Top 10 Reasons to Visit Pakistan

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Pakistan is much like India, in many ways. This beautiful country is bestowed with diverse culture, magnificent landscapes, and music that can strike a chord. ... read more...

  1. Food, like hospitality, is an important component of Pakistani culture. Pakistani cuisine is well-known for its creative use of herbs and spices. Every traditional dish is a unique mixture whose recipe has been passed down through generations to ensure the best flavor. Each food, whether lentils, chicken roast, or lamb, must be seasoned and cooked to perfection, so that when the dish is finished, it is a delight to eat every single bite. The country is also known for its distinctive sweets known as 'Mithai,' which are sweet delicacies created with traditional recipes and topped with a variety of nuts.

    Agriculture is well-known in Pakistan. In contrast to the rest of the globe, the fruit is seasonal, so you can only eat what's in season, and it's quite fresh. Food is cooked in apricot oil in Hunza, the land of apricots; if you visit, make sure to try the pancakes at Cafe De Hunza. Along with employing local ingredients, Pakistani recipes incorporate techniques and flavors from other influences. Northern food is less spicy and relies on Afghanistan (for example, Kabuli pulao), Lahori cuisine is more robust with traditional Punjabi features (rich gravies produced from dairy and butter), and Kashmir has its unique cooking style.

  2. You've probably heard of it approximately as many times as you've inquired about the reasons to visit Pakistan. With its sky-soaring snow-capped peaks and babbling rivers, the Gilgit-Baltistan region appears to be a paradise. The tranquility of this location attracts those looking to venture off the beaten path in search of beauty.

    When the British Backpacker Society issued its list of the top 20 adventure destinations for 2018, no one expected Pakistan to take the top spot. After visiting in 2016, they made a heartfelt post inviting their thousands of followers to schedule a vacation to the country that same day! "Pakistan is one of the friendliest countries on the planet, with mountain scenery beyond anyone's wildest fantasy," they claim. Travel north to the breathtaking Karakoram peaks on the unforgettable Karakoram Highway, arguably the world's best road trip. It is beautiful, exciting, and culturally interesting, and at the end of the journey, travelers are rewarded with perhaps the most beautiful natural sight on the planet, Hunza Valley."
  3. Being hospitable is engrained in Pakistani society; there is no such thing as an official invitation; you are simply welcomed. Anyone visiting from abroad is pleasantly surprised by how the locals go out of their way to be accommodating to their visitors. Whether you're in one of the larger cities or trekking in the Northern areas, everyone you meet will tell you everything you need to know about the place, and the conversation will always conclude with them asking you to their home for tea or dinner. There is hardly anyone who does not offer foreigners a sightseeing tour of the area in which they are staying so that they can see all the unique things that are unknown to travelers.

    People will call each other at home who have never met before, and stores will offer you to drink chai with them while you explore endless fabrics. Almost everyone who visits marvels about how friendly and helpful the locals are, and there are some wonderful examples of this. Hunza, a valley in Pakistan's Gilgit-Baltistan region capped by the Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountain ranges, is spearheading the country's tourism rebirth. For the past few years, this alpine valley has lured visitors from all over the world, but in 2017, 1.72 million tourists found their way to the valley, pushing Hunza beyond its capacity. As a result, hotels were at capacity, so residents extended their homes to visitors in need of a place to stay.
  4. Pakistan has its unique melody that pervades the entire country. From Coke Studio's folky hipster sounds to rhythmic Qawwalis and melodic rubab, through house, rap, and rock. recently investigated Pakistan's electronic music via DJs Omair Anjum and Mohammed 'Mosh' Shah, aka the Fake Shamans, who are attempting to revive the 1990s nightlife scene with open-air house raves.

    Pakistan's music is as diverse as it is rich, and it has always put the country on the map. On the soundtrack of Martin Scorcese's The Last Temptation of Christ, the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan collaborated with famous western artists like as Eddie Vedder and Peter Gabriel. Khan was a Qawwal who sang devotional Islamic Sufi songs; his album Intoxicated Spirit was nominated for a Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album.

    The next generation of Pakistan's talented musicians can be found bringing their indie rock sounds to city coffee shops' basements, in raps about the Balochistan province on music apps dedicated to promoting Pakistani music (for a taste, check out The Sibbi Song), live performances in open spaces, or small Qawali gatherings.
  5. When visiting a country, besides the beauty of nature, cuisine, people, perhaps culture is something that you are also very interested in. Because culture expresses the beauty in the life and activities of the people of that country. Pakistan is not an exception, its culture is extremely diverse and rich. Pakistan is divided into four provinces, each with its own culture, tradition, accent, cuisine and art. This cultural diversity stems from ethnic differences, which have a significant and lasting impact on the overall culture.

    If you travel across the country, going through each province is almost like visiting a new country, with stark differences in how people appear, dress, talk, and behave. This diversity enriches the variety of foods you have, the variety of music and instruments you perform, the variety of lyrics and literature you read, and the variety of local dialects you speak. It is a truly fascinating experience because you can encounter so many distinct cultures under the auspices of a single collective culture, making your trip a lesson in diversity form.
  6. Pakistan's shopping scene rivals that of India in terms of variety and pricing, but without the crowds and aggravation. There are some products that are uniquely Pakistani and should not be overlooked. Everything from hand-crafted wooden tables, pottery, and camel-skin lamps to silver jewelry, hand-embroidered shawls, and hand-woven rugs can be found here, and for the right price if you look hard enough. Many markets also specialize in specific items, such as Chinese electronics, medicinal goods, leather clothing, local art, and delectable Pakistani cuisine.

