has not reached its maximum capacity since 1983. Over 750 miles of shoreline are available, so launch your boat at one of the marinas, go for a quiet cove, and take advantage of Lake Mead at its finest. There are over 250 square miles of open water to enjoy in America's largest reservoir by water volume.

Like most lakes in Arizona, boating is the most popular activity here, but there is also plenty of space for jet skiing, long-distance swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing on the numerous sandy beaches.

Around Lake Mead, there are a number of hotels and resorts, including four marinas. This oasis in the desert is well-liked by the affluent and famous because of its close proximity to Las Vegas. Join your pals for a week of watery fun by renting a houseboat!

Location: 24 miles from Las Vegas
Photo:  People
Photo: People
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Lake Mohave

Although they are both included in the Lake Mead Recreation Area, Lake Mohave and Lake Mead are independent bodies of water. The lake ultimately opens up into more open water after spending a significant amount of time in canyons with steep walls.

The water in Lake Mohave is constantly colder down the canyons and into the more open part of the lake because it is downstream from Lake Mead and because it is released from Lake Mead's bottom. This water is incredibly cooling on hot days!

Lake Mohave is also one of the most beautiful lake in Arizona, it's offers all the typical lake activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and person-powered boats. Along the shorelines on both sides, there are RV parks and approved campgrounds. Each shoreline of this lake is in a different state because it lies on the border between Arizona and Nevada.

For anglers, boaters, and other water sport enthusiasts searching for a more private getaway, Lake Mohave offers a variety of coves and hidden fishing spots.

Location: 24 miles from Las Vegas

Photo:  Visit Arizona
Photo: Visit Arizona
Photo:  Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia
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Patagonia Lake

No, this is not Patagonia in South America; rather, this unassuming oasis in the middle of the desert is a little town with a lake by the same name in southeast Arizona. Patagonia Lake and Sonoita Creek are both located within Patagonia Lake State Park.

The lake, a famous spot for boating and sport fishing, was made by damming Sonoita Creek. Patagonia Lake State Park's amenities are cared for the Arizona State Parks.

There is a ton to do here, even for a smallish lake! There are more than 100 campsites, 12 of which are only accessible by boat. One of the many miles of hiking trails will lead you deeper into Sonoita Creek, which emerges from Patagonia Lake.

Or you may rent a cabin with great views near the lake to witness the sunset over the water. Each cabin can accommodate 6–8 people and is a perfect location for a weekend escape. Patagonia Lake attracts birdwatchers because of the variety of fauna and bird species that can be seen there. Largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, green sunfish, flathead catfish, threadfin shad, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and American bullfrogs are among the fish species that reproduce in Patagonia Lake. From October to March, rainbow trout are stocked every three weeks.

Location: Patagonia, AZ

Photo:  Water - Use It Wisely
Photo: Water - Use It Wisely
Photo:  Arizona State Parks
Photo: Arizona State Parks
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Blue Ridge Reservoir

The majority of people in lovely Arizona are aware that the summer is a perfect time to drive up north to get a break from the triple digit temperatures near Phoenix, The Valley of the Sun. C.C. Cragin Reservoir, also known as Blue Ridge Reservoir, is one of those intriguing and uncommon spots to cool off. It can be found on a well-maintained dirt road on the Mogollon Rim, about 46 miles north of Payson and 65 miles south of Flagstaff. This body of water is managed by the Coconino National Forest and overseen by the Mogollon Rim District, with Clint Wells and Happy Jack being the closest communities. The Lake is 70 acres in size, has an extremely unusual shape with two distinct serpentine arms, and is fairly small in certain parts. FR 751 and the reservoir are both blocked during the winter.

The reservoir is 28 hectares in size and is located more than 2,000 meters above sea level. It is less populated than many other lakes in the state because of its distant location.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department maintains a variety of trout in Blue Ridge Reservoir, making it a fantastic area to go fishing. The lake is a tranquil spot to unwind and take in the breathtaking surroundings because boats are only allowed to have 10 horsepower.

Location: near Phoenix

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Photo: Wikipedia
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Photo: When In Your State

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