Top 13 Reasons to Visit Georgia

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Georgia's rich culture and varied scenery belie its diminutive size as it sits on the border of Europe and Asia and is nestled between the greater and minor Caucasus ranges. The near legendary hospitality of the Georgian people welcomes tourists to partake in a deeper understanding of the nation and its traditions, while subtropical valleys and majestic mountains immediately inspire awe. Here are some of the reasons to visit Georgia.

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Tbilisi's capital charisma

The capital of Georgia is charmingly chaotic. Away from the main thoroughfares, its large, open boulevards narrow to a maze of cobblestone lanes, and old, meandering alleyways demand for attention amid angular glass-and-steel modern architecture. Tbilisi is a city that inspires, from the hanging balconies in the dilapidated Old Tbilisi area to the Persian-style sulfur baths covered in turquoise mosaics, to remarkable Art Nouveau buildings that are falling into ruin and are situated next to cutting-edge glass buildings. This is considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Georgia.

For the clearest understanding of Tbilisi's past, go around the streets of its hillside Old Town. While the city's renowned sulphur baths, or abanotubani, continue to revitalize visitors today, centuries after the restorative hot springs were discovered, many of the buildings have been meticulously restored, their intricately carved wooden verandahs overhanging the once-again-colorful houses below.

Since the fourth century, the Narikala Fortress has guarded the hamlet behind the Old Town. It can now be reached by cable car and provides sweeping views of Tbilisi, including the undulating Bridge of Peace (2010), which was built to honor the end of the conflict with Russia. The striking Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia) monument from the Soviet era is located just to the west of the stronghold. She holds a bowl of wine to welcome friends and a sword to combat foes as she observes the city with power and generosity.
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Incredible ancient monasteries and cathedrals

It's nearly difficult to visit Georgia and not feel a profound admiration for its historic cathedrals and monasteries. Despite their apparent similarity, the cathedrals each have their own distinct beauty and historical significance. For instance, the Gelati Monastery in Kutaisi, which has been designated by Unesco, was constructed in the 12th century, during the Golden Age of the nation, and was a vibrant center of learning at the time. Here, King David the Builder, the church's founder who sought to unite eastern and western Georgia, was also buried. The church is currently undergoing restorations in order to preserve its historical integrity.

Bagrati Cathedral, on the other hand, has undergone much more striking restoration. Its dome was severely damaged during an Ottoman assault of Kutaisi in the 17th century, but renovations didn't start until 2010 when ambitious Italian architect Andrea Bruno skillfully reconstructed sections that had been totally demolished using contemporary materials like polished steel and glass. Despite being modern, the outcome is delicate and gorgeous to look at. The innovative project did, however, cost the church its Unesco designation even if it earned the architect several international awards.

A modest monastery called Motsameta Monastery is less imposing
, but the holy relics of two canonized brothers kept there continue to inspire the congregation to worship even today. Additionally, its breathtaking location overlooking a gorge in the middle of a lush green forest draws tourists from a distance.
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The wonders of Georgian wine

With evidence of the technique reaching back 8000 years, it's easy to see why winemaking is a part of Georgia's national identity. Georgians take great pride in continuing to produce their wines the old-fashioned way. Here, the grapes are crushed, and the entire mixture—including seeds, peel, and stems—is transported to sizable clay pots called qvevri and buried for many months to ferment. The procedure produces wines with a significantly deeper color and a more "natural" flavor. There are numerous locations where wine drinkers can try a few different types. The country's long-standing custom of fermenting grape juice in kvevris—clay containers—has been added to UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Georgian grape types
are used to create both European-style and qvevri wines at the winery Khareba in the eastern Kakheti area. Wines are aged and stored in the ideal circumstances provided by an underground tunnel dug into the mountain during the Soviet era, which is located within the expansive hillside winery's gorgeously planted grounds. A considerably more modest, family-run business, Iago's Winery in Mtskheta creates a small quantity of wines from Chinuri grapes cultivated in Iago's own vineyard. Intimate wine tastings and wonderful Georgian cuisine are given in a cozy atmosphere throughout these visits.

And if you're up for it, try some chacha, a vibrant spirit made from the pulp left over from the fermentation of grapes. But be careful—homemade versions can contain up to 65% alcohol. Greetings and cheers!
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Delicious Local Cuisine

When you come to Georgia; meals are hearty communal gatherings with foods typically served on sizable shared plates. The cuisine is unapologetically comfortable. Alongside khinkali (hot dumplings filled with meat or potatoes and scalding broth), fresh salads, smoked cheeses, and vegetable dishes like pkhali are spicy stews of lamb, beef, or chicken (crushed aubergine, walnut and garlic paste).

While each region has its own specialties, some meals, like the khachapuri, are commonly found on menus all around the country. This delicacy, which is essentially a flat, bread-like pie filled with molten cheese, comes in a number of regional variations that should all be tasted for research's sake, followed immediately by a nap.

Try a piece of churchkhela to go with your after-dinner coffee for a treat that isn't overly sweet. These vibrant confections may be found hanging at stalls all around Georgia. They are made by dipping a string of walnuts into a grape sauce that resembles caramel and stringing them up to dry.

