Top 10 Reasons to Visit Taiwan

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When Portuguese sailors first discovered Taiwan in the 1500s, they dubbed it "Ilha Formosa," which translates to "beautiful island." And, with its numerous ... read more...

  1. Many people like traveling for more than merely seeing new places or participating in new activities. Many travelers wish to sample local cuisine and try new delicacies. And this is one of the most compelling reasons to visit Taiwan. Taiwanese cuisine is influenced by many different cultures, including China, Japan, and even America. Taiwanese cuisine combines many diverse flavors and culinary styles. And it's extremely easy to find culinary pleasures all around Taiwan.

    No vacation to Taiwan is complete without sampling the country's iconic dish, beef noodle soup. Slow braised beef, wonderfully digestible noodles (though slurping them is more suitable), pickled mustard greens, bok choy, a robust beef broth, and a fistful of fresh cilantro and onions round out the dish. If beef isn't your thing, try some Taiwanese fried chicken, which is generally coated in five-spice powder. Fried chicken is available at various street stalls across the country in both whole pieces and popcorn chicken-sized bites.

    If you're looking for something truly Taiwanese, visit one of Taiwan's many night markets and try tasty Taiwanese street food, or treat yourself to reinvented Taiwanese cuisine at one of Taiwan's many modern restaurants. Whatever your culinary preferences, Taiwan has something to tempt you.

  2. Taiwan has a largely warm environment all year due to its position. Summers are hot, but not as hot as in Southeast Asia's tropical countries. Winters are mild, and snowfall is limited to the country's northern mountain ranges. However, typhoon season, which lasts from July to September, should be avoided in order to prevent having your plans disrupted by severe rain.

    While most of the year is a fantastic time to visit Taiwan, November and April are ideal months to visit because the weather is pleasant and cool. It's also an excellent idea to travel during cherry blossom season, which lasts from January to April depending on where you go. Though Japan is well-known for its cherry blossoms, Taiwan is quickly becoming a popular destination for those looking to see the stunning blooms. Nantou, in fact, has its own cherry blossom festival! Wuling Farm is also becoming a popular cherry blossom destination! Now is the time to book your Taiwan Cherry Blossom Tour!
  3. Last but not least is the night market in Taiwan. The night market in Taiwan is full of everything! Although things are quite lively during the day, it is only when the sun goes down that the place comes to life. Taiwan's bustling night markets are sometimes an overwhelming combination of delicious street food and affordable clothing with a handful of small stalls selling anything and everything. If you can choose a place to visit during your trip to Taiwan, you cannot ignore the local night market.

    A place that you should not miss during your trip is the Dongdamen Night Market in Hualien City. Not only will you enjoy shopping there, they also have shows and you can play carnival games and watch light shows. It's a complete package! Besides, you can also visit Shilin Night Market, one of the most famous and largest night markets in Taiwan, located in Taipei. The night market first opened in 1899 and is now famous for its many eateries selling authentic Taiwanese snacks. The night market wakes up in the late afternoon, early evening and early evening and is busy with people, especially on holidays and Tet.

    Some other famous night markets you can visit:

    • Raohe Street Night Market
    • Shida Night Market
    • Ningxia Night Market
    • Huaxi Street Night Market
  4. When the cherry blossoms begin to bloom across Taiwan, it is one of the clearest signs that spring has arrived. It's one of those things that you can't help but notice as the trees in cities big and little begin to turn pink. It would be an understatement to say that the people of Taiwan have a high regard for the natural environment, but watching cherry blossoms is a significant element of many, if not most, families' social schedules.

    The blooms, also known as "sakura," bloom in the early months of the year, when the Taiwanese winter comes to an end and the weather begins to improve after a few months of rain. The blossoming season also occurs near the end of the all-important Lunar New Year celebrations, when many families have a long winter vacation and can travel freely.

