Top 9 Reasons to Visit Bahrain

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Bahrain has a lot of interesting things to see and has a strong sense of identity. It is a tiny Arab nation situated in a harbor on the Persian Gulf's western shore. Bahrain Island and other smaller islands make up the 33-island archipelago that makes up Bahrain. How risk-free is it to visit Bahrain? You don't need to worry if it is safe to travel to Bahrain because of the peace and harmony in everyday life there. Bahrain, which means "two seas" in Arabic, has the Dilmun civilization's most extensive history. The area is home to numerous individuals of many nationalities and is a prime example of a nation that fervently embraces multiculturalism. There are many reasons to visit Bahrain.

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Experience pearl diving

This Bahrain excursion offers you the chance to look for pearls underwater; it's not your ordinary snorkeling trip. You will gather oysters while scuba diving or snorkeling in the hopes of locating any that contain that sought-after mineral. You will be guided by qualified dive instructors based on your level of experience; beginners will snorkel, while certified divers can select one of three dive sites. Bahrain's history and culture both include pearl diving, making it a practical method to learn about the local way of life. It is one of the many reasons to visit Bahrain.

Bahrain has a long history with the pearl diving industry. Bahrain once topped the list of nations that supplied pearls to the rest of the world. Bahrain's pearling history is still preserved because to its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can walk the 3.5 kilometer track that runs alongside Muharraq City. If you consider yourself an adventurous traveler, choose a diving company with a license to drop you off in the middle of the ocean so you may see Bahrain at its most thrilling. A pearl diving adventure where the finds are yours to keep!
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The hospitality of people

People in Bahrain are welcoming and friendly, which is one of the many reasons to visit Bahrain. Some of the most genuine, friendly, and helpful people you will ever meet are among them. They are incredibly hospitable and will come to your aid if you ask. If you notice folks smiling and wishing you well while there, don't be shocked. Simply return their greetings with a grin and enjoy your trip in Bahrain! Additionally, a sizeable portion of Bahrain's population is made up of expats. In actuality, this nation is among the most liberal in the Arab world. Therefore, never question whether it is safe to travel to Bahrain because you will undoubtedly feel at home there.

Bahrain's foundation
is made up of centuries-old Islamic customs that are deeply ingrained in its national identity and tribal heritage. These customs have been passed down from one generation to the next and are an integral part of daily life for Bahraini families. Bahrainis are amiable people who welcome tourists with tolerance and an open mind, but Bahraini culture and values should always be maintained.
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The incredible ancient heritage

Did you know that Gilgamesh is thought to have traveled to Bahrain in search of immortality? Bahrain was formerly known as Dilmun. The Epic of Gilgamesh is prehistoric poetry from Mesopotamia and is thought to be the first piece of literature ever written down. According to rumors, Gilgamesh created this monumental work of art while he was visiting Bahrain. Scenes from this epic are depicted in exhibitions at the Bahrain National Museum. The museum is also home to various historical artifacts, including antique coins and seals. This demonstrates Bahrain's progress in preserving its authentic heritage.

Qal'at al-Bahrain,
located in the Kingdom of Bahrain and listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2005, has been inhabited for 4,500 years; this is shown through 12 meters of layers. A portion of the tell (mound) has been excavated, revealing a number of structures, including residences, businesses, religious structures, and military outposts. The capital of the Dilmun civilization, a trading partner of ancient Mesopotamia, was located in this port city on the Arabian/Persian Gulf.
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The Gold Souq, home of beautiful designs

The greatest attraction in Bahrain is the "Gold City," which is located in Manama, the country's capital. Several gold dealers can be found in the market's lanes, which glow with gold at night. The finest 22 and 24carat gold is available, along with some stunning jewelry made of gold, diamonds, and pearls. You can pick from a huge selection of both modern and traditional jewelry designs. Even so, you can order a gold pendant with your name inscribed on it in Arabic as a memento to bring home.

Gold City, a prime example of specialized retail shopping, whisks each customer away to a cutting-edge gold souq. Customers with high standards can select from unique showrooms specializing in precious metals and various jewels. Modern interior design, friendly employees, and complimentary valet parking put Gold City in a class of its own. Customers can enter this store and make purchases with confidence.

The gold industry is still supported by the Kingdom of Bahrain, a nation with a long history of trading. Branded jewelry companies looking to establish their presence in the region make Gold City their first choice due to its business-friendly policies and convenient access to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations. In order to provide a sophisticated selection of branded jewelry and its customers with courteous and effective service, Gold City plans to open new themed malls in the Gulf region.
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The architectural wonders

You must visit Bahrain if you enjoy the Middle Eastern perspective on architectural marvels. The nation is home to stunning examples of contemporary architecture, such as the Bahrain National Theatre, whose inside is decorated to resemble a jewelry box, and the notorious skyscraper with built-in wind turbines. The must-see locations in Bahrain are, nonetheless, masterpieces of traditional Islamic architecture. These range from the beautifully restored homes in Muharaqq to the breathtaking forts and mosques in and around Bahrain's capital.