The good news is that there are restaurants all around the country that serve wonderful Georgian food, but for a flavor that is genuinely authentic, go to Barbarestan in Tbilisi. Their menu was developed using traditional recipes from a 19th-century cookbook. Those things can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Georgia.
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Batumi’s coastal charms

Batumi, which glitters on the Black Sea coast, is the ideal destination for a tranquil seaside getaway because of its laid-back vibe. Batumi Boulevard, a 7km-long, tree-lined pedestrian area directly behind the beach, is perfect for a leisurely stroll because it features landscaped gardens, sculptures, fountains, and cafes.

Locals and tourists congregate daily to witness Tamara Kvesitadze's Man and Woman, a moving sculpture, in motion at the northernmost point of the promenade. The 7-meter-tall figures, also known as Ali & Nino after the tragic protagonists in a romantic novel of the same name, spin and pass through one another to symbolize their separation after a Soviet invasion.

In contrast to its capital cousin Tbilisi, Batumi's architecture is eclectic, ranging from the restored belle époque buildings of Evropas Moedani (Europe Square) to the towering Batumi Tower (complete with a Ferris wheel halfway up the building), via former Soviet buildings that have been given a Gaudi-inspired facelift. Batumi is a city to keep an eye on because it is garish, entertaining, and seeing rapid growth.
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Stunning cultural performances

Witness the hovering men and women, unusual dance steps, and dizzying movements as they introduce you to Georgian dances and their tales of war, love, and friendship. As they watch the breathtaking acts, spellbound audience members gasp for air and thunderously applaud for an encore. The theater is filled with a fantastic feeling that turns dancers and audience members into one giant party. These dances that are performed now have been practiced for many years.

Georgian ballet
, which has enjoyed widespread appreciation for more than 100 years on stage, is another performance you should pay close attention to. The Georgian National Ballet Ensemble received an invitation to dance at La Scala in 1967. (Milan, Italy). It was the first time ever that a folklore group was invited. 14 times the curtain was raised. The melodies in Georgian folk songs are outstanding. Music is used to narrate stories. Georgian polyphonic singing has already been named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. A Georgian folk song called "Chakrulo" was one of the Golden Records that the Voyager sent into space in 1977.
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The hospitality

At first glance, Georgians might seem like a serious lot, but the majority are friendly and hospitable. Georgians value guests highly and will frequently go above and above to accommodate you. Every time you are with them, their Southern hospitality makes you feel good. Georgians are especially friendly and sweet, not to mention how much effort they put into making you feel welcome. That kind of hospitality is not available everywhere. They frequently show their kindness and hospitality by providing copious amounts of food and alcohol. This can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Georgia.

They are typically outgoing and pleasant since they are so gracious and nice. When people hold the door open for you to enter first and smile at you as they pass by on the sidewalk, you know you're in Georgia. The warmth of Georgians is what makes them so amenable to getting along with.

You can't walk more than a few blocks on the weekends in the warmer months without coming across a farmer's market with fresh produce grown nearby. Georgians like to support their neighbors by shopping locally and sourcing their food from local farmers.
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Beautiful, diverse landscape

There is no mistaking the stunning beauty of the Georgian landscape. Georgia is a small state, yet it is home to a variety of landscapes, including deserts, beaches, and mountains. Camping and trekking enthusiasts will adore the nation. You can also visit stunning lakes, canyons, and waterfalls, or you can unwind at spa resorts. You can also read our post on Georgia's natural beauties for more ideas.

You have the Great Caucasus mountains with their snow-capped peaks to the north, in and around regions like Kazbegi or Svaneti. Forests, canyons, and the hamlet of Borjomi, which has therapeutic spring water, may all be found close to Kutaisi. Borjomi has been a popular health and wellness destination since the Russian Empire era, when Russian nobles visited Georgia to take baths in the town's healing spring water. Not to be forgotten are the beaches along the Black Sea in Batumi or the several ski resorts located throughout the nation, with Gudauri hotels drawing the most visitors in pursuit of exhilarating snow activities.
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Long and turbulent history

The libertarian Georgian people, who can lay claim to a rich and fascinating history, are found living on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, between the Black and Caspian Seas. This small nation, which was formed in the middle of ongoing conflicts with strong empires, astonishingly managed to stick together, not only to survive, but also to preserve its distinct culture, distinct language, and, most importantly, its national sovereignty.

Georgia has always been a major player in mythology and on the world map. Another indication of Georgia's ancient history and unique origins is the intriguing language of the country. Georgia's geographic region was well-known in antiquity when it was known as Colchis and the Kingdom of Iberia, and it has long been a powerful and autonomous state.