    Taiwan is a fertile land, with fruit, flowers, and vegetables blooming everywhere, and when there are flowers to be seen, you can be sure to witness crowds of people enjoying the beauty of nature and conducting the age-old Japanese practice known as "Hanami," or "flower-viewing." And there is no better experience than cherry blossom season, so for the few months of the year when the blossoms are in bloom, the country turns a beautiful shade of pink, and large crowds rush to see them in the areas where they grow in abundance.

    Here is the list of destinations in Taiwan you can visit where cherry blossoms exist:

    • Yamingshan National Park
    • Tianyuan Temple
    • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
    • Wuling Farm
    • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
    • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
    • Alishan
    • Tainan Police Station
  5. With thousands of colorful and artistically constructed temples spread around Taiwan, seeing some of these one-of-a-kind structures while in Taipei or elsewhere on the island is a must. Taiwanese temples are a terrific way to experience Taiwanese culture and customs firsthand, and several of Taiwan's temples are steeped in history, having been among the first structures established by Han Chinese immigrants to Taiwan.

    The design and construction of houses of worship has consumed a large portion of Taiwan's architectural energy and ability. Chinese temples, like churches and mosques, are built in accordance with particular architectural traditions. Many Buddhist temples are stunning in their simplicity. In contrast, temples where popular religion is practiced are lavishly decorated.

    Less is never more in the view of people who construct and decorate such temples. Stone columns and timber beams in many temples have been carved to mimic dragons and other creatures. The exteriors and roofs are frequently adorned with ceramic figurines, many of which are mass-produced but others of which are excellent examples of koji glazed pottery. Identifying the mythical figures and comprehending the significance of each animal enriches a temple visit; a tour guide who can explain these things is well worth his or her cost.

    Here is a list of famous temples that you can visit

    • Penghu Tianhou Temple Magong
    • Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum
    • Bao An Temple
    • Wuchang Temple
    • Taroko Eternal Spring Shrine
    • Chung Tai Chan Monastery
  6. Taiwan, called "Ihla Formosa" or "Beautiful Island" by Portuguese explorers, has over 200 mountain summits rising above 9,800 feet. A journey to the highlands is one of the greatest ways to appreciate Taiwan's vast natural beauty and biodiversity, from trekking through deep green pine woods filled with singing to seeing the sun rise over a carpet of clouds. Furthermore, thanks to well-marked signs, a plethora of rural housing alternatives, and easy-to-navigate transportation networks connecting national parks and beautiful locations to city centers, Taiwan's hiking paths cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all skills and ages. Traveling between cities and trailheads takes only a few hours, if not a half-day.

    Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan or Mount Elephant) is the perfect spot to start if you want to keep in shape throughout your visit to the capital. It is about 183 meters above sea level and has a hiking track that is over two kilometers long. The Elephant Mountain trail is also one of the most well-known places in Taipei to enjoy nature while getting unparalleled views of Taipei 101. Teapot Mountain, which is also popular, gets its name from its unusual shape when viewed from the west—it resembles a Chinese teapot. The mountain rises to about 600 meters and is located on the north coast, offering stunning views of the ocean, mountains, and the entire town of Jinguashi.

    List of trails with the most spectacular views:

    • Yushan National Park
    • Taroko Gorge National Park
    • Elephant Mountain
    • Teapot Mountain
  7. Charming mountain towns is one of reasons to visit Taiwan. When most tourists think of Taiwan, they think of Taipei 101 and the huge metropolis of New Taipei City. Many people are unaware that this idyllic island is also home to a plethora of villages and towns that are great destinations for aspiring photographers. Jiufen is a must-see for anime aficionados and Spirited Away fans. It is a town in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City where the authors of The Spirited Away found inspiration. It will be a true immersion into the tale of that anime.

    When Taipei residents need a few hours of relaxation, the district of Beitou is often their first port of call. This popular village is famous for its hot springs and is only a short MRT ride from Taipei Main Station. The Beitou branch of the Taipei Public Library is also located here, as is Taiwan's first green building. Tourists can easily transition from bustling streets to country lanes in Beitou, making it an ideal place for a quick escape from the city's noise and traffic. Pingxi, a small town just a short train ride from the many sights of Taipei City, hosts one of the most popular events on the Taiwanese calendar. Each Lunar New Year locals encourage tourists to visit this scenic town to release sky lanterns into the night air. It’s an incredible spectacle made all the more special by the beautiful natural scenery.