    The traditional bazaars in the major towns and cities provide some of the best items. Not only is the produce excellent, but the ambience makes for an enjoyable shopping experience. The best bazaars in Pakistan may be located in Peshawar's Old City. These sell anything from real Afghan carpets and ornately embroidered women's apparel to quaint handicrafts that would make excellent mementos. The Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore, which claims to be Southeast Asia's oldest bazaar, is well worth a visit.

    Bazaars are fantastic places to locate bargains, and haggling is anticipated, but travelers should keep in mind that most traders are not out to take advantage of shoppers. Haggling should be done politely and in a lighthearted manner. Travelers searching for something a little more polished should not despair, since enormous shopping malls are springing up all around Pakistan. These malls, which include everything from designer stores with the latest brands to expansive food courts, are ideal for a little of shopping therapy. In Karachi, popular air-conditioned malls include The Forum, Dolmen Mall, and Park Towers.
  7. Pakistan is known for its golden, ancient civilization, which has a wealth of history and resources related to many cultures and arts. The creative side of Pakistan is full with all types of beauty. Handicrafts, foods, beauty, and other notable goods are produced in this country. Delicious fruits such as apples, mangoes, bananas, citruses, and oranges can be found elsewhere.

    There are several spices, diamonds, and other valuable objects, making it worthwhile to travel. The amazing things discovered here are why everyone finds Pakistan to be so unique and intriguing. When it comes to Pakistani handicrafts, there is a world of richness to be discovered. For all eternity, these timeless handicrafts have been alive and thriving. Handicrafts gain self-respect, beauty, and form as a result of the transmission of principles from ancestors to the present.

    Each Pakistani city has a handicrafts department. Aside from many handicraft materials, the most prevalent are needlework, solid artifacts, material, jewelry, and hand mirrors. Aside from the notion, every panache, hue, and endeavor sends an amazing depiction of the mindset of the specific place. The profound mystique established by the country's handicrafts is obvious in the unending invention of the appealing figures, exquisite semi-precious jewelry, stunning equipment, exceptional statuaries, and stunning watercolors.

    Pakistani handicrafts play an important role in the decorated essence of the nation's philosophy and inheritance. These handicrafts can be found everywhere, with cultural goals in addition to unrivaled consistency, whether they are a specific sandstone stone grind, complicated decorative metallic method, or seductive sceneries. The time establishes itself as a piece of evidence on the route to the emergence of skill and graphic arts based on the history learned from cave to modern metropolises. Pakistani handicrafts are still an important component of the ideology, shocking the entire globe while being impatient for beauty.
  8. Pakistan has a long sporting tradition. Various sports in Pakistan have had their heydays over the years, while others have suffered a drop in popularity for a variety of causes. Trends may have altered, but one thing stays constant: the Pakistani people's passion of sports. In recent years, there has been an increase in sporting activity in Pakistan, with Pakistani athletes competing in numerous national and international competitions. In addition, more international tournaments are now held in Pakistan.

    The number of events and the size of the teams Pakistan sends to the Olympic Games, Asian Games, World Games, and Commonwealth Games has grown since the turn of the century. Pakistan has some of the world's most famous polo matches, which take place in Shandur, the world's highest altitude polo field. Whenever there is a cricket match, a kind of frenzy breaks out, putting the entire country in a festive atmosphere. Every time the Pakistani team scores, you will observe people dancing, listening to music, and jeering excessively.
  9. The "Treasure Chest of World History" is one of the most intriguing reasons to visit Pakistan that you may not have heard of. The entire country of Pakistan is a unique historical treasure. It contains history from the time of the Buddha and some of the earliest Buddha statues along with important relics of Buddhist monasteries can be found in areas such as Taxila.

    There are also substantial remnants of the Hellenistic world in the form of art, utensils, swords and statues from the time of Alexander the Great, who invaded the land around 327 BC. There are awe-inspiring temples dedicated to various Hindu deities due to the immense popularity of Hinduism and great mosques that reflect the art of the great Mughals, invaders from Central Asia. In the 20th century, great buildings were built, clock towers and prestigious railway lines still stand as a testament to British rule. In the port city of Karachi, you’ll see remnants of colonial times with landmarks like Frere Hall and Empress Market or the abandoned Bristol Hotel.
  10. Anyone who enters Pakistan is utterly taken aback by the enthralling art that fills all of the trucks. These magnificently decorated trucks have become a popular symbol of Pakistani culture. There is an entire subculture that revolves on their ornamentation, and there are particular artists adept in the art who are assigned this task.

    Pakistani trucks
    are more than just trucks for the drivers and artists who paint them. "We hope that when we decorate it, people will look at our truck with love," says Muhammad Ejaz Mughal, a truck artist who learned the craft from his father and now runs a small studio from his home. "When a truck is decorated, we consider it to be like a bride and decorate it and take care of it."

    On all the large trucks that traverse the country's roadways day and night, bringing commodities from one point to another, there are a variety of bright colors and designs, symbols and insignia, renowned lines of poetry, and infinite birds and flowers carved. You will never see a truck that is not a work of art, and each truck is a vibrant expression of Pakistan's dynamic culture.

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