Between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries saw the height of wealth, particularly under the rule of Queen Tamar. Georgia has been ruled by Russia since the end of the 18th century, and it was also a member of the Soviet Union (did you know that Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia, and that his full name was Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili?) The complex history of Georgia resumed on April 9, 1991, but if you keep up with international news, you might recall the civil war or the 2008 brief war with Russia. Georgia now enjoys a state of peace and stability.
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Beautiful architecture

Georgian architectural styles are referred to as Georgian architectural styles. The nation is especially rich in historical buildings. The monumentality, clean composition, rigid proportions, sparing use of embellishments, and above all else, the harmonious relationship with nature, are distinguishing characteristics of Georgian architecture.

Numerous architectural styles, including several each for castles, towers, fortresses, palaces, and churches, have an effect on Georgian architecture. Among the greatest examples of medieval Georgian castles are the defenses in Upper Svaneti and the castle town of Shatili in Khevsureti.

Georgian medieval churches often have a conical dome placed high on a drum over a rectangular or cross-shaped lower construction, giving them a distinctive character despite being related to Armenian and Byzantine design. This architectural style, which is frequently referred to as the "Georgian cross-dome style," emerged in Georgia in the ninth century. The majority of Georgian churches before that were basilicas. Georgia also has other architectural styles, such as the Old Town District and Hausmannized Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi.
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Budget friendly

Georgia is less expensive, with an average daily cost that is roughly 20–30% less than the aforementioned regions, when compared to other "cheap" travel destinations in Europe like the Balkans, Central Europe, or the Baltics. For western tourists, everything from the price of lodging to that of a dinner to that of a tour of the neighborhood can be extremely reasonably priced. It is considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Georgia.

Georgia is an extremely alluring travel destination because it has so much to offer visitors and because a trip there may be quite inexpensive overall. Naturally, where you travel as well as your choices and travel style will affect your personal budget for Georgia. Even luxury travelers will find Georgia to be extraordinarily inexpensive. Backpackers can get by on as low as $25 USD/day. You would still be looking at a pretty affordable vacation even if you stayed in boutique hotels, had copious amounts of food and alcohol, and solely used private transportation.

It is also important to keep in mind that different parts of Georgia could have different prices. For example, a tiny village will probably cost less than Tbilisi. Due to its popularity as a beach resort among foreign visitors, Batumi is frequently the most costly place to visit in Georgia, with average costs there at least 10% more than those in Tbilisi during the summer months of June through August.
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Perfect adventure destination

Georgia may be an excellent destination for adventure seekers because of its diversified scenery. Prepare your hiking boots, swimming suit, and binoculars for one of Georgia's fantastic outdoor activities! Start your Appalachian Trail trek at Springer Mountain, or climb the state's largest waterfall, Amicalola Falls, at 729 feet for breathtaking views of cascading water. Gather your supplies and make your way to Tallulah Gorge, the two-mile Grand Canyon of the East, for an overview. Take a walk or a bike ride around Atlanta's BeltLine, a 22-mile loop of formerly used railroad tracks that now connect intown neighborhoods.

Whitewater rafting trips
on the Chattahoochee or Ocoee rivers in North Georgia or river tubing on the Toccoa River are great ways to cool down. One of Georgia's 16 water trails, the Flint River, offers paddlers breathtaking views of Pine Mountain and the opportunity to race the rapids in the Piedmont. For genuinely breathtaking landscapes, kayak along streams like Georgia's Little Amazon, the Altamaha River.

Further south, fantastic beaches, boating, and wildlife viewing, including dolphins, sea turtles, and more than 400 species of birds, are guaranteed by the 110 miles of coastline and 15 barrier islands (including seldom seen wood storks and painted buntings at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge). At Okefenokee Swamp Park, take a boat ride to see alligators and other wildlife. Georgia offers hiking, biking, birding, canoeing, rafting, and other outdoor activities for those seeking adventure.
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A year-round destination

A year-round vacation location is Georgia. Each season offers a benefit. With a few wet days in April, spring is often mild and bright. Particularly in the capital, Tbilisi, the summers are scorching. Winter is mostly covered with snow, with the exception of Tbilisi and Batumi, whereas autumn is comparable to spring although a little colder.

The greatest time to travel to Georgia in the spring is from mid-April to May. The wet weeks have passed during this time, and the weather is now bright and sunny. A gentle breeze blows across the nation at night. The finest things to do in the spring are to go sightseeing in Tbilisi, take in the breathtaking scenery surrounding Kutaisi, or go hiking in Svaneti. Georgia experiences dry and warm summers. The ideal months to go hiking in Georgia's highlands and hilly regions, such as Svaneti and Imerti, as well as to travel to the coastal city of Batumi to take advantage of the warm weather and go swimming in the Black Sea, are July and August. Georgia's summers are particularly memorable since they feature a variety of weekend events for partygoers, as well as customary concerts and festivals.

During the autumn, the country becomes cooler as it is painted in stunning yellow-orange hues and begins to cover the highest peaks with snow. Typically, autumn is known as a damp season with changeable weather. Georgia experiences a chilly winter with a lot of snow. In certain parts of the country, the temperature lowers to 2-4 °C and even falls below zero. Tbilisi is not the city for you if you enjoy traveling to cities that are blanketed with snow. Rarely does snow fall in Tbilisi City, and when it does, it melts quickly, leaving behind muddy streets.

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