In the brand-new National and Qala'at al-Bahrain museums
, many of the antiquities that were uncovered there are on display. These include intricately carved soapstone seals, votive offerings of pearls, and dead snakes, all of which point to a ritual that may have been related to the Gilgamesh myth, which served as inspiration for the Biblical tale of Eden.

discovers the flower of immortality in a freshwater sea on Dilmun, which is portrayed in the tale as a paradise, but a serpent takes it away. Gilgamesh rescues it like a pearl diver, with stones linked to his feet, leading experts to surmise that the "flower" was actually a pearl.

A trail known as the Pearling Path connects a number of beautiful 19th-century structures, notably ornate palaces owned by pearl traders, in Muharraq's old town. Among them are a dozen or so quaint little museums, galleries, and concert halls that honor the island's traditional and contemporary arts and are managed by the Sheikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture. That is one of the reasons to visit Bahrain.
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The yummy delicacies

The Halwa Showaiter is a must-try local delicacy that you shouldn't miss, just like Bahrain's must-visit locations. Yes, this sweet, gelatinous treat is particular to the location. Everyone, both expats and locals, enjoys it! This sweet treat has been enjoyed in Bahrain for the past 150 years and gets its name from the neighborhood Showaiter family! When visiting Bahrain, visitors should try Halwa Bahraini, Gahwa, Harees, Biryani, Qoozi, Shawarma, Machboos, and Balaleet, among other dishes. These are some of the treats you should never pass up. Furthermore, Bahrain's position in the world of dining is demonstrated by the wide variety of international culinary establishments.

is the ultimate eating holiday because there are so many different foods to sample there. It is not every day that one has the opportunity to sample a variety of meals in Bahrain, thus the taste buds should have their own trip of a lifetime. It is an adventure of a lifetime unlike any other. It's thought that eating keeps problems at bay and helps you stay joyful or stress-free. Never pass up such opportunities since you never know when they'll come along again. One should consume different cuisines while visiting the beaches, therefore, book your flights to Bahrain and have the time of your life.
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Souk in Bab Al Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain may be found at the Manama Souq's entrance in Bahrain's capital city of Manama. It was constructed in 1949 and originally housed the government's administrative offices with a view of the ocean. The former Manama Souq is located behind Bab Al Bahrain. There is much to discover in this lively bazaar, which is a hidden gem. Whether you love to shop or not, this Souq is a great opportunity to learn about Bahrain. Since 700 BC, the Indians and Mesopotamians have traded products and spices through this ancient Persian Gulf entryway. This U-shaped Souq building, located in the center of Bahrain's capital city of Manama, has winding pathways lined with various vendors selling a wide variety of things.

This is a bustling group of stores that sell a variety of items, including textiles, spices, incense, fragrances, handicrafts, and souvenirs, as well as more contemporary items from around the globe. Many conventional coffee shops may be found in the Manama Souq. The souq epitomizes Bahrain, making it a popular destination for tourists.
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The assurance of safety

Bahrain is generally a safe place to travel. Violent crimes are quite uncommon, and the crime rate is relatively low. Due to the stringent enforcement of the laws, it is a safe place for female travelers to visit. Petty thefts are frequent everywhere, so you shouldn't let your guard down. There is no need to be concerned if you are wondering how safe it is to visit Bahrain during this outbreak. You may travel to Bahrain without worrying about safety because the nation is very strict about adhering to COVID regulations.

Bahrain has a low overall crime rate
, despite incidents of pickpocketing and bag stealing. Be cautious when near the historic market places (souks). From June through August, the temperature is extremely high. Storms of sand and dust are frequent. Bahrain has a low overall crime rate, but pickpocketing and bag stealing do happen. Old market locations are a target for criminals (souks). Keep a watchful eye on your possessions to guard yourself against minor theft. Carry only what you need and place valuables in a secure location. Avoid traveling alone or at night if at all feasible.
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Inexpensive to visit

Bahrain's total area is only slightly bigger than Singapore's. This basically implies that you can see practically all of the tourist attractions, landmarks, and shopping centers in a matter of days. It is one of the reasons to visit Bahrain. Additionally, a stay in Bahrain is inexpensive and comes with all the luxuries. Both luxurious and affordable hotels can be found throughout the nation.

For those wishing to keep travel costs to a minimum, a vacation to Manama costs roughly $629 per person per day. A single visitor can stay at a hostel in the heart of Manama for $49 to $60. More frequently, 2-star hotels are accessible, with rates beginning at about $439. You will need to pay $1 for a single bus or metro ticket. Cheap vacations must be arranged two to three months in advance.

Depending on what you want to accomplish during your trip, your daily costs will vary significantly. While a typical excellent meal can cost around $6 per person, a fine dining restaurant with beverages in Paris might easily cost $27 per person or more. In Manama, a cab ride costs $4, whilst public transportation costs about $1. Recommendations are provided based on the cost of living and averages we observe for this kind of vacation because costs vary greatly.

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