Top 12 Reasons to Visit Slovakia

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Slovakia might be the ideal location for your next vacation if you're interested in traveling to a nation with a rich history, distinctive traditions, energetic towns, old architecture, and a plethora of options for outdoor experiences. Slovakia offers a unique travel experience that will surprise and excite tourists with its abundance of enchanted castles, over 2,000-meter-high mountains, and delicious cuisine. Here are some of the reasons to visit Slovakia.

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Magnificent nature

Warm summers and chilly winters are guaranteed by Slovakia's continental climate. The environment is lovely. Particularly spectacular, with breathtaking colors, are the seasonal transitions from winter to spring and from summer to fall. It is lovely to go on a hike, when the weather is so pleasant. Around 12,000 km of well-maintained hiking paths are available throughout Slovakia's nine national parks, which were designated from nine different nature reserves. There are many detailed maps available, and Slovakia has some of the best-marked trails in all of Europe. All reachable mountains have red markings that lead along their hills; green, blue, and yellow markings indicate the routes along the mountains. Hikers love to explore the High-and Low Tatras and the Slovak Paradise.

A veritable feast of scents is assured in this setting. Your senses will be awakened by fields brimming with wild flowers and herbs, cherry blossoms, crisp mountain air, campfires, freshly cut grass, and forests with a variety of trees and numerous mushrooms. Slovakia's natural beauty is wonderful in a variety of aspects, including aroma. It would be hard to include all twelve hundred species of Slovakian flora, however there are wild thyme and mint among the herbs, as well as wild strawberries, roses, cherries, and walnut trees. Don't forget to pack binoculars if you're one of the bird enthusiasts! Finches, song thrushes, owls, crows, jays, orioles, storks, and even black ones are among the variety of birds. Typically, trout and carp fishing is done in picturesque lakes, rivers, and streams.
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Unique folk traditions

Strong folk traditions in Slovakia, including folk dance performances and traditional arts and crafts like woodcarving, pottery, lace embroidery, and beekeeping, serve to showcase the country's distinctive identity. Visit the Slovak National Museum in Martin, which is home to Slovakia's largest open-air ethnographic museum, to discover more about the country's rich folk culture. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Slovakia.

Viewing the thousands of items that show the development of Slovak arts and crafts over hundreds of years will help visitors comprehend the country's folk identity and traditional building techniques. There are two villages you might visit if you want to see distinctive folk architecture that has been undisturbed by the modern world. The ancient wooden buildings in the village of "imany" with their distinctive white ornamental decorations gained fame. 136 wooden homes make up the monument reserve.

Vlkolínec, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovakia
, is unaffected by new development and is a distinctive urban complex of traditional buildings. There are 45 wooden cottages in the community that are protected, and you can find about 30 old people living there who are still dressed traditionally.
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Castles are absolutely everywhere

The number of castles and châteaux per person in Slovakia is among the highest in all of Europe. A total of 425 châteaux and roughly 220 castles exist. Slovakia is not a huge country, so it seems like you are surrounded by castles wherever you go. Spis Castle is a must-see. It still retains its grandeur and majesty despite being mostly in ruins.

Slovak strongholds were a source of conflict for invading kingdoms for more than a thousand years, beginning with the invasion of the Turks in the ninth century and continuing until Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion in the early nineteenth century because of the country's strategic location in the middle of Europe. If the attackers are successful in breaching the castle's defenses during a fight, the castle will frequently be looted or set ablaze.

Many castles are now in ruins, and if you look out the train window, you might be shocked to discover the ruins of old towers standing high above a hill. But a number of magnificent castles that have been meticulously renovated and are now used as museums demonstrate the significant role that these magnificent structures formerly played.
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Try a new type of wine

The temperate temperature in Slovakia's southern region makes it perfect for growing wine. This is undoubtedly a good incentive to visit a city. The average price of a pint of beer in Bratislava, the cheapest city in Europe, is €1.48. That is less expensive than a water bottle! You can't match Bratislava rates for a night out or even just a drink with dinner.

There are many vineyards and breweries in Slovakia. The country's wine area is primarily in the south, where the climate is better for vineyards. Autumn ushers in vintage locales, vintage celebrations, wine tastings, and other occasions using this beverage. Here, grapes are grown and processed by more than 140 wineries. At the foot of the Little Carpathians in Western Slovakia, there are 120 wine-growing villages arranged in a dozen districts, making up the country's largest wine-growing region.