    Famous beautiful towns that you should visit:

    • Anping
    • Dajia
    • Lukang
    • Ruifang
    • Jiji
    • Meinong
  8. Taiwan provides a variety of shopping options, ranging from markets to malls, with something to fit every budget. Because Taiwan is a cash society, most purchases should be made in cash, as many stores either do not take credit cards or demand a high surcharge for them. Taiwan is famed for its economical and fascinating shopping, with clothes, shoes, laptops, jade, and tea among the most popular products purchased by travelers.

    Taiwan's trendy retail districts and malls are on the other extreme of the spectrum. Dream Mall is Taiwan's largest mall, with nine stories and three basement floors of shops, famous name department stores, movie theaters, restaurants, a gym, and even a Ferris wheel. The iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper is one of Taiwan's most well-known malls, and it's the place to go for elegant eating or shopping for designer labels, high-end apparel, and beauty items. Taichung Central Mall has about 300 stores as well as a SEGA amusement center, a fitness center, movie theaters, restaurants, and cafes.

    Out of the malls and away from the markets, Taiwan has several trendy shopping streets where shoppers can people-watch or arrange a wardrobe upgrade. The neon streets of Taipei’s Ximending District have been compared to Japan’s Harajyuku and are known as the area in Taiwan from which trends originate. Bustling Yizhong Street is the most popular shopping district in Taichung city, particularly amongst young people.
  9. While religious festivals are prominent in Taiwan, there are numerous other festivals hosted throughout the region that catch the attention of visitors. Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, Organik Techno Festival, and Lantern Festival are among them. In fact, no matter when you visit the island, you are certain to coincide with at least one important celebration.

    Every year, Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in Taiwan. The new year is celebrated in a variety of ways, beginning on the first day of the new lunar month and lasting 15 days. Every day, huge feasts, large street parades, traditional Chinese music, and dragon dancing take place, along with family gatherings and the distribution of red envelopes containing monetary gifts. This celebration is known as the "passing of the year" in China, and people celebrate the new year with high aspirations of good fortune for themselves and their families.

    The Pingxi Sky Lantern Event, held annually on the 15th day of the first lunar month, is Taiwan's most famous festival and the grand conclusion to the Chinese New Year celebrations. Thousands of people from all over the world travel to Pingxi to release handcrafted fire lanterns inscribed with messages to the gods into the night sky.

    Other festivals you may be interested in:

    • Yenshui Fireworks Festival
    • Bombing of Master Han Dan
    • Dragon Boat Festival
    • Zhongyuan Festival
  10. Just like people automatically think of Gelato when they think of Italy, it is impossible not to think of Taiwan when it comes to Milk Tea. Taiwanese milk tea has become a brand name for this lovely island, recognized around the world as an essential drink in life, similar to coffee. Tea is extremely good to both bodies and minds. And you may locate and enjoy the greatest of them all in Taiwan. Why? Because Taiwan produces some of the world's best teas! Perhaps this is one of the key reasons Taiwan is worth seeing.

    Taiwan not only has beautiful scenery and nature, but the people here also have tea growing secrets and tea processing techniques that are very unique, always associated with the drink that brought them together. Taiwanese milk tea is more popular in Taiwan than in other parts of the world. The tea must be processed so that when mixed with milk tea, the acrid taste is replaced by the natural aroma combined with the typical cool taste of teas.

    This necessitates the processor being well-versed in the dose as well as the recipe for brewing tea yeast (for oxidized teas) to how to make tea, which must be linked when creating milk tea. Taiwanese people also research, learn, and discover how to process delicious teas from around the world in order to maintain their "unique" position in the milk tea market. Taiwanese people process Ceylon tea, India, China, and Japan so that when making milk tea, it brings a very special, very special flavor that cannot be "copied."

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