The greatest places to learn about the unending vines and cellars from the anti-Turkish fights are from the top of the Tokaj lookout tower or while meandering along the Tokaj wine trail in the smallest wine region known as the Tokaj region. Though there are numerous noteworthy wines, don't forget to try Frankovka Modrá, a red wine comparable to Pinot Noir. It can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Slovakia.
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Festivals for every interest

Slovakia's celebrations are a visual and spiritual feast... It goes without saying that it is important to experience the local ambiance, and doing so is made possible by the friendly locals' laid-back way of life. Traditionally, the summer months are when folklore festivals and fairs with traditional Slovak costumes, music, dancing, and a variety of local goods are held.

The summer months are festival season in Slovakia, with Pohoda Fest in Trencin attracting visitors from around the world with superstars like M.I.A. performing outdoors. Over 30,000 attendees pitch tents at the former military airport in Trencin and spend three days taking in more than 160 original performances, as well as dance, theater, and film screenings.

Top Fest, which takes place in Piestany in June, brings in foreign performers like Amy MacDonald and Bastille to please thousands of music fans. Visitors to the Slovak Food Festival in Bratislava can sample food and beverages from all of the country's distinctive regions. Visit Folklórne slávnosti pod Poanou Detva, a folk music and dance festival in Detva, for a genuine small town Slovak experience.
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Slovak winters

It is less well known that Slovakia also offers fantastic skiing, and it must be added, at very reasonable prices, in the winter, when many people travel to the well-known Austrian, Swiss, and French slopes. There are more than 100 ski areas in Slovakia, able to accommodate skiers of all abilities, from beginners to off-piste professionals. At Donovaly Park Snow, families can find the second-largest children's skiing area in Europe. The slopes of Jasná Chopok and Tatranská Lomnica are fun for more experienced skiers and snowboarders to carve down. This can be seen as one of the Reasons to Visit Slovakia.

However, even if you are not a fan of winter sports, the winters in Slovakia are perfect for staying home with books and board games while cuddling up by the wood stove. Enjoy scenic hikes in a setting where looking for animal footprints in the snow reveals the activities of several wild species. It's always a joy to cozy up with a cup of scalding hot cocoa and a good book by a crackling fire after energizing time spent outside. Come thus and take in Slovakia's wintertime!
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Delicious local cuisines

If there was ever a reason to travel to a new nation, it would be for the food. What's not to appreciate about meaty, carb-heavy, and cheesy Slovakian food? The Trdelník, one of its specialities and a sweet confection with Hungarian origins, is generally prepared at quaint market stalls. On long wooden rolls placed over an open charcoal fire, bread is baked. Following that, the sweets are dusted with any number of sugars, spices, including cinnamon, and ground walnuts, which highly advisable.

There are many restaurants in Slovakia where you can have scrumptious cuisine and drinks at reasonable prices. Slovakia has a wide variety of food. Halušky or bryndza are typical Slovakian cuisine, however the majority of restaurants also provide steak, schnitzel, pizza, and other common European fare. In Slovakia, it is possible to order sides dishes, making it simple to put together a dinner even if vegetarian options are not frequently available. Do keep in mind that sometimes "vegetarian recipes" are actually made with meat.

The national dish of Slovakia is well-known as bryndzové halušky
. A special spoon is used to drop the dough, which is moist but not liquid, made of grated raw potato, flour, and eggs, into a pan of boiling water, where it forms thick, crooked strings. Different toppings are available, but the most well-known is the Bryndzové-a, a rich, creamy sauce made of sheep's cheese. Fried bacon is placed on top of the dish.
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Bask in thermal waters

In Slovakia, a number of mineral springs provide therapeutic water that can be used for both relaxation and the treatment of ailments including back pain, arthritis, or respiratory problems. Slovakia is a region that is particularly abundant in the occurrence of healing mineral and thermal springs. It is also a source of therapeutic materials such peloids, mud, and peat, as well as having an ideal climate. Slovakia is home to more than 1200 documented mineral and thermal springs, making it one of the world's richest regions for their occurrence. Slovakia is one of the most developed "spas" nations in Europe as a result of the high quality of its spas.

The foggy liquid
is also packaged and consumed by Slovaks for its therapeutic properties. There are 21 thermal spas throughout the nation that you can visit as a visitor to receive a massage and a warm dip for a very affordable price. You may have a basic massage and a soak in the thermal bath at Trenianske Teplice for about 14 euros. It can be considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Slovakia
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Perfect adventure destination

Slovakia has several hiking paths for all skill levels because it is a very mountainous country. The High Tatras, which provide multiple summits over 2,500 meters and breathtaking bird's eye views from observation spots like Lomnicky Stit, are a great choice for serious hikers. Intermediate hikers could head to Jasná Chopok and refuel at the restaurant Rotunda, which is located at a height of 2,004 meters (8202 feet) and offers views of the valley and the High Tatras in the distance. The Little Carpathian mountain range, which is roughly 100 kilometres to the north of Bratislava, has numerous stunning low peaks that are between 600 and 700 meters high. Pack a picnic to consume at the summit, and use the thought of yourself sipping a cool glass of wine from a nearby vineyard to motivate you as you descend.

Long-distance cyclists will find Slovakia to be a great location
. The 2,900-kilometer (about 1,800-mile) long Danube Cycle Path, which passes via the remnants of old castles and the bridges that link Bratislava's two sides, starts in Germany and travels through Slovakia before concluding in Romania. Beginning in Bratislava, cyclists can take a pleasant ride down the Danube River for several hours or even days. At well-known resorts like Donovaly, Jasná Chopok, or Ruomberok, you may rent a mountain bike and venture off-road if you're feeling really daring.

The numerous mountains of Slovakia provide the ideal starting place for soaring into the air like a bird. Don't worry, until you have a paragliding license, all flights are tandem, so you are with the instructor. There will probably be a lot of green and blue as you soar over Slovakia's forested hills and undulating plains. Consider booking a flight close to sunset to take in the sky's vibrant hues of pink, purple, orange, and red as the sun sets. The sunsets in Slovakia over the mountains are beautiful!
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One of the safest countries in Europe

It is safe to travel to Slovakia. Even by European standards, crime rates are low, and violent crime is essentially nonexistent. The third safest country in the EU in 2017 was Slovakia, with only 6.2 percent of its citizens reporting crimes, harassment, or vandalism in their neighborhood.

Although pickpockets are rather numerous, they are still not as prevalent as in other European nations. Be careful with your valuables; keep them hidden at your lodging, or at the absolute least, avoid bringing them all to one location. Nevertheless, keep in mind that they frequently wander into tourist destinations and urban areas. Slovakia is generally a relatively safe place to visit. Even by European standards, crime rates are low, and violent crime is essentially nonexistent.

A night out on the town comes with its own set of safety concerns. Big, rough bouncers from Slovakia are a well-known stereotype. They are impatient with courtesies and will use force to subdue loud conduct. Some of them have guns. The bar is not the place to make your voice heard. Your dignity doesn't concern bouncers. If you find yourself in a sticky situation with one, remain calm, droop your head, and leave. Never quarrel or act defiantly in any way.
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Extreme hospitality

The proverb "A guest in the house is a deity in the house" originated from Slovakia. Slovaks enjoy having guests. So much so that hosts may smother them with their kindness. Slovaks are calm, even-tempered individuals who experience emotions but don't like to flaunt them. They are straightforward as well. So you'll be disappointed if you think that "nice" means having a wide smile with 32 teeth showing. But they demonstrate their love through their actions, being kind and helpful (save for the shopkeepers). It is considered as one of the Reasons to Visit Slovakia.

Only in Slovakia are you welcomed into a private home at ten o'clock at night and fed a three-course dinner; only here are you given food ten times a day lest you go home and complain that the locals didn't feed you. Only in Slovakia are you greeted and bid farewell with a shot of booze at the door, and your glass is never empty in between. All the doors a Slovak can go through will open to you if you become friends with him.

Have a small repertoire of 30 to 50 words
(basics like good morning, please, 1-2-3, left-right, "I don't speak Slovak," etc.) and they'll take care of everything for you. if not too expensive, even for nothing.
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Affordable price

Slovakia is a sensory extravaganza. However, there's even better news—your travel budget is also invited to the celebration! It is not extremely expensive to travel to Slovakia. Due to Slovakia's low cost of living, you need not be concerned about blowing your budget. Slovakia is one of the top 10 most economical places to vacation, as you can see in numerous online travel reports.

Just one illustration: a basic, traditional Slovakian meal will run you about €3,50. If you want to go crazy (you are on vacation after all), €7 will buy a meal and drinks for each person! Simply pay 27 € to get from one side of the nation to the other, 20 € for a room rental, and a few € per night to enjoy Slovakia's cuisine and entertainment!

Additionally, it goes beyond just daily living costs. Swimming pool, museum, and wellness center entrance fees are also reasonably priced. A day pass to a ski resort typically costs €15. Contrarily, stores in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the EU provide comparable costs for groceries. Buying regional goods is advised because they are significantly more affordable